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Saturday, I was listening to Greg Koch and Brien Straw (SR610), this particular show was guests intensive.  I thought Koch was going to be a football mind only but he's leaving his mark in the talk market.  Back to the guests, there was one guest Saturday that stood out.  He was an ex professional football player and he was talking about veterans of the game being compensated by the NFL.  As he was talking, I suddenly thought, "this story is beginning to sound awfully familiar".


Over the last five years I have been hearing NFL veterans speaking about compensations.  Whether you agree or not is beyond this article's intent however the NFL veteran argument sounds similar to Civil Rights leaders demanding reparations.  There is not a right or wrong argument as it is a reality check of the public's priorities.  When it comes to the "media", it's pretty much safe to assume everyone will pull the "Politically Correct" move and sympathize with the veterans and no one should be crucified for doing so.  It has become  the norm to feel bad for professional athletes but someone will argue you tooth and nail against social reparations.

As I draw this comparison, it becomes almost laughable that I can look at Al Sharpton fight for reparations and laugh but I can give validity to NFL "vets" being compensated.  The elements of both arguments are practically identical; on the one hand I hear a politician argue "people of color deserves reparations for  cheap slave labor" on the other hand, I have Mike Dikta telling me "NFL veterans need to be compensated for helping to establish the NFL".   Therefore we have a whole society of people exploited unwillingly for hundreds of years versus a segment of the population that willingly allowed themselves to be exploited.  I am not asking for reparations because I live in the current, but don't this NFL Retiree argument sound similar.

Not only do the pros sound similar but so do the cons.  As one politician campaign or champion reparations you will have an opponent who will argue "we did not enslave nor exploit you, and strides are currently being made"; in the case of football they will argue "we are making things better for current players as well as compensate veterans to a degree".



If you are like me and you have "scoffed" at reparations while giving serious thought to NFL Retirees being compensated, don't feel bad, this is where we are in the world.  We have a significant portion of the population asking to be compensated for helping to develop a nation while a fraternity of professionals are asking to be compensated for developing a conglomerate.  I am wondering if the NFL were to "give in" to demands, how soon will it be before MLB and NBA "vets" pursue the same avenue.

I know as some "braniac" is reading this article, they will say "what about the 40 acres and mule".  I can attest, I have searched my family tree close to 150 years back and I have yet to find this 40 acres/mule nor the point of sale if that was the case.  Another "braniac" may even say, we are talking about compensation for people still alive, slaves are no longer with us.  The last braniac may even say, blacks have already been compensated.  That's a fair argument to be debated in another forum but the fairest argument is, don't debate about it, do something about it.  If I am going to be true to my fiber and brush off the social reparation's argument there is no way I can cosign the NFL "vet" case.  Last I recall, military veterans have given the most and all they get in return is a nice helicopter ride to Walter Reed Hospital.  In the end, can we all bitch about someone abusing us monetarily?

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Earlis said...

Actually the forty acres and a mule was a concept or proposal that never saw the light of day in that it never became law or inacted by congress...whew I should have googled, I think it was Senator Douglas of Illinois who proposed it..The great speaker of the famous Lincoln / Douglas debates.
This great man was beat down in the U.S. Senate within a inch of his life by a fellow senator who represented a southern state and disliked Douglas's progressive ideas as they related to inproving the plight of black folk in America...and the basterd got away this criminal act! Douglas was never the same, he had to walk with a cane as best he could for rest of his life. He never regained his vim and vigor and he should never be forgotten by his fellow Americans.
   Another big reparations struggle was with 
the Swiss banking systems that ripped off the heir's of German Jew's with Swiss bank accounts who died in Concentration Camp's and thus were unable to reclaim their assets after World War Two was over...the Swiss Banking System conspired and hid all these millions from public view in order to defraud the heir's/descendants of those who died of their legal inheritance. Talk about cold a very real way this action
extended the holocaust into the modern