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After reviewing eight of the top talk show rants of 2010 from across the country, the Peanut Gallery has selected a winner for its "Sports Talk Show Rant of 2010".

Chad Dukes in happier times.
During the second half of the 2010 NFL season, many Texan fans ranted about the team on the local sports talk stations. However, no Texan fan's ranting can ever compare to Chad Dukes’ rant in which he leashed his anger the day after the Redskins got blown out on Monday Night Football in mid-November (11/15).

To refresh your memory, this rant is from the day after the Redskins lost, 59-28, to the Eagles, as Mike Vick scored six touchdowns against them.

FYI – Chad is a 32-year-old co-host on the “LaVarr Arrington Show with Chad Dukes”, (daily, 2-7 PM ET) on WJFK 106.7 FM The Fan DC in the nation’s capital (Washington, DC, for the geographically- and historically-challenged). Chad is not related to Carl Dukes of ESPN 97.5 The Ticket in Houston. 

It’s ironic that a Redskins fan won because Lions, Browns, Texans, and other teams’ fans have had it just as bad, if not worse over the recent years. Those people have the right to complain just like Chad did. Of course, if his radio station carried the Redskins games, he wouldn't have gone this wild.

The Redskins are probably one of the top franchises in the history of the NFL. As a 32-year-old now, Chad got to enjoy three Super Bowl victories during his lifetime. Not too many other teams' fans can say that.

In the rant, Chad jumped all over Washington owner, Daniel Snyder, but he can’t deny Snyder wants to win. If you told Snyder that he could spend a billion dollars to buy a Super Bowl, he’d probably do it. Sure Snyder keeps making idiotic decisions, but he’s trying his best. He’s brought in Joe Gibbs and Mike Shanahan. He goes out and spends. He just spends on the wrong people.

I’m not saying I wouldn’t be pissed if I was a Redskins fan and that I wouldn’t rant and rave, but trying to make it seem like he's somehow been wronged as a fan, as Chad does, is just dumb.

You may have heard it before, but here it is again for those who didn't:



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