Wednesday, February 9, 2011


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Wednesday evening I was listening to Rich and Josh; the guys were talking about Mark Sanchez and the teen sex "thingy" (the day before it was sexual innuendos about a reporter's package) at this point I begin to realize as always "I'm entertained and listening to a certain degree but I want to hear some sports". 
I quickly turned the channel to 97.9 The Boxx but they were playing some Gansta R&B (whatever happen to slow jams).  I tuned back in to 610 and Matt Bullard was on the air; newsflash to 610 AM, I don't want to hear any team representatives when my team is performing bad because they are limited in what they can say.

With all of that being said, I turned off the radio and emailed Mike in Da a question.  Below is the email transmission.

LM: If I were to ask you to quantify the problems at SR610, what would you say?

Thanks in advance for your reply
Mike In DA: How many sports talk shows today told of the WF baseball coach who gave a kidney to a player compared to talking about Mark Sanchez fooling around with a rich chubby 17-year-old high school girl?

Answer to your question:

Too much guy talk and non-sports stuff.

Treatment of audience as suckers or morons (just today Rich Lord called a listener a moron and apologized) and talking down to them and treating them like little kids.

Hosts who won’t admit they’re sometimes wrong on their facts and have misinformed opinions.

610 makes decisions based on money and not quality of programming. It’s not cheap to field a mostly live and local cast of talent, especially if you’re in a top market like H-Town. You get sub-par “sports-talk” talent by trimming down the budget, as the quality of the programming typically gets cut.

Filled with windbags who like to speak first and ask questions later. Gone are the days of research, confidential sources, and an understanding knowledge of certain sports and the people who participate in them. It is so much easier to say, “The Cowboys Suck!”, than to explain why they suck or why the people who say they suck actually suck themselves.


Some hosts walk into a studio literally 30 minutes before a show, read the headlines in the local paper or Internet, and try to make a three or four-hour show out of that. Such a lack of preparation devolves into “poll question radio”. The unprepared host simply asks, “Who’s better: Player A or Player B and waits for the phone calls to come in. Once the host gets some responses, then the real talking out of one’s rear end really begins. Instead of backing up statements and opinions with facts, the host spits out his or her thoughts on a subject simply to shoot down a listener.

This lack of show prep in sports devolves to “guy talk”. Not everybody can break down why the Astros are a potential train wreck, but ANYONE can have an opinion on “American Idol” results; or “Maxim’s Hottest Babes” results; or who should win an Oscar; or which NFL team has the hottest cheerleaders. Why do hours of homework on an upcoming league draft or dissecting the upcoming NBA or NHL playoffs when you can just talk about your favorite HBO show.


HOLY CRAP Mike.  When I asked my initial question I was expecting a quick one liner but Mike practically broke it down to a science and I was having "baby" convulsions reading it because he's 100% correct in everything he said.  As an HMW Senator, I don't care if SR610 hosts talk down to me because I have seen what they are made of "face to face".  These guys talk major "big" shit on the radio but when they are in your face, they eating all up in you however the issue is not about intimidation  it's about being a "man".  It don't pay to act like an arrogant "SOB" if you really are a good person.
After reading Mike's reply, I have developed another conspiracy theory.  I honestly believe SR610 is secretly changing formats.  We are experiencing the Flagship Station of Houston void of sports information to speak on.  Don't mistake what I am saying, there's plenty of information to talk about but this touch on the "Show Prep" Mike was speaking about.  Since I have been a part of 610's audience I've never experienced radio where all local professional team were "down" therefore the talent is more exposed for what it truly is.  I listen to 610 less than I did in the past but I have to say, I am hearing more "bad" radio than "good" radio.  Currently my favorite show on 610 is The J&R Show and weekend programming with Greg Koch.  Back to my conspiracy theory, later, I will email Mike again and ask him to define WHAT format is SR610 going to become because it's definitely not sports anymore.
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Russ said...

Mike in Da you hit the nail on the head. Everything you said was dead on. Nice work guys.

Anonymous said...

And 610 still kicks the competition's ass. I rather listen to 610 than the other stations.

Jose said...

Both hands in the air signaling Touchdown