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As a former 610 AM Head (6am-11pm), I can't help but notice the change at the station.  The change I am referencing is similar to the "WOLF" in "PULP FICTION".  Jokingly, in the past I made mention that Gavin was nothing more than THE WOLF coming to clean up the mess at 610 AM and move out, but now I actually believe it.  Yes he cleaned the mess, but after the mess was cleaned Vincent Vega and Jules are dressed up in silly outfits.

What I am beginning to notice, weekends at  KILT Sports Radio 610 is more "sports" than the Prime Time shows.  Lets not "Fake the Funk" KILT Sports Radio 610 is the Flagship Station of the Texans and Rockets hence the reason they are the ratings leader. 

REAL TALK: KILT Sports Radio 610 would sink like a rock if they didn't have the Texans, Rockets, or University of Texas.   Weekday programming is bad, to be honest the only part of the weekdays I prefer are the segments with John McClain and the J&R Show.  I say John McClain, but lately even his cameos serves more as a quasi-Hollywood analyst.  This is no fault of John given the current situation in the NFL in addition to the off-season. 

OK, don't laugh at me, after a season we have endured, Josh & Rich is a breath of some weird fresh air.

Although I don't listen faithfully like I used to, Barry Warner and Shaun Bijani has a solid sports show.  I am turned off by the "Odd Couple" because Barry comes off as too arrogant.  He is not arrogant to me, but the constant "I'm smarter than you" to callers is a turn off, but what makes Barry tolerable, he can back up his talk with his guests and tenacity to ask the "powers that be" hard questions.  I have learned to deal with the Odd Couple like I deal with my mother, if we are communicating afar, we are ALL GOOD, but it's World War 3, if we are talking on a daily basis.


Greg Koch and Brien Straw, what can you say about these two except "LET'S GET READY TO RUMBBBBBBLE"  When you are listening to Greg and Brien, one thing you know "at some point these cats finna squab".  This is not Forrest Gump "Peas and Carrots". This is more like  putting a cat in water, it ain't happening.  The arguing between the two is only one aspect of the show, but I respect both guys sports "takes". Listen to one of the fights below. 


Greg Koch is a former Green Bay Packer therefore he has instant credibility with me.  Greg is a "tell-it- like-it-is" guy who is quick to let you know "you are assuming, you don't know".  On some occasions I have heard him "stand corrected", but that's very few times.  I have to admit, when Greg was  introduced to the KILT team, I thought he was going to be a Gavin Hollywood bit, I was wrong.  He is his own man and say what he believes. I was thoroughly shocked one day when a former high school team mate called and spoke about Greg the BASKETBALL PLAYER.  This guy made Greg out to be the second coming of Charlie Ward.  In other words, Greg knows basketball.  In fact Greg has a firm grasp on all 3 BIG Sports.  I like him as a personality because he's believable.  You get the feel that he is the real deal and you can't shake his point of view.  He has the very unique skill-set of being a professional athlete and attorney, which he showcases quite frequently when he's on the air.  I like the way he display his law acumen of not jumping to conclusions nor making impromptu accusations (something that is the norm on the radio these days). What's cool about Greg,  he is not qualifying his statements every 5 minutes.  Who really wants to hear a man with the privilege of playing the greatest sports of all time apologize for playing the game and having professional relationships.  He played the game and mingle with the pros and now he's delivering information to the listening public. How can you compete with that?  I'll tell you how, Brien Straw.

If there is one thing he could improve, I would say his general knowledge of the radio environment.  I am not talking about his content, I am talking technical radio stuff: Breaks, Liners, Flashes, Hot Mics.

Brien Straw is a traditional radio personality.  I think the natural progression is for people to side with Greg since he's a professional athlete, but I actually like Brien's takes because he bucks or challenges the status quo.  That status qou can sometimes mean Greg Koch.  If you think Brien is going to bow and kiss the ring of Greg you are mistaken, dude is feisty. 

Straight out of Chicago and school in the South, he has the mitigated gall to stand up to a Texas football player, I love it.  Brien knows his stuff and if he's "locked in" on a particular thought, caller, texter, or  even a former Green Bay Packer is not going to sway him.  Brien tends to take a lot of heat because all of his takes are not what you would call "fan friendly", but that's the "talk radio mental nudity" I seek.  Say what's on your mind in an educated manner and let the chips fall where they may.  

One of the things Brien can improve are the "Pregnant Pauses".  There is only one man in town who has perfected the art of Pregnant Pausing and that's Charlie Pallilo.  CP's pregnant pauses is delivered as a part of the show whereas Brien's appear more as a collection of thoughts.  At first I had a problem with Brien but he's solid in his knowledge of sports and delivery.


In the past, Craig Shelton and I would talk about the best Program Director in local sports talk.  It's Craig's belief that Gavin Spittle is the best in the market. However, I tend to discount that.  I think to assess the best program director, you have to define your measurables.  If we are defining best program director by revenues, ratings, or volume of shows then I would agree, but if we are defining a good program director by talent, I am not sure Gavin is the winner.  

During the week, of the KILT line-up, I listen mainly to Josh Innes and Rich Lord.  Sure you are going to get alot of fart jokes and male humor, sexual innuendos, but they keep you entertained.   In the midst of all that, you still have Rich Lord doing some questionable things to Josh i.e., putting Josh on blast while the president of CBS Radio is in the building.  If this was a bit, then Gavin Spittle should be Directing in Hollywood, Audio of the FIGHT below.

All in all, the weekdays at KILT is for those who seek lots of almost sports entertainment whereas the weekends tend to give you the meat of sports.  A better way to describe it is, during the week, you receive "Headlines" front page news.  On the weekends you get "Page 2".

The part I don't understand, resources are not poured into weekends because weekends typically don't move the needle. However, a massive amount of resources are poured into weekday programming.  Should KILT shift their resources to the weekends? In addition to the weekends containing the most sports in KILT's programming, the weekends happens to be the most interactive at KILT.  

Hopefully, KILT has a contingency plan in place, if they were to lose one of the major sports teams.  If they don't we may turn on 610AM  one day and hear some Shania Twain.

People will read this and say "LM, look at the numbers, SR610 lead in every statistical measure".  That's true but I see the interaction with the listening audience and other stations; that bond is not there at SR610.  At first I was thinking SR610 was the least interactive station because they were affiliates of CBS and probably not allowed but now I am thinking they are simply above knowing their audience to that degree.  
I know for a fact, people listen to SR610 because of the Rockets and Texans, they can't fathom listening to another station w/o the professional teams.  I also hear the same people say how "non sports" SR610 has become that these other stations can't possibly be better.  In other words, if the Flag Ship Station is bad how in the heck can the other stations be better.  I know this because I was that person until I finally got the gutts to change the dial which I predict more people will do.

This is where we are in sports.  I have heard SR610 say people don't want to hear sports 24/7 that gets boring.  Although this is likely true but you are a damn sports station and we the audience do tune in to a SPORTS station to HEAR SPORTS.  That's the main reason for listening.  Look, I don't go to Burger King to order a Chicken Dinner.  I am not saying SR610 are wrong, but to hear them defend the "less sports" angle is weird to me.   All of the personalities at SR610 are cool, but I  get burnt out with all of the Hollywood Production stuff.



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