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I love me some LT Dan.  Friday as I was in route back home, Barry Warner (610 AM) pulled another trick out of his hat with Dan Pastorini as a studio guest.  The interview was solid, loved it and it appeared he was there to push his autobiography.  I can't wait to read it but all things come to an end and they eventually had to talk about the Texans, Dallas and Wade Phillips.

Let me begin by saying, I am a Texan Fan.  I'm no media idiot that claims to know it all, I'm just an average Houston fan who's tired of losing with our major teams.  I think a huge majority of fans may feel as I do.  We are at a point we don't want to hear anything that sound like a cover up in regards to anything Texans.  Close to the end of the interview they begin to talk football and Dan Pastorini said and I am paraphrasing, the Texans will make the  playoffs and forget what you seen in Dallas because they didn't have the talent.    

I know Barry and Brien may think I am about to rag on them but I'm not because I had questions of their journalistic background not leading them to ask Dan to explain what he meant.  They told me, it was not the appropriate time to challenge a statement like that; I can take that but as a journalist by your very nature, is every open interview one that deserves challenging?  In all fairness, I truly do not believe Brien and Barry thought much of the statement at the time but as the night progressed they got some feedback for them not challenging Dan's Texans Top 5 Defense remark.  Barry and Brien is not the issue, I have a problem with being told the sky is pink.  It's funny how they were in agreement that his statement was not a big deal at the time but it carried until Monday. 

Texans Playoffs

Nothing is wrong with Dan's comment if it stopped at Texans making the playoffs.  Hell, that's what I want to believe every year.  I get into arguments trying to explain how this can happen.  Cool, I'm with Dan but after this hire of Wade Phillips, it seems as if we are being sold Wade Phillips.  After Dan said the Texans would make the playoffs, he follows it up with "forget about what happened in Dallas".  I believe 9 out of 10 people have forgotten about Dallas and is happy to have Wade over Frank Bush.  
Wade's record as a Defensive Coordinator is pretty damn good in addition to him being a head coach.  So many people are quick to discount him as a good head coach because of the lack of playoff success.  The dude has been to the playoffs and got Dallas to the second round.  We are calling Kubiak good and he has never been to the playoffs but there it is, I said it Wade is also a good head coach.  Here is where it gets tricky, while forgetting what happen in Dallas, Dan said the Cowboys didn't have the talent.


After Dan said Dallas didn't have the talent, I went into LUDICROUS SPEED.  Can everyone remember people being completely baffled at the fact Dallas couldn't catch a break with all of the talent they had.  John McClain had Dallas in the Superbowl along with many more.  Below is what FALSE TALENT gets you
  • 2007  13-3
  • 2008   9-7
  • 2009  11-5
  • 2010  1-6  (win was Houston)
It's important to notate in the 2010 season there were no major loss in players if anything, you can make the argument they got better with the addition of Dez Bryant.  I am not here to boast about Dallas, however don't feed me a load of bull.  


It seems like there is a bad stigma saying a team quit on their head coach.  Dan and Wade are friends and I can understand not wanting to label your friend as a failure but on the other hand don't tell us what we saw is not what we seen.  Explain why this talent Dallas miscalculated started to win after Wade's departure?

I have full confidence in Wade Phillips although I think there are too many variables at play to make a bold Top 5 Defense prediction.  I am accused of taking one thing out of an interview and making it bad but I'm man enough to say 97% of Dan's interview was good.  If me having questions about a former NFL player with ties to the Texans feeding me cheese makes me a pessimistic, I will gladly wear that hat.  I am not a fan that's going to fall for the "okie doke" and get caught up in the days of nostalgia when the current situation looks completely ass backwards.

This town needs a sports enema.  We have come to a point when people desire the best, you are looked at as a fool.  When you criticize failure you are a complete moron.  It's almost like when you are dealing with Texan people, you have to remove the fact you are talking about grown men and pretend you are dealing with a Pop Warner team.  That's the way some in this town want True Fans to treat the Texans, "Awww you only got beat 47 to 0 but at least you tried Jimmy".  There is nothing in my fiber that will allow me to make an excuse for failure.  Our teams will continue in this funk if fans and supporters continue to make excuses.
Below is the interview by way of 610 AM KILT

Dan's Call Back

Monday the Pastorini conversation continued and the one thing that really stood out, Rich Lord called Ray Lewis a moron for an opinion about the lockout.  Moments later he got on Josh for calling Dan Pastorini delusional.  He said it's wrong to call someone out of their name.  Interesting, two guys with wild opinions, one is a moron but the other is OK.  It would be way too easy and lazy for me to play the race card.  I feel Rich is simply inconsistent and bad for radio.  It would be one thing if he made these comments days or weeks apart but we are talking about the same show. Let's tally this up, by my count
  • Praise of a former KKK (Senator Robert Byrd)
  • Calling black people Colored
  • Asian Remarks
  • Saying Serena Williams is Barry Sanders
  • Purposely comparing Kobe Bryant to Jesus/God after Easter
  • Ray Lewis moron/ Dan Pastorini swell

This is not an example of racism this is simply an example of an old radio personality surviving on old radio "buzzwords/phrases" to stay relevant in a new media.  He knows what words and phrases to push to get the phone ringing.  I think it's pretty disgusting he has to resort to radio tricks to get a reaction.


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