Thursday, January 5, 2012


Written By: LM aka SNOW BLACK

Before getting into my article, I thought it would be cool to get a word from both parties.  Lance and Josh are strong in the market and their fans deserve a statement.  Below are a series of questions I asked both guys and I thank them for replying.


1.  Do you have a problem with Lance Zierlein?
     I didn't. I have a problem with people who spread false information. I also have a problem with hypocrites and phonies. 
2..  Any regrets in engaging in a twitter battle with another host?
       I never regret telling people  the truth. He attacked me. I responded.       

3.   Did you consider the $5,000 bet by Lance Zierlein.
      If I had 5k laying around I'd be glad to do it. I'm broke. 

4.  Do you have a problem with Houston?
      I honestly don't. I enjoy living here. I think it's a soft media market and the soft media market has produced soft talk radio. I question whether or not my style fits here. It's a unique market. 

5.  If given the chance to redo your image in Houston, would you do anything different?
     I wouldn't. Why would I? I have to be me to be successful. I am honest on the air. I can't help what people think. I could be scared into being a phony. I could tell people what they want to hear. I don't believe in doing that. It's not fair to the audience to lie. It kills credibility. When people listen I want them to know that what I'm saying is what I believe. 

6.  Does it come off as Lance being envious of 610 for the ratings?
      I don't want to discredit what he accomplished with Granato at 610. They were successful at the station and helped build it into the name brand that it is today. I don't claim to have created this name brand. I am glad to be part of it. I do question how successful they would be if they had to compete with 3 other sports stations. 

Lance Zierlein

1.  Do you have a problem with Josh Innes?
I have a problem with being called out on Twitter or on the air by another host that I haven't been talking about.  Personally?  I don't really know him so I don't have a problem with him.

2..  Any regrets in engaging in a twitter battle with another host?
To some extent, yes.  I felt like it went on too long.  There were some things that he said that I took exception to as he didn't seem to have his facts straight, but in the end, I probably need to carry myself in a more professional manner since there are people who follow me who have no interest in reading a "twitter battle".

3.   Were you serious about the $5,000 bet with Josh?  Would you really consider moving to the Drive Time slot to compete.
Absolutely.  I have all the confidence in the world in my abilities and I would be more than happy to do that.  Would my program director or GM be willing to allow me to do that?  I don't know.  I've been sold to advertisers as a morning host with a morning time slot and there are already hosts who work in the 2 PM (Matt Thomas) and 3-6 PM (Charlie Palillo) slots.

4.  Is Josh an easy target being that most people dislike him?
I think so, but not because he is new in the market, but rather how he has carried himself.  I don't think you can come into a market and not show the market or the town the proper level or respect.  That would be true in any major city.  I also think his willingness to broach topics other than sports probably gets some 610 listeners upset since that time slot has always been pretty no-nonsense regarding primarily sports talk.  I don't have a problem with straying from just sports from time to time as you know.  We all have lives outside of sports so I don't see a problem with it as long as it is done well.

5.  How can you knock Josh and Rich's numbers when  all stations to a degree are celebrating the Texans success in terms of ratings.
I don't knock their numbers.  I just felt like he wasn't putting them into proper perspective.  His numbers were way down before the lockout was lifted so I don't think it's smart to just hide behind current ratings.  I also took exception to comments regarding whether or not I "existed" since my morning show isn't number 1.  In this last book we were just a hair behind the 610 morning show so I would say that we have good traction and continue to build momentum as people find our new combination.

6.  How do you feel about Josh's claim that you represent a time when there were less sports talk in Houston?
There were less stations, true.  What he doesn't realize, however, is that sports talk as a 24 hour vehicle was still relatively new.  We were BUILDING audiences and not trying to just maintain them.  There were a ton of people in Houston who had never even heard of sports talk before they found us at 610.  When I took over in the morning along with John Granato, we inherited a 1.2 rating and the station was 2.5 years old.  Within a year, we had built that number into the high 2s and then into the 3.4 - 4.5 range.  We were building as we went and creating a brand new set of listeners who are still listening today.  A good analogy might be a restaurant.  It is one thing to take over a successful restaurant and watch profits keep coming in and while you are the manager, but it is quite another to help open and grow it from scratch.  That's not easy..... especially in a football town with no pro football and with the Rockets beginning to fade.  Through all that, our numbers kept growing.

Thanks Josh and Lance for the timely responses


Well this was eventually coming.  With the changing dynamics in Houston Sports Talk Radio, it was only a matter of time before a ratings war would occur and would have thought Jim Rome's departure would have been the catalyst.

Listening to terrestrial radio is one thing but you get the "meat" on twitter.  Who's to blame for this recent skirmish between Josh Innes and Lance Zierlein?  Thursday, December 29, Josh Innes made a negative reference to another radio station during his show.  If you were listening, no doubt he was talking about 790 but to be fair, he didn't mention them by name.  A listener let lance know via Twitter therebye leading Lance to take a shot at Josh.  Josh not being short of words replied and the fight began.

From there, the two guys exchanged tweets at each other taking a few jabs.  Saturday, New Years Eve, they started up again.  I am not sure what got into Lance but he raised the bar by challenging Josh Innes to a $5,000 bet if they were to go head to head in ratings.  Lance alluded to being willing to move to the 2-6 hour to make this happen.  Josh did not take him up on but tried to get clarity of the bet.

Although entertaining for a warm New Year's Eve while the big story was Texas A & M and Northwestern tearing up the field the Texan had to play on the following day, this was completely childish and weak.  Both of these guys are members of the media who see each other from time to time around the city at various events, why finger each other when you can box it out?  Ok, so I am a tad unorthodox in my ways of handling conflicts but if someone really had that much of a problem with me, it is what it is.

I believe Lance along with a lot of Houston fans are getting tired with Josh in particular throwing the ratings in their face every chance he can.  With that being said, I cannot get mad at Josh, the object of the game is to crush the competition however you have to be willing to accept the backlash if you are coming at a popular personality.

I monitored the twitter beef and it was pretty one sided with the Sir Lance a Lots (Lance's crew) going after Josh.  After about 2 hours with the majority of tweets (harsh) aimed at Josh, he finally pulled back before the language got way too vile.

What I take away from this twitter beef,  an abundance of people seriously dislikes Josh Innes style.  A while ago I can remember Craig Shelton telling Josh to "chill out".    It is not in Josh's best interest to come into a city and build up a questionable image while knocking the city, it was only a matter of time, some in the city would  would go at him.  As far as Lance, it's not cool to hate on Josh because they are winning in the numbers, in my opinion.  No matter how you parse this, it all comes back to the numbers.  As long as Rich and Josh beat the competition and stations not even in their genre, you can't do nothing but accept it.  The only way Lance can shut Josh's mouth is to beat them.  All of the tweets and on air jabs in the world don't not mean a thing if you don't have the numbers to support the fight.


I am the last person to tell another man to back down from a fight but I think Josh may have stepped into a hornet's nest.  I would think a very controversial decision by Gavin Spittle (Program Director) to release Jim Rome and replace it by a new local show, the last thing he needs is negative sentiment aimed at SR610 as as a whole or individual talents.  This sort of reminds me of sports cliches', "win with dignity", "act like you been there" etc etc.  Big freaking deal you are winning, you don't hear Mike and Mike and Jim Rome saying they are kicking each others' ass.  As hard as it is for me to give Rich credit, he's right, there's nothing cool in poking fun of your media peers.  As far as HMW, hell this is cool, it's a story in line with what we do.  Josh really asked if people knew Lance Zierlein exist?  Although I think Lance is full of shit sometimes, I do realize he is very respected amongst his peers and to be frank, I think he stepped down a notch engaging in a fight.

As far as Lance, not cool to make yourself apart of Josh and Rich's success.  Totally unnecessary to say J&Rs ratings somehow hinges on you going to AM time slot especially when you are not beating the guys you are currently going against.  Not sure how many times Lance has to be told, his reputation speaks speaks for it's self, you do you.  Lance is  almost beginning to come off like a crackhead searching for that 610 "High" once enjoyed.   Stop all the petty shit and grind.  Instead of shooting at Josh, think of ways to beat them.

Follow Up

My article above was written immediately after the last engagement by the two and I didn't want to change anything because that's how it appeared to me,  After conversing with both guys and receiving their it seems like much to do about nothing.  It's obvious these guys have a certain amount of animosity towards each other.  My advice to the two would be, if you didn't hear it for yourself to form your own opinion if a person is really coming at you, don't allow it to nest.  As I received both guys responses and noticed both thought the other shot at them first, it rings to a whole bunch of "hear say".  Unless it comes by way of HMW with audio, I wouldn't entertain it.




TyMo said...

I'm glad you reached out to both guys and go to go a little deeper into the mess. I have to admit I was entertained by the whole thing.
That being said I have to say that while I consider Lance a friend (and I will always have his back no matter what) you are right, and he was correct in realizing, that he came off bad in some parts of the exchange with Josh. Lance is the elder statesmen and he needs to rise above crap like that. If anything this little beef proves that the "Secret Society" is still vigilant in defending our guy and he needs to stand back and let guys like Chives McGee handle his twitter beefs in the future.

As for Josh, I just recently started taking in more of J&R from time to time and I'm actually a fan of the guy. I can see why some people are put off by him, but to me he is just playing the role of the heel and it entertains me (which is what it's all about after all). I've never spoken to Josh but the interactions I've had with him via twitter have always lead me to believe that he is a pretty genuine guy and that he believes what he says.

I hope all the bullshit has been set aside, but if they decide to go again you can be sure I'll be in the front row for Zierlein-Innes II.

Jeffrey said...

Josh has lost his mind. As far as legit commentary he couldn't hold LZ's jock strap. Let's take a tally Lance has INSIDE info into the NFL from first hand accounts. Lance has done it longer and BUILT shows, and stations for that matter, from the ground up. Lance has more talent and can go a whole show without making outdated "man" jokes. Josh was HANDED a timeslot that was tailor made for ratings without the "kids may be listening" drawback. How many times do we need to hear about a beard that nobody cares about. Josh's schtick was old a week after he started in the afternoons. The entire show was built by Mark V. and Rich Lord. Innes was a plug in that should have beed unplugged MONTHS ago. And as a final note that time slot has coroporate stylings written all over it. If I've ever heard new material from Innes then I must have had a stroke and forgotten it. Rehashing the days news after we've all heard it is played out. LZ could do a Jim Rome show w/out taking callers and still be interesting. The same cannot be said for "The Beard." If it were not for the fact that 610 had built in listeners Innes would have been run outta there a long time ago. To me the local sports radio heirarchy goes Granato, LZ, Matt Jackson, J-Sizzle-Jeremy Foster (residing in AZ now) The Cablinasian (Sean Pendergrass), Charlie Palilo, Rich Lord (just because he does Granato's old job on the Texans' sideline), and Innes would fall somewhere after that. The fact that Innes would even ? who LZ is is comical. And that's me being nice. Nobody wants to hear the random, barely coherent babblings of, by his own description, an overweight, leper to the ladies, Paul Bunyan bearded scrub who was Jeff Gordon. If you didn't know Gordon's dad bought him his race team. ANd like Gordon Innes fell in with the best owner with the best equipment......sound familiar?

Earlis said...

Brad and Josh rubbed me the wrong way when they first got here..
I have probably recited that lament a few times....that said Brad is probably the better of the two..dude has talent..but he makes much ado about a sense making a story about something that is not a story when the friggin drama of the game is quit3 for me he comes off as a dude who did not play sports but took too many drama just saying..he has a good radio voice and bro is intellegent..
it appears to me that he works to hard at tryin to entertain me..I can watch comedy central for dat..yanno..yo brad bro..Inform Me..dude
He just comes off the wrong way for me like a guy who did not play sports or try to learn what sports jocks go through being atheletes..
his perspective often totally leaves out the real stuff involved in playing a particular game...
like a dude working the twenty four sportsmedia cycle trying to find something different to talk about a different angle if you will..
I guess he need's to play opposite to a person who really knows the game and can put what happened on the field or court in perspective...just break down the game tell the story...every game has nuances... quirky moments..turning points..yada yada yada...

Josh Innes thinks he is better than he actually is he needs to focus at getting better at his job...and not be so full of himself...he is the quintessential sports-talk guy who don't know didly about sports...historically..or in the contemporary sense..he may have talent as a radio personality, how evah! he is far from a quality sportstalk talent...
cats like that infuriate a friggin book for goodness sake's...
learn what a sports errr..route tree is is..know who Joe Ferguson is Rome Nixon or Jim Ray Hart..
as my ole high teacher Mr Dickey would say, "son you need to boogaloo into the library, jerk a book off the shelf and try to twist something in your mind"..

shynolan_reese said...

Jeffrey you have some good points....Pallilo and Rich built up the drive home show in the afternoon though...LZ is the man no doubt but Josh isn't that bad...Josh is easy to hate and Lance is easy to me Lance is my boy...seems like all of this competition between stations, the exposure to blogs like this and twitter has fueled unnecessary beefs bitches and gripes....I personally think we should embrace the differences of styles and opinions and know that we all have preferences in the type of sports talk and information we receive...pick one that suits your liking and chill out fellas

Josh_Innes_Sucks_Guy said...

Josh is horrible and riding Rich's coattails. No other station in Houston would hire him if the had the opportunity. Snuff said.