Friday, May 4, 2012


Moving forward, Rolling Stones Gimme Shelter 

Although this was all in fun and games, I had to write about it.  During In The Trenches, a caller by the name of Old Man Sam called, he asked ND and Greg what was the most they made as a professional.  Koch felt the question was out of bounds and quickly hung up on him.  Below Is Koch removing Sam.

In usual fashion, Old Man Sam called the J&R Show to announce his last time calling the radio because of racial accusations.  In the midst of his call, Rich Lord tells Sam, a texter alerted them that he was hung up on earlier by another show.  Long story short, Sam told them he asked a show how much money they made as professionals.  

Rich Lord

Sometimes, I really wonder if host say so many things, they forget.  After Sam, told them what he asked, Rich said, it's nothing wrong with asking that question, that's public information.

Below is Old Man Sam w/ J&R

This is the same guy who has ridiculed Josh Innes for asking him about his pay while notating it's a little uncomfortable.  My focus is on Rich because his attitude when asked about his salary, why not extend those views for Kalu and Koch.

Rich may be correct on the information being public, but it's not cool for a man to ask another man how much he makes.  In all of my years of listening to Sports Radio 610, I have never heard any personality ask a professional athlete how much he or she made.  

Josh Innes

I didn't really focus on Josh's part of the segment because I came at Josh multiple times in the past for asking Rich about his salary.


In all fairness, it appeared as if Sam learned his lesson and didn't want to go there but J&R persisted and he relented.  I give Sam a pass.  I also understand, Rich and Josh like to have with Sam so there is an element of comedic value but found Rich's view on Kalu and Koch's salaries odd.

A couple of things I have learned in life.
  1. Never ask a woman her weight
  2. Never ask a person's ideological persuasion, allow it to develop organically over time
  3. Never ask about a person's sexual life
  4. and Never ever ask about another man's pocket
I didn't see it so much with Greg but when ND Kalu was with 610, there was always this discussion about ND's paper.  I am not ND Kalu and the crap use to make me feel uncomfortable. If the shit is publicly available as alluded to, then go find out and not come at them directly.  

Case Example:  Josh and Rich interviewing Gary Kubiak, Josh hauls off and ask "So how much money you make, Kubes".  The next voice you will hear is Rich blasting Josh for an inappropriate question.

Lets Keep it 100:  Richard, did a texter really send you a text about Sam?  Seems orchestrated to me.  Just saying.




Anonymous said...

yes but i think rich think since there athletes as opposed to "civilians" then its fair game.I starting why there are rich lord haters although not as big and vocal as Josh haters, they are defintly out there and start come over there side.

WhiteGreg said...

I heard the segment with Koch and Kalu and I couldn't believe that Sam asked the question. I was even more surprised when Greg hung up on him. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

one thing i cant stand is someone else counting my money....dont ask me nothing about my finances...especially not ask me about interest rates on my vehicles my house how much money me or my wife makes....has no relevence in anything i have to do with you.

i also think Rich believes because its athlete civilian then its okay.....i dont think he should have ask that question...go look it up...why does Old Man Sam even care...what does that have to do with anything...oh well

Reese/ sdrhuxtable