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When compiling a list this subjective, you can't help but be wrong.  It would be virtually impossible to form a consensus on five DJ Screw songs because his library is so vast.

The first time I heard of DJ Screw was in 1993.  I had just bought a 1984 Buick LeSabre, took it to King's Flea Market to get a lil bang in the trunk.  After getting my music, I scooped a couple of friends.  Rolling down Scott street four deep teenagers when all of a sudden one of friends said "bump this screw", I replied "what's screw".  When I inserted the cassette tape, I thought my radio was eating the tape because of the sound and my homeboy said "nah man, that's the way it sound".  I forget what screw it was but the first song I heard was Shaq - I know I Got skills.  A screw head was born.

One thing about Dj Screw, his craft made the worst songs sound like fiyah.  This is proven with Bone Thugs & Harmony, I literally cannot listen to Bone Thugs if it's not Screwed Up.

With that said, I wanted to take the time to compile my top 5 screw songs (today).  Ya know, that one screw you had to bump when driving home at 3am.  What song is going to drive me home?

5.  Notorious Big - Missing You DJ Screw - Roads to Riches
This song takes me back to my Family Reunion in 98.  Got extremely messed up.  Had a little Geo Prizm, tried to drive from Tom Bass Park to Nob Hill apartments on Braeswood.  Straight gone on it.

4.  Tupac - Wonder If Heaven Got a Ghetto | DJ SCREW - Money By the Ton
WOW, this cut takes me back somewhere I try to erase out of my brain.  Use to be on the North Side close to 5th Ward with my cousins partying, playing spades, playing dominoes.  I was not living in Houston at the time so when I came home to visit, this was like the anthem.  Too many nights I can remember flipping down 288 to 610 trying mt best to get back to South Park. I can't front, this song jams at regular speed too.

3.  20 to Life - Backstreets | DJ SCREW - All Screwed Up
This is probably the first screw with a countless amount of backdoors.  When this song was hot, swanging your ride was in.  You could not simply turn a corner like a normal person, you had to whip your ride wide style and hope the girls at the bus stop saw you and the haters (laws) didn't.  

2.  All of Houston - South Side Still Holdin | DJ SCREW - Southside Still Holdin
This mug? My cuz Squeaky hit me and said "You remember Wesley from Cloverland?"  I was like "Na".  He went on to tell me it was Lil Flip and he going hard on this cut.  Forget what you think about Flip now, this was before he was mainstream.  I think this was his first screw.  He went sick on screw for like 9 minutes off the head.  The whole track is jamming but Lil Flip killed it.  

Lil Flip's Part Alone

South side Still Holdin Whole song

1. JUNE 27

This song has to be number 1simply from the popularity.  June 27 is a classic and one of the first screws I heard on 97.9 get regular rotation.  The Youngstar went off, two times.


Like I said before, I doubt if one person will agree with my list but one thing you will do is bob your head.  There are so many songs I could have went with and if I were to do this list tomorrow, it might be different.  You can always tell your most memorable screw if you ever pulled up in your parking spot at 4 am and you sat in your car rewinding a song.  DJ Screw was not simply slowed music, it was a damn movement.

Picture above is me as a teen with my big Buick


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