Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Talk about an odd post however I will take a stab at it.  Move over Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Maxine Waters, Sheila Jackson Lee, and Julian Bond, we got NICK WRIGHT.

Nick Wright is the co-host of Sports Radio 610 Morning Show "In The Loop".  For the most part, Nick seems like a cool guy.  I credit Nick for bringing masculinity back to 610 Morning Talk and that's no jab at Marc Vandermeer but I highly doubt Nick is going to be down with John Lopez waving his feet in his face.  Nick has been in Houston a little under two months but from what I gather, Brother Nick thoroughly prep for his show and usually delivers.  Every now and then, if the topic leaves the "sports arena" and veers off into social injustices, Brother Nick gets a tad animated.

The passage above is "Radio Nick" but "Twitter Nick" is a damn Black Panther.

I really wonder how this "Black Activism" thing is going to work out for Brother Nick Wright.  I think it may come back to bite him in the ass in due time.

Is Nick the product of a Maxine Walters and Jesse Jackson tango?  My goodness, everything is not about black and white and its so damn transparent  if Nick thinks we are going to go ape off of every single racial tweet or retweet.

I will help Nick out, instead of tweeting superficial black and white stories, get in the damn communities or how about talking about the the imbalance of minority hires at 610?  How do you feel about Sports Radio 610 only having John Lopez (minority whether he knows it or not) in a full time capacity on air? I mean SR610 is the Sports Radio Leader, is that a proper correlation to the City of Houston's demographics or is it an inverse?  See, but your rebuttal along with your boss Gavin Spittle is "best man for the job" but you really want to talk race?

Instead of tweeting about racial topics that mean nothing to paying my bills, lets get a little real and talk about bellies  getting bigger and feet getting longer ie real issues.

uh hmmmm


I get flustered when people use" black" as damn sideshow.  I like to call them "Poverty Pimps". A Poverty Pimp is a person who benefits from the suffering of minorities. Absolute refusal to talk about  real black issues instead they chase the salacious stories for reaction.  It's an insult to my intelligence.

I do not believe Nick is a Poverty Pimp however stop making everything a racial injustice.

SCENARIO:  Black man in First Colony assaults his family.  Media trucks pull up and they see Mr. Johnson (black tax paying citizen) across the street watering his grass and "PoJo nem" (black belligerents) down the street listening to Hip Hop Music, pants sagging, grills, and blowing big kill.  More than likely, at 10pm CST, you will see "PoJo nem"  on the evening news talking about the story.

I  hope Nick Wright is able to make the right decision when he jumps out of the truck.

Some of us black people will not hop on any and everything "black" Brother Nick.




Anonymous said...

Nick is speaking on issues that matter to him and should matter to you. How you gonna make this about hiring practices at a radio station? That ain't the damn topic, brotha man!!

Stop being so damn transparent!

HMW said...

Thanks for the read Anonymous. You are 100% correct, Nick is speaking on the issues, ISSUES that don't have shit to do with me eating in Houston, TX


Anonymous said...

Nick is 100 times more talented than Josh Innes. Looks like Craig told you that you had to down Nick so that his girl Josh could be propped up. That's weak.

HMW said...

Anonymous, where do you see Josh in this article? Is Josh on your brain? get real man.

LM aka Sir Blog Alot