Monday, August 20, 2012


Sources have confirmed to HMW, Adam Clanton and John Wessling will be the new 1560TheGame Evening Drive Duo, beginning next Monday, August 27, 2012.  We're told the pair may air together this Wednesday, but the official start date is next Monday the 27th. 

We reached out to Adam and he was kind enough to respond to HMW's request for a comment:

I'm excited to be back on radio full-time and looking forward to working with John on producing an entertaining show. A lot of people made this possible by simply reaching out to me to make on-air appearances in the three years since I had left radio. That includes talent, producers and programmers at every single sports radio station in town. If they don't do that, maybe I'm not considered...
So I'm extremely happy and can't wait to get started. 

Tell Lamont the "filthy, pig carcass" is BACK.

Adam Clanton


Anonymous said...

i will give this a try..nothing in the afternoon is worth listening to on a consistent basis in Houston to me...i was listening to 610 the other day Fred Davis with Rich was entertaining to me but i know Josh will be back soon. Adam is entertaining and been around Houston for a while...i have only heard John a few times on the weekends but i think its worth listening to


Earlis said...

Clanton paid his dues...he has talent and should be fresh after sitting out with periodic cameo role here and there..
He should be "hongry"! Ready to chew up some 610 drive time arse, spit it out and laugh about it.. U go boi

Things are warming up people wanna kick 610's azz in the ratings and is about time...I am waiting with baited breath
For a update on lance and Charlie hooking up for drive time theatre of the mind in living color...yee haw!

cxd said...

This will get even More Interesting when that Fifth Radio Station goes live as well.

Let the throat cutting begin Then....

Anonymous said...

This is good - alternatives to J&R are always a good thing. What time exactly will this new show be on?