Friday, August 10, 2012


Like to dedicate this article to Sports Talk 790's Assistant Program Director Chris Gordy.  HMW Founder and The Cut Host (1430 AM) Craig Shelton wrote an article about Lance Zierlein's  "Cooling Trend".  I am guessing in an attempt to smother the flame, Chris Gordy tweeted the following

After all of the Big Show Hemorrhoids (all up in the ass) got their retweets in with Matt Jackson leading the charge, it wasn't until Lance Zierlein made sense out of it with a retweet edit.

I thought it was pretty "stand up" for Lance to clarify that they were "weekly ratings".  Chris Gordy tried to pull a fast one

With that said, below is the July Book.  However, I want quickly explain the numbers.  I will use an example to illustrate.

A share means a % of all the radio listeners in a given market are tuned into that station. 

Example:  If The Boxx (97.9) is rocking a 7% share that would equate to 7% of the Boxx's market.  I will keep this simple, with population.  Houston is about 4.5 Mil strong, 7% of that is 315,000 listeners for the month.   However, do not confuse Metropolitan areas with Radio Signals.  Signals can go far and beyond Metro and I have personally been in Austin Texas and have picked up 790, 97.9 and 610 with ease.


610 is still kicking ass but if I am Gavin, I am definitely looking at the 3 month trend.  We can easily say it's the off season and that's natural but that's a direct parallel to a recent hire.  I mean if I were an intelligent person I would notice, 610 had the steepest drop from May to June in addition to dropping from June to July with 97.5 while the other two stations enjoyed an increase.

I really don't see the panic button being pushed with the onset of football season but it was something I noticed on a surface view.  You do not have to Mensa to know, every station numbers will enjoy a gradual increase throughout the football season.  610 is enjoying a healthy lead but they cannot afford to  blink at the competition in the mornings.

In addition to, I wonder if 790's July bump came by way of the Rockets.


After 10-11 AM with Greg Koch and ND Kalu, the Mid Mornings are horrific. However, as I look at 97.5 from June to July, I must ask, what the hell happen and all I can point to is the NBA Playoffs.  Maybe everyone was tuned in to the NBA Playoffs  from a national perspective and immediately tuned out afterwards because that's a significant drop.  


 Josh Innes and Rich Lord are maintaining healthy numbers above 4.  Sure they fell a little but nothing to be threaten by.   J&R are in "Cadillac mode" which makes me really wonder about In The Loop.  Makes me really wonder when I hear people continuously say, they numbers are inflated due to the Texans.  That argument carried weight in the past but how do you explain May through July when historically market wide, numbers are usually depressed?  People don't like to hear but Josh and Rich is dominating and there's no way to sugarcoat it.

Pretty cool to see Charlie Pallilo getting a bump.

Nothing like Old Man Sam (caller) to get some shit popping.  Old Man Sam calls every show and eloquently tells the host how  competitors are treating him.  Thursday, Sam called the TRENCHES and elaborated on another show nearly banning him, Greg Koch and ND Kalu replied with this.



What I have come to learn about ratings, when hosts are not number one,  they Direct Message and Email loyal fans some wacky reason for losing.   

How can you really get mad when 610 boast about their numbers? I think it's all Bull because anyone enjoying first place will brag "ya know" like Chris Gordy beating his chest over weekly winning numbers.  

Man, winning is winning and as far as the people trying to ask me if Streaming numbers count?  No streaming don't but you are kidding yourself if you think the stations you are championing  are the only one that streams.

I know these hosts are feeding this information to loyal fans because they use to tell me the same stuff in the past before HMW went into "Leprosy" mode for them.  When I think about it, the ratings argument sounds similar to that Houston fan who makes excuses for losing.  They seem to have every excuse in the world for losing but no solution for winning.

I like and have mad respect for Greg Koch (790) because I asked him in an interview, if he's in it to win it? Greg basically said yes and he feels 790 could be the number one station.  The point is, he didn't make excuses about the Texans and 610 Flagship alliance, he wants to win.




Anonymous said...

hmw is on a whole different level. the game is changing in htown now. these radio guys can't comprehend intelligence coming from the hood. good stuff as usual

cxd said...

N.D. Kalu is the only one that has known thoughts about how I feel about radio these days.

Either high ratings via "Jerry Springer" approach (610) or steady/substantive ratings via the "Anderson Cooper" approach (790).

Give me steady, with substance please..... (Jerry!, Jerry!, Jerry!... SHEEEEiiiiiitt).

RH-Houston said...

Hey Great atricle. Dont forget that most of the on air talent on all station are on vacation during the summer months, especially on 610 and that those are the dog days of no sports. so not bad across the board. Except Matt Jackson...awful!

HMW said...

RH-HOUSTON, good point