Saturday, September 22, 2012


When will they ever learn.  It's not cool to clown Houston.  Props to MaD Radio (Mike Meltser and Brad Davies) for getting this going.  During the week a host from Denver's 104.3 The Fan Darren McGee appeared on MaD radio and talked a little smack.  After his departure, MaD radio had their listeners to call The Drive in Denver which Darren McKee and Alfred Williams host.

Apparently Alfred didn't know what was going on with the influx of Houston callers and he had to lace Denver up on Houston.  What makes this somewhat entertaining is,  Alfred Williams is a Houston Native.  Hell Alfred and my family played together at Jesse H Jones High in South Park.  To hear him blast Houston is comical, he know what time it is though.

All I can say,  just like Artrell Hawkins (Bengal Playoff Smack) last year, Alfred will be made a fool.

The audio is below,

Alfred William's Houston Smack  CLICK PLAY

Full Hour with Darren McKee and Alfred Williams CLICK PLAY

I know Alfred was just having fun and hell he might even believe some of the garbage he was spewing but let me clear up a few facts.

  • Don't try to intimidate Texans with your altitude and climate (Green Bay tried this a few years back on the Frozen Tundra)
  • Half of our Coaching Staff if familiar with your environment and altitude
  • Every home game has been sold out. Half of a stadium bro?
  • Schaub does not have a Strong Arm
  • Peyton Manning is better than Matt Ryan
  • Google Jack Del Rio's record against the Texans since he knows us so well.
Alfred cool people but he forgot his roots.
Big Ups MaD Radio (SR610) and Denver's 104.3 The Fan, need a little Smack Talk around this piece.

SR 610     Mike Meltser
104.3       Darren McKee
104.3       Alfred Williams




cxd said...

I listened to this Radio discussion. I loved it. Very lively.......

He lost me from word one. I realized that he (former Houston Native) has established a Niche up there, so I dismissed it (no huddle offense comments and all).

I won't mess with his income. He's trying to live and boost ratings.

There is a U-TUBE video about Andre Johnson with Cortland Finnegan jaw-jacking (please correct the spelling of his name) at Tennessee at the time, at which point Andre said:

"YOU KNOW THAT I'M GOING TO TEAR YOUR ASS UP !!" And Andre did-so while ending up spanking his anus after SEVERAL OTHER plays later.....

Good to know that he has found a niche in Denver. Maybe Ralph will call and joust with him.

Yeah, right...... Andre is a quiet man.... Right.... Okay...

Let's see..... Hide the women and children........

Anonymous said...

My God. This is the worst 30 mins of sports radio I've ever heard in my life. They must have cried themselves to sleep Sunday night. I suddenly feel a lot better about Houston radio.

Anonymous said...

The Denver Broncos: Our Wide Receiver's Slide!