Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Numbers Education
A share means a % of all the radio listeners in a given market are tuned into that station.

Example:  If The Boxx (97.9) is rocking a 7% share that would equate to 7% of the Boxx's market.  I will keep this simple, with population.  Houston is about 4.5 Mil strong, 7% of that is 315,000 listeners for the month.   However, do not confuse Metropolitan areas with Radio Signals.  Signals can go far and beyond Metro and I have personally been in Austin Texas and have picked up 790, 97.9 and 610 with ease.

Also when looking at the number, they represent the prior Month.  There's a month lag so you are actually looking at July activity.


Look a here, look a here.  

Let me first begin by congratulating THE BIG SHOW winning.  They damn near jumped a full point.  Is the Big Show just that good or are we witnessing a shift in listening habits?  While the Big Show trends north, we continue to see In the Loop trend south.   I also want to give it up to Sean and John, they also enjoyed a bump.

Funny how things happen,  just yesterday I saw Nick Wright tweet Craig Sheldon
Our competitors incompetence is our secret weapon.

Mid Mornings 10a -3p

There's nothing to really report about this slot with the exception of Mad Radio kicking but and taking names.  Everyone enjoyed an increase but again, pay attention to the rate of change and notice who had the largest bump.  790 enjoyed a .4 bump but even with that MaD is on cruise control.  MaD is too far out in a lead.  

Drive Time 3p-7p

LOL, talk about one of those "Shaking My Head Moments.  Josh and Rich is straight busting ass and there's no way to sugarcoat.  Josh is too gifted in radio to be in sports, Rich use to bitch at first but he's no fool, he took one look at the numbers and now he enjoy talking random non sports topics.  I am laying down the gauntlet, can my boy Josh and Rich bust 6 wide open? MAD UPS to J&R, you guys have maintained 4 + numbers for nearly a year, that shit is no fluke.

I am drawn again to 790 enjoying the largest bump in this day part.  In this particular slot, 790 enjoyed a .8 bump but like MaD, J&R are so far out in a lead, it's almost insignificant but we have seen something is clearly shaking over at 790.


Here's the deal, everyone should see their numbers increase as more fans tune in during football season which makes what I will point out next an anomaly.  

Of all the data presented, In the Loop is the only show that took a hit.  Onset of Football season, Sports Radio 610 should not be falling.  All  jokes aside, Mad Radio is damn near close to surpassing In the Loop.  One month out of a year does not represent a real picture but Gavin see what I see in terms of trends.  I have some thoughts about what's really occurring but I'm keeping it close to the vest.

SALUTE to #TeamFirstPlace
Lance Zierlein
Adam Wexler
Matt Jackson
Mike Meltser
Brad Davies
Josh Innes
Rich Lord



Anonymous said...

The ratings will go higher for the 790 morning show if John and Lance come back together. Nick Wright was a bad hire for 610. I can't stand his voice, his takes, and he talks too much about left-wing politics. I stopped listening to the 610 morning show, and the numbers show it.

Anonymous said...

Another big drop off if the numbers for the Blitz on 97.5

I remember when Fred would talk about how they were the reason 610 canned Rome, now they are getting their asses kicked by 610 and they've even dropped below 790.

AdGuy said...

As someone who works in advertising and who usually reads this site for a chuckle, I can confirm that these number are accurate. Of course whoever is supplying them to you is subject to a substantial penalty but that is another topic.

I can also confirm that 610s morning show ratings are the lowest they've been in about 2 years as we were studying this very day part today. For agencies, this type of drop is considered a "toxic drop" as it seems to coincide with the departure of one host and inclusion of a new one. The numbers would like continue to trend downward if not for the Texans.

The irony is that we will pay a premium to buy Texans Network, but not Nick Wright's slot. He simply doesn't appear to fit and he clearly rubs people in this city the wrong way.

Anonymous said...

What? Lance reuniting with John? Did I miss something? Great job Lamont on the always!

Anonymous said...

Nick Wright voice is annoying

Anonymous said...

97.5=0. I guess The Blitz's market stranglehold on all things sports gambling has grown tired. All the local stuff on 97.5 is utter garbage. I can't believe it's ahead of 1560. If it was on AM instead of FM it would be dead last. 97.5 The Drive still has a station producer on as a full time sports talk co-host who knows as much about sports as my 12-year-old son. They used to have two station producers on as co-hosts before one of them quit. They never even acknowledge that she left... just pretended like she was never there. (They even lack the motivation to remove her profile on their website even though she quit nearly two months ago). What a bunch of unprofessional idiots.

Anonymous said...

I have a question about Metropolitan areas with Radio Signals, KFNC 97.5 use to regularly mention Beaumont when giving their call sign, but I believe they stopped this practice sometime during the summer. When traveling in the Beaumont / Port Arthur area, the KFNC signal sounds just as strong as you know why the change was made?

Anonymous said...

LM you should quit sniffing Josh's jock so much and come back to the real world. It's just a matter of time before 610's afternoon show falls to 2nd then 3rd. People are getting tired of Josh's act and moving on.

HMW said...


Nah patna, what you need to do is get the hell out of my business. Y'all are laughable at most to me, how in the hell you figure the afternoon show is going to fall in this current structure. You might not like this but the "real world" is J&R is kicking their ass. thanks for the read

LM aka Sir Blog Alot