Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Written By: Marcus Coleman


Modernization and anticipation are two key important elements in football. If you notice, teams that are successful in the NFL are able to adapt to the changing of schemes, players etc every year because they see the big picture and are always looking ahead. That's how I look at the game now and even when I played. Much of that I learned from the two Bill's (Parcells and Belichick). 

For 2013, the Texans draft and team needs are huge to be honest. I agree they have a good core of players, however, they lack depth and play making ability at other positions. To be clear, when I say "depth" it doesn't just mean having a body there. The way the game is now you have to look at it this way. Could my third corner be a starter on another teams roster ? If so, now you have three solid corners and if a starter gets injured then the drop isn't so significant. Its funny everyone is all up in arms about getting a WR, I said that was a need 3 years ago. They need help at the nose, which I said 2 years ago. There is also a need at inside linebacker, which I stated 2 years ago, and they need more in the secondary which I said was a need 3 years ago.  The Texans also need a Right Tackle.   Even with the addition of Joseph and Manning, I feel they still need more depth in the secondary plus they need to resign Glover Quinn. 

Here are a few examples, the Patriots have always had depth in the secondary, so have the Steelers, Ravens, and Giants. Not a coincidence those teams have been or won Super Bowls in the last 10 years.

Depth at linebacker the secondary is very important. It allows teams to be more creative with packages, schemes, but most importantly those two positions are the core of your special teams. Brian Cushing is a special player, but you have to be honest about his durability, not to mention the durability of the other linebackers considering they have been injury prone as well. I would go so far to say the Texans should attempt to trade the first round pick to get more picks in rounds 2-4 unless there is a A1 player that just can't be passed on in the first round. There are enough talented players left after the first round that could fill all their needs. 

As far as this gay business going around in the NFL, this has never been a "issue" until now. I will say 
that asking someone about their sexuality in the real world is wrong, not to mention illegal. When you're talking about locker rooms and the old school mentality that comes along with that, its unfortunate that teams have to ask about that. The locker room has to be a safe zone per say and teams don't want any feathers to be ruffled if they don't have to be. There's always been players in the NFL that are gay but it was never said or shown. Right or wrong, that's the way it was. In this day in age, there may actually be more players that are "BI" than just straight up gay. 

It seems many have adopted the actor, entertainer mentality when it comes to this subject. Honestly I think the NFL should just leave this one alone, with the question asking, the prodding etc. Especially when the league is trying to promote a clean stable product and not be the "bad guy" in all this. 

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