Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Diana Ross aka THE DIVA
Written by: LM

For three years I have witnessed people go after Josh Innes myself included.  Some, I thought were fair and many I thought were people wanting his attention.

Monday, Josh was joined by Fred Davis (Rich lord on vacation) and they were basically doing "Rock It Or Stop it" Radio.  You know, radio when fans call and tell a DJ if a new song is Hot or Not but they replaced it with Josh continuing his "on air" personality or changing it up in terms of style.

I got annoyed listening to the J&R  because it reminded me of the Diana Ross stories we use to hear about her past with the Supremes.  The stories of her wanting all of the attention, shine all of the time.

Lloyd TELLING on Harry, Dumb and Dumber
Newsflash, if you tell Josh something you do not like about his style, he will  go "coward" and throw his coworkers under the bus.  I am surprised more people do not pick up on this.  Josh will ask people to critique him and the minute they do, he will reply by blasting his coworkers by saying "This person does the same".  That's the epitome of weak and the key part is, he's asking for the scrutiny.  A part of me wonder if this is his way of jabbing at his coworkesr.  It's similar to  my mother catching me sneaking in the house (after hours) and the minute she's about to go upside my head, I tell her "Tee (my sister) snuck out of the house too".  When I hear a grown man display this type of behavior, it really makes me think, in what world is this cool or acceptable?

This "WHOA IS ME" crap is old, stale and  we are starting to hear it a little more frequently.  Here's a tip, if people telling you they hate you is effecting you to the point where you have to make whole shows of it, then change what you are doing.   A person who don't give a damn about people liking them don't make a whole show of "why do people hate me" and then follow up but saying "it don't bother me".


Veruca Salt
At this point of the game, Josh Innes is clubbing two birds with one stone.  For a guy who's in depth sports knowledge is weak, the opportunity to supplement sports knowledge with the focus being on him is gravy.  Josh wants the attention on him and only him, little things like sports is secondary, the show has to be about him in some way or another.

Josh is the only one in this market who has the ability to make a show about himself and it don't matter if it's good or bad, he just wants the attention.  His act is becoming like old Luv You Blue stories, we have heard all of the stories and it's tired.

  • Grandma Etna loving Wrestling
  • Crazy White boy around Black Guys
  • Basketball 
  • Dead beat Dad
  • Little Brother
  • Losing Virginity
  • Gym Room Exploits
  • Broadcasting as a Teen
  • Making 19k for Clear Channel in LA
  • Jilly
  • and Much More
We have heard these stories a million times and they are no longer interesting.  Do I expect this to change?  No, he cannot talk sports without a headline story.  Peep game, on slow news days expect the infusion of "The Life of Josh".    Hell, I don't like all of the constant personal stories and using every chance to make the show about himself. With that said, when he goes "The Life of Josh" or "Whoa is me" I smooth change the dial.  There are too many options in J&R's time-slot to be hell captive to "Life of Josh".  And before he throw another coworker under the bus and say "they do it too", I don't hear anyone do it as much.

Bottom line Josh cannot talk sports therefore he will make the show about himself.

I was wondering, how cool would it be to see Diana Ross bring the Supremes back together but replace the other two members with Josh Innes and Sheila Jackson Lee.  Can you imagine the squabbles between the three for camera time?


                                             LAMONT MANN (LM) AKA SNOW BLACK


shynolan_reese said...

right on with Josh...i have been saying this from day one...however i have gotten used to his tirades and meaningless chatter...the problem i had was he was doing it this "all about Josh" stuff too often.

i think Josh can be entertaining but not on the drive home from work on a all sports station during the 3-7 time slot. he could be good in a man show format like a Adam Carolla and Jimmy Kimmel had a while back on their Man Show.

the new program director needs to push for Josh to start honing his craft as a sports talk host....its been a few years now he needs to put in some work. however he has made it this long and like always 610 says they have the ratings so maybe that works for him and 610.


Sir Kyle said...

You know, I am not the biggest Josh Innes fan. I don't hate on him like some do and honestly find him funny sometimes. I do have several issues with him though. First, his lack of sports knowledge is very obvious. He actually knows enough to qualify as "Casual Sports Fan". And I'm no Charlie Palillo when it comes to sports knowledge (though I feel I have more than Josh) but I'm not a radio personality on a major market sports station either, the leader in the ratings no less as Josh likes to trumpet frequently as though it is due to him personally.

My next problem is the fact that when I get my kids in the car, I have to hover with my finger near the button to switch the channel due to his sometimes inappropriate talk. I know this has been brought up before and he has brushed it off as everyone else's problem. And I don't the talk sometimes but I think there is a time and place. And afternoon "ride home" radio on a non-subscriber format is neither, in my opinion.

Also of note are some of the things you raised in the article: Life of Josh, Deadbeat Dad, etc; It is old and repetive and I am over it.

But the newest thing that has gotten very tiresome is the sound mixer thing. Once in a while? It can be a very funny bit. Very frequently? It gets old real quick.

Bottom line, I think Josh needs to up his game. Show some growth as a SPORTS RADIO host, increase your knowledge of the topic in which you are supposed to be hosting and stop going to the same well to try and entertain. Otherwise, perhaps it's time to move down the road with a new person next to Rich.