Sunday, April 28, 2013


Written By: Lamont Mann
Sunday, April 28

Saturday, I was watching my timeline and seen a few comments scroll across about Anna Megan Raley (AMR).  They were pretty vicious therefore I went into investigative mode.

I know longer follow AMR due to her coverage of the Boston Marathon.  I did not have to look too far because Houston Press "Hairballs" had a write-up on what went down.

I read the article that AMR is reported to have written and my instant reactions was "Ok, that's Sports Radio 610" that's what they do.  if you don't know, AMR wrote an article about a "pudgy"Oklahoma City Thunder Cheerleader who by the way don't look fat to me at all.

It was not a nasty article as it was more of an article to gauge the response of men. 

Here is where she went wrong though.  I am not sure how all of this went down but apparently AMR wrote this article under an alias Claire Crawford, I so would have caught this if it was Claire Huxtable.  Secondly, suspending or deleting her account afterwards.  Deleting or suspending the account only brings more attention to the situation.

Honestly, I am shocked Sports Radio 610 put her in witness protection because that's the culture of their station.  The station clearly have no problem taking shots at or demeaning women, that's what they do as illustrated.

Rich Lord host of the J&R Show has no problem letting you know Serena Williams looks like Barry Sanders.  I really do not get the humor in saying a woman looks like a man but hey I'm a dork.

We all know about Ted Johnson calling a former teammate Vince Wilfork's wife unattractive and think about how that materialized.  Ted thought Wilfork would not hear the audio which bares a striking resemblance to Claire Crawford.  Like AMR, after the heat came, he suspended his twitter account for a few weeks and VIOLA reappeared on his National Sunday Show saying he gathered 2,500 followers in two days.  

Check this out on Chirbit

What's going to be interesting is if AMR gets fired after her post while Ted Johnson remains on the air

Then there is Sexy Traffic.  Sexy Traffic is a reoccurring Friday segment at 5:30.  The Assistant Program Director Laura Reynold reads the Houston Traffic report in a slutty manner.  It started off as a one time thing about four years ago but it became a hit with the men so they kept it going.  I love women, but I think it's pretty damn pathetic for a lady to agree to sounding like a bimbo all for the sake of ratings.  Laura Reynolds is a nice lady and she don't have to put herself out there like that for ratings.


I think Anna Megan should get back on Twitter as soon as possible and own it.  In all fairness, I am not sure if it was her, 610 or CBS decision to pull her account but it's not a good look. 

Currently, I am charting her twitter mentions and she's receiving some backlash, mainly from females and it will continue as long as she stay in witness protection.  

There was another host in town who made a gay joke and received heat from the "Gay community" he got on twitter, apologized and said that's the last he would speak of it.  At that moment, the issue went away, he didn't run away.



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Owen Sucksplenty said...

The thing with the idiot Ted Johnson, is that he PLAYED FOR THE HOODIE! Hoodie has specific rules, orientations, educations and policies on speaking to the media. Johnson was exposed to these and fully aware of what the media can do. Yet Johnson STILL made that comment on air into a live mic. He's truly a Neanderthal.