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BARRY WARNER'S 610 SIGN OFF #FreeBarryWarner - LM

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Over the last couple of months, randomly, I have been posting the hashtag #FreeBarryWarner.  It was only because I felt, something was not clean in that milk.  I really begin to think something was odd when Dwight Howard signed with the Rockets and when they made it official (press conference) someone on Twitter said they seen Barry on TV.  At that point, I was like " how is Barry this sick to do radio but covering the Rockets".

I had some epic on air battles with Barry Warner.  I thought he was an obnoxious jerk.  It was not until I met Barry at the First Fan Fest, I said, this guy really is old and have energy I would kill for.  Barry Warner was the life of the party.  He introduced me to almost everyone with a name at the event.   I thought that was pretty cool of him after some of the things I said to him. Barry was down to earth, loud, jovial, and not "stuck up".  

I believe the move was utterly wrong, I rather hear Barry in the 6-10p slot.    Did Barry get under my skin at times?  Yes, but I'm a man and I can shoot the shit right back. 

 I will not make Barry out to be a Saint because I can  understand it being hard to work with his type of personality.  If you are pretending to be a journalist, Barry will make you look like a clown if your craft is "shaky".  Barry comes from the journalism school of "who how what when where"  whereas most of the younger generation are coming from "Retweets" Retweetalism.  Take that how you feel.

I will not go overboard with the Barry "love" because I have a sneaky suspicion we will be hearing him again in this market as he alluded to being a "free agent" in David Barron's article.

As far as Sports Radio 610, the way they treated him in the end, well "Karma is a bitch".  

Irony, early 2013, Barry Warner made a comment on air basically saying since he came to Sports Radio 610, the ratings/revenues increased.  Since Barry's hiatus, we have seen the numbers plummet.  I do not feel Barry is the reason for good or bad ratings, but I find it entertaining to see what's occurring with 610's ratings now.


Below is audio of Barry Warner joining Patrick Creighton with his sign off.  I must say, this is quite weird. There are not many times you hear a personality give a farewell on air.  In addition to the weird, he is signing off with the guy that replaced him.  By no means does this has anything to do with Patrick but everything to do with the 6-10p slot.  After a lot of questionable moves at 610, I was happy to see them let Barry get some departing air time.


Barry Warner's Sports Radio 610 KILT Sign Off

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