Friday, December 20, 2013


Written By: LM

Unless you have been living under a rock, Sean Pendergast replaced Josh Innes at Sports Radio 610 in the Afternoons.

I've tried to get the vibe via social media about the change but I couldn't pin point the consensus.  However, I did gathered
  • Fans are expressing congrats towards Sean Pendergast
  • Split views towards Josh Innes leaving
  • Weird tweets from 1560 Trailblazers (will be blogged)
Normally, I try not to write about a new show before I've had a chance to fully vet it, but this change was  huge and there are some dynamics at play.

  • Gavin Spittle's first hire John Lopez, Ryan McCredden Sean Pendergast (Major Time Slots)
  • Sports Radio 610 PD hired within the Houston Market talent pool
  • 1560 Going at 610 in the past  (not sure if Sean participated)
  • Sean Pendergast's rise in Houston
  • John Granato's next partner (I'm looking at you Matt Jackson)
  • Fans asking HMW "Who is Sean"
  • Lamont do not know Sean's Pro Football team (Rich Lord is a Giants Fan)
For those who are asking about Sean, Sean's claim to fame came via 610 (CBS) Airwaves with his Jim Rome Smack Off Championships. Sean was a legendary caller who went on a run of Smack-Off Titles.  At the time Lance Zierlein and John Granato were Morning Host at Sports Radio 610.  John Granato left 610 to start a new radio station (1560), shortly, Lance went to 1560 as well.  I will not pretend to know the details in between but Sean ended up at 1560. 

At the time, I do remember still listening to Jim Rome from 11-2 CST and fans were asking about Sean "The Cablinasian" Pendergast.  Why is he not participating in Smacks Offs anymore? Jim tried to overlook it before he flat out explained, Sean was working for a CBS competitor and could no longer participate in Smack Offs.

I've been listening to Sean for a while and here are a few things about him

  • He's Witty
  • Notre Dame Alumni
  • Very Intelligent
  • Sports Junkie
  • Soprano's Freak
  • Wrestling Fanatic
  • From Connecticut 
  • Swell

I've listened to Sean for almost 4 years, he comes off as even keel.  It will be interesting with Rich Lord and by interesting, I mean boring to me.  After listening to three years of Josh and Rich, I do not see Sean providing that same energy fans were accustomed to with Josh.  I need energy and less Texans Friendly brown-nosing. 

Say what you will about Josh Innes, but he brought life back into Sports Radio 610 Drive Time after that miserable Robert Henslee and Rich Lord experiment.  That said, I am witnessing Sean Pendergast follow behind two  popular personalities:  Lance Zierlein (partnered with John Granato) and Josh Innes (partnered with Rich Lord).  Huge shoes to follow in terms of popularity.

When I take all of this in, it's looking like Fred Faour and AJ Hoffmann at 97.5 ESPN will be eating in the WINTER SEASON  #GOT



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