Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Written By: LM

In all of my years of listening to Local Sports Radio, this current Local Line Up (Market Wide) could be the worst.  I listen to most shows in the market therefore I realize I am not who stations target.  That said, there are listeners who share my feelings towards local sports radio.  For What Its Worth, if you are a listener who listens to only one station in this market, God Bless You.  There is no station in this market worth sitting on for a whole day.

Below are a few snapshots "off the top" of the current local sports line up

  • 610 (6-10) In The Loop - Analytics (numbers), Social (Nick Wright), Loud, Annoying Voices, Teasers, Minimal Callers, Texts, Useless Laughter, Headline Stories, Energy, John's Sports Takes are weak
  • 790 (6-9) Proper Gentlemen - Houston, Boring Basketball Interviews, Heavy Football, Voices, Dry Spots, Somewhat Interactive, Serial Callers, Fun, Wrong time slot,  Numerous Corrections, Adam Point Guard Lance Shooting Guard, Disagreements
  • 790 (9-11) In The Trenches - Professional Football players I expect more from, Nice to All Callers (grand introductions), Courtroom Atmosphere (always an opposing view, mainly Greg), Dry Spots, Show Fans can dig because they present themselves as "one of the guys"
  • 610 (10-2) Mad Radio - Intelligence, Jokes, Animated Anger, Extended Dry Spots, Reoccurring Segments, Analytical, Interviews, Sports
  • 97.5 The Rush (12-2) - Racial Jokes, Could be better if Jerome Solomon talked instead of Joking, Too Personal (Dave Tepper), Little to No Callers, Good Sports Information gets lost in the Jokes (blog coming),  Edgy
  • 790 Matt Thomas (2-4) - Time Slot is killing him, Needs Social Media but don't utilize it right, Fun at times, Dry Spots, Preps via Twitter
  • 610 Rich Lord and Sean Pendergast (2-6) - Boring, Big Words (Sean Pendergast), Sean dominant personality, Headline Stories, Good On Air Relationship (compared to last show), Conversation, Rich Lord is very generic
  • 97.5 The Blitz (4-7) - Cranky (when fans disagree), We are smart and you are dumb,  Gambling, Wild, Edgy, Heavy TV analysis , Use Social Media Perfect, Texts, Fun, Show is too short, Only show I listen to from start to end
Outside of Proper Gentlemen, Mad Radio and The Blitz, I'm "hit or miss" on local shows.   Currently, it don't seem like there's a constant flow of good sports radio "Market Wide".  I found myself listening to Jay Mohr and Jim Rome, yes I've been #Nationaling.  At 7p, I leave the market and listen to Josh Innes in Philadelphia while listening to the guest host w/ Ted Johnson on Sports Radio 610.

Here are a few suggestions
  • Switch Proper Gentlemen 7-10, currently the show is over before it begins, In The Trenches 10-12
  • Jettison Jay Mohr, Slide Matt Thomas into his rightful slot 12-2 
  • 790 Hire John Harris (2-4) 
  • 610 Makes Brien Straw Ted Johnson new partner.  I've listened to Paul Gallant and Patrick Creighton with Ted Johnson, and I believe Brien has more flow with Ted.  Its not my optimal choice because I think  Brien and Patrick or Paul would work well together (Night Show) but Ted Johnson is Sports Radio 610's "Golden Boy" so he's in.
  • 97.5 Dave Tepper should seriously consider Programming the Blitz from 2-6 to go "head to head" against Sean and Rich on Sports Radio 610
To make matters worse, it appears 610, 790 and 97.5's clocks are synced therefore when I hear a hideous commercial and switch to another station, usually I will hear another hideous commercial. It blows right now



H-Town said...

Oversaturation of the market. Too many stations, not enough talent. I also can't stand the stations using the same clock. When my preferred show goes on break and want to experience others, it's all the same BS commercials. Offset the clock and try to rope the channel surfers in.

Steve said...

Your suggestions: agree, agree, disagree, don't care, agree. Interesting you have nothing to say about Palillo, or Granato/Salisbury.