Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Written By: LM

Sunday (4.13.2014), I wrote a post about an Sports Illustrated article John Lopez wrote four years ago.  John tried to explain, if you used the Wonderlic, Games Started, and Completion percentage, it could predict a Quarterback's NFL Success or Failure. I posted an article that disagreed with "The Lopez Rule".  Full Article Here .

I wrote what I had to say but John Lopez decided to validate his rule with an update posted on Sports Radio 610.  You can read it here.  All I can say is, the updated article was more convoluted than the initial article. IT DOES NOT MAKE SENSE! but that male ego will drive a person to defend flawed takes.

I disagree with Lopez's Rule (26-27-60) but I did find  it interesting how his coworkers discussed it.

I believe, Brien Straw and Paul Gallant represents how most felt after reading the article.  The original nor the updated article makes any sense.  Don't take my word for it, here is Paul and Brien's Audio

Admittedly, I take shots at Nick Wright at times, but even I had no expectations of Nick cosigning on  ignorance (if its not his own work).  This morning, In The Loop dedicated some time for John to clarify and explain his rule.  I've been listening to Nick long enough to know if he totally agreed with John, they would have ran with it longer than halve a segemnt.  Nick basically paraphrased John's thoughts in a sentence. "You want your QB to have intelligence, experience and accuracy".  That sentence made more sense than both of John's articles.

All in all,  John is Nick's friend and I knew he wouldn't bury his guy.

It's one of those situations, I would've expected one of his co-workers to tell him "fallback and ignore it".


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