Monday, May 26, 2014


Written By: LM

After John Harris was hired as the new Texas Sideline Reporter preceded by Rich Lord and John Granato, I  looked at some of 1560 The Game's Original talent.

I moved forward with the idea when Raheel Ramzanali summarized 1560's talent with a few tweets.

It's truly amazing when you think about the talent 1560 once had as a unit to see what they are doing now.  Full Disclosure, I was not listening to the 1560 The Game from its inception, I was a Sports Radio 610 "guy" but Craig Shelton would always tell me to listen to 1560.  In other words, I may overlook some key contributors.

It's really funny because a lot of listeners are acting like John Harris is brand new in Houston but that's what happens when a station don't promote you right.
  • Chance McClain
  • Lance Zierlein
  • John Granato
  • John Harris
  • Sean Pendergast
  • Raheel Ramzanali
  • David Nuno

I started listening to 1560 on the regular approximately a year before Chance was fired.  That said, I knew about Chance from his tenure on Sports Radio 610.  Chance was the Program Director for 1560.   From everything I hear, his reign as PD was some of the best programming at 1560.

Currently, Chance McClain is full fledge Television.  Here are a few projects Chance is involved in.

Writing and directing TV commercials, corporate videos, etc. splitting time working in Houston, Austin, NYC, and LA. Also working crew as director, cameraman, producer for other companies like Fox, CBS, etc. Writing bits for Michael Berry Show pro bono cuz I love radio.


Raheel was a 1560 Producer, eventually climb the ranks to a Radio Personality.  Personally, I didn't start listening to Raheel until he and David Nuno had a Sunday Show.  I cannot lie, I liked the show because it had a heavy dosage of Hip Hop. Sorry, I love Hip Hop. Raheel and David could talk Hip Hop and Sports from a fans perspective.   

Currently, Raheel is no longer in "radio" but he is thriving as a Social Media Manager for a reputable firm in Houston. 


Lance Zierlein was a 1560 host and like Chance, I knew him from Sports Radio 610.  Lance was Lance, uber Likable Sports Smartest Guy that got along with everyone.  It's funny because Lance is the what he pokes fun of, Mack brown, the politician.  Hands down, Lance from what I remember of 1560 was the "anchor".

Currently, Lance is hosting one of the top rated sports shows in Houston with Adam Clanton.  The show is fun and witty but its a little too much "frat boy" humor for me at times.  It's the best morning show if you are considering the options, National or Social Political Shows.  


David Nuno was a 1560 personality.  I came to know David Nuno by way of Craig Shelton. Craig always told me that David is "cool people".  Everything I said about Raheel is applied to David Nuno.  David was Hip Hop and Sports to me with a mild twist, his passion appeared to be basketball. I got more from David in Basketball of the Big Three Sports (Football, Basketball, Baseball).  I also like David because he's a "Crazy Cuban".  Yes LM went stereotype but David has a temper if pushed.

Currently, David Nuno is working for Local Houston ABC 13 as a Sports TV Personality.  If you turn your channel on ABC 13 and you see a Hispanic dude with some super fly suits, interviewing a major sports figure, that's David.  I am more of a KHOU 11 News "guy" but during football season, I switch to ABC to catch David.


Sean Pendergast was a 1560 Personality partnered with John Harris in the Afternoons.  Oddly, I knew Sean from Sports Radio 610 not because he was a personality but Jim Rome.  I knew about Sean from winning Smack Off Competitions on Jim Rome's Show and at the time Sports Radio 610 was carrying Rome in the Mid Day Slot. I did not care for Sean and John Afternoon Show as much as Sean's Solo Show on 1560.  I came to like Sean when he realized I was watching the Sopranos (after it was off the air) and he told me I wouldn't be disappointed.  

Currently, Sean Pendergast is working for the Texans Flagship Station. Sean is partnered with Ted Johnson and long time host Rich Lord (Triple Threat).  I am not a fan of the show, it's too "swell" for me.  That said, working for Sports Radio 610 is exposure and it's an accomplishment.


I didn't start listening to John Harris on the regular until  his solo show, the War Room.  As stated earlier, John was partnered with Sean and later became a Overnight Personality. I would listen to John's Overnight Show spotty but not on the regular.  At the time I didn't even realize who I was listening too until Craig Shelton told me John is sharp or better yet "John knows his sh**".  After the MASS EXODUS of 1560 Talent, John got the War Room and I locked in  like a mad dog feasting on raw meat.  The War Room was everything I loved about Texas sports.  

Currently, John is a working for Texans Radio alongside Texans Voice Marc Vandermeer as a personality in addition to Texans Sideline Reporter. 


 John was one of the "brass" that got 1560 "off the ground" in addition to being a  Morning Personality with Lance Zierlein. 

John Granato is still a Host for 1560 The Game in the Afternoons with Sean Salsbury.  Honestly, I think John needs to take heed to his former co workers/employees.


I no longer listen to 1560.

With the current sports talk in Houston, I am 100% certain 1560 Originals would kill in this market.

I am sure loyal "Gamers" will point out, I did not include Frank Bullington or Del Olaleye but I really never got to experience their talents.



Steve said...

Granato is the best overall host. He made LZ, Sean P, and Sean S listenable. John and Lance was the best show ever. Houston sports hasn't been the same since.

shynolan_reese said...

John and Lance can't ever be replaced.....i would've have like to hear Sean and John in the drive time on 610...i remember listening when i used to get off work and the signal would start fading. Nuno was talented as well he should go far in the business....every since 1560 got rid of John Harris i haven't put my radio back on that station.