Friday, August 15, 2014


Written By: Stephanie Stradley

After listening to your clip of this show, I want to make the following points:

1. Responsible media attempts to contact the principals involved in a matter prior to reporting it. I am not hard to find. Everything that Rich Lord implied I think is totally inaccurate. It is weird when people attribute feelings and beliefs and opinions to me that I do not possess and in this case, opposite than the way I feel.

I am good with Tania Ganguli, and have long had a great deal of respect for her work, before she came to Houston, and even more after she did. Beat reporting helps the fan experience, and the recent trend of having more people covering Texans camp is a net-positive to fans. I have long worried about how media can continue to pay for providing detailed coverage, and the possible trend of teams in general squeezing neutral voices out of team reporting.

2. I didn't have any problem with her questions of Arian Foster. I'm not sure there is anything he would be allowed to answer or would want to answer in response to most questions right now, but I certainly will defend media members' ability and right to ask questions of most sorts.

3.The term "cat fight" is sexist in most uses not involving felines. I shouldn't have to explain that in 2014. I am a human being, with a husband and kids, and repeated use of the term "cat fight" particularly in the context of what was being discussed is dismissive, retrograde and repulsive.

4. I know personally that if you say enough words, particularly on live radio, you will likely say some that are regrettable. To paraphrase the great philosopher, David St. Hubbins, “It's such a fine line between stupid and clever.”

That segment was ill-conceived, and as it related to me, not a news story one bit. I am an avid listener of sports talk radio and often provide actual quality football content that is good for discussion on radio. Never been a fan of objectifying human beings for stupid radio bits. Even less so when my name gets dragged in. I dearly hope that this can be an object lesson of What Not To Do, Hello This Is 2014, Try To Be Better Than This. And is the best illustration that the season needs to start so that there is actual news to report.



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