Monday, January 12, 2015

Texans no longer means 610 ratings domination BY LM

Texans no longer means 610 ratings domination
Written by: LM

In the past, there was a belief, Sports Radio 610 dominated the ratings because of the Houston Texans. Honestly, Sports Radio 610 commonly won the monthly ratings book with a few hiccups but football season, 610 widen the gap.  Those days are looking like they are coming to an end.

Below are the December ratings

The first thing that caught my attention, Lance Zierlein/Adam Clanton (Proper Gentlemen of Sports) and Charlie Pallilo were the only two shows that increased over the prior month.

Secondly, Nick Wright and John Lopez (In The Loop) on the lower half of local shows in ratings.  I would think a Drive Time Morning Show for the Texans Flagship station would be dominating in ratings.

Some will try to use the excuse of Holidays as the reason for the the slump.  That could be true but I know in the past, ratings looked much better than they are now in December market-wide.


In the future, it will be interesting to monitor how the Rockets being viewed by most of city via Root sports will effect ratings.  For nearly 3 years, a large portion of Houston could not view the Rockets therefore some radio fans dialed out of radio immediately after football season.  I can see the local radio market benefiting from Houston getting to see the Rockets.  However, I think Sports Talk 790 will benefit the most.


Lance Zierlein and Adam Clanton

ND Kalu and Greg Koch

Mike Meltser and Seth Payne

Rich Lord, Ted Johnson, and Sean Pendergast

Paul Gallant and Brien Straw

Nick Wright and John Lopez

Charlie Pallilo

Fred Faour and AJ Hoffman

Matt Thomas

JeromeSolomon*/Sean Salsbury and Dave Tepper


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