Monday, February 16, 2015


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Totally OUT DONE.  A week ago I blogged how sensitive the Houston Rockets were.  Former Sports Radio 610 Host Josh Innes (currently on 94.1 WIP in Philadelphia) revealed that he and Houston Rockets GM went out for lunch.  He went on to say, this was a way (brilliant) for a GM to get in cool with the local media.  I found it interesting.

Well over the last week and change, The Rockets in addition to Sports Talk 790 have been going at the TNT NBA CREW about there coverage of the Rockets.  I think its so weak.


I am beginning to notice, when it comes to the Rockets, dissemination of information locally, is half assed.   The first encounter I had with this was Dwight Howard's Israel/Palestine tweet that went under reported locally.  Basically, Dwight Howard tweeted in support of Palestine to a random tweeter.  Locally I heard little or nothing outside of the BLITZ on ESPN 97.5.  I found out via non Houston media resources.

OK, I get it, Sports Talk not talking Israel/Palestine conflict, hile they have covered non sports stories.  Now, we have a situation of Dwight Howard grabbing his teammates (Issaih Cannon) dick and caught on TV.  Local Media went MUTE MODE.  HMW Founder, Craig Shelton tweeted Lance Zierlein, a Sports Talk 790 personality about the awkward moment and much of nothing was mad of it on air.  We are talking about a show who's pretty much driven by Internet and TV Viral instances.

At the time, I knew nothing of this situation because I hadn't heard it on the radio shows I listen to.  For the past week, I've been seeing memes, jokes, and posts all over Social Media about Dwight Howard grabbing some dude's dick.  I figured it was D12 "haters" because I never seen it.  It wasn't until my cousin asked me "Did you see that shit Dwight Howard did at the game".  I searched it out, and there it was, Dwight grabbing Issaih Cannon's penis. 

First, Hakeem Olajuwon would never do anything like that.  Hell, Yao Ming wouldn't do that.  But going after Dwight is not my point, I will leave that to the media (well the non local media).  For as much bullshit we hear pumped as "MAJOR" stories, how can a person like me not hear this on the air?  I pretty much listen to major local shows 24/7 including the weekends. I listen to multiple shows at once. Some people call me stupid for listening to so much trash radio.   I have asked multiple hard core radio listeners and all have said they didn't hear major run of the story.

I am sure some local shows may have  hit this at some point but it was not blown up like their coverage of #DeflateGate .  I found out about #CockGrabGate outside of Houston.  Here is the kicker, the minute Kobe, Durant or Shaq calls Dwight Howard out, the local media is damn near holding prayer vigil for their comments in support of Dwight when truth is, the dude really do stupid stuff.

In short, our local media is nothing more than a Dwight shield because of his goofball antics.  Honestly, I really do not understand why the local media refuse to go in on Dwight while they have tapped other high profile players.   #HoustonRocketsAccess


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