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Written by: Craig Shelton
Date posted: 3/1/2015

It's my belief that the Houston sports market is undereducated in terms of football knowledge in comparison to the importance of football both locally and statewide. It's my opinion that most of the blame for this should be placed primarily on the sports-talk radio hosts themselves. I believe the same applies for all other formats of sports media including TV, print, and Internet.

As it is consistent within the standard business operations hierarchy of any business, the people responsible for the programming and on-air talent bare a huge responsibility in what you and I are forced to listen to on the radio and watch on TV. 


What reasonable measures can be implemented to begin addressing the situation?

Programmers have done a poor job in creating an incentive based, competitive learning environmental culture infrastructure, institutionally. Programmers failed to do so, and failed to do so industry-wide.

There are resources available that would improve the situation overnight via football camps and coaching clinics. There's no logical reason for media institutions not to be vested in educating via training programs their staffs to better authenticate their product. 

In the same manner, institutions contract First-Aid and CPR training, as well as Work Place Violence and Sensitivity Training, they could sponsor Football Training Clinics to educate guys like Rich Lord, Matt ThomasAdam Clanton, John Lopez, and others. 

Local sports talkers (l. to r.) Matt Thomas, Rich Lord, and Adam Clanton 

Houston's sports-talk media in particular has too many lazy guys eating up prime real estate on air who have very little reliable content to offer listeners regarding the thing they listen to sports-talk radio for the most. That's football. 

It's been proven over time  that football reigns superior in Houston, Texas. It's been proven over time that most guys will not put in the work necessary to have a higher grade of knowledge than their average-Joe listeners. Therefore, it's up to their institutions to put into place measures that create an effective learning environment for their own largely lazy and entitled staffs. 

When people are given the structure to learn competitively, generally speaking, they seek even more knowledge.

Educate your staffs and maybe then people employed to TALK SPORTS will no longer take to the airways voicing their disinterest in talking about the NFL Combine and the NFL Draft, when it's clearly their jobs to do so.

Craig Shelton
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Steve said...

One of the all time dumb posts. Yes, some don't know all the x's and o's of football but ALL realize football is king in Texas. You guys that eat, drink, smoke, create blogs about sports radio need to take a step back, take a deep breath and realize ALL radio, tv, is just plain ol' ENTERTAINMENT. A time killer to get us through our day.