Sunday, April 30, 2017

Houston Draft "Experts" Fail The Test

Houston Draft "Experts" Fail The Test

I do not care for mock drafts.  Mock drafts are TV and Radio media hustles.  It’s a media tool used to make their audience believe they are “in the know”.  They are not insiders.

Yearly, I watch Mock Drafts from the “experts” and they are hitting below 25%.  How can I call that expert in any field of work on Earth? Here’s the trick, they bombard fans with multiple versions of their mock drafts so they can say “in this version of my Mock I had......”. 

Below, I collected 4 national and 2 local personalities latest First Round Mock Drafts.  I presented it by percentage and total number of picks they got got correct.

As you can see, it’s silly to refer to any of these guys as experts.  Not to mention, I looked at the easiest round of the draft to predict and at most 23%, EXPERT?

Locally, I don’t even want to see how Lance Zierlein and Jayson Braddock had the Texans drafting. Both, know their craft but I think they need to think about how they approach future drafts.

What really gets me about the "experts", when their mock drafts do not align with the actual draft, they blast the teams.

Mock Drafts had their place before social media, when people were not connected.  Mock drafts are useless and its shelf-life is coming to an end.  More and more people are blasting mock drafts.  Mock drafts are List Radio.

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