Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Are Sports Radio 610’s Personalities homers? Not really.

Over the years, it's become sheek locally to call Sports Radio 610 homers.  Sports Radio 610 is the Flagship Station for the Texans therefore, they must be a shield for the Texans?


It’s sort of true but a little history will clear a few misconceptions.  There was a point in Houston, the top sports and only station was sports radio 610.   790 existed but it was not a threat, pretty much like now.  Lance Zierlein and John Granato were the morning show hosts and were a huge deal.  At the time, there was hardly any mention of 610 homerism.  Fast forward, Lance and John leaped to 1560 The Game and formed an intimate relationship with their audience.   Collectively, 1560 branded 610  homers.  The moniker permeated throughout the city through various shows and it was not false.  Funny thing is, a lot of the former 610 personalities were the biggest homers for the Texans.


Today, it’s common to here everyone not affiliated with 610  call them “homers”.  I listen to Sports Talk Radio faithfully and the homer not is not entirely accurate.  I have attempted this article before but it flopped because people are set in their ways or maybe my article was flawed. 

Raheel Ramzanali inspired me to give it another try.  Talk about one of the most unlikely people I would expect to inspire me to write a fluff piece about 610.  Raheel comes from the umbrella of 1560 and still affiliated with GOW Media and he was submersed in "1560 vs 610".  One day someone casually called 610’s talent homers during the football season and Raheel said, "that’s not true, I listen to those guys and they go after the Texans.  You cannot explain that to 6 million people who has been conditioned for 7 years to believe it.  Listening to Raheel made me think of Slim Charles in The Wire,  "if it’s a lie, we fight on that lie."  The perception is there and people will roll with it 


Raheel is correct, notable (4 to 5 years’ experience in Houston) 610 talent have no problem blasting the Texans, Rick Smith or O’Brien.   There are a few who refuse to go after O’Brien as harshly as I feel they could and I get that but I have at least 4 or 5 clips of Seth Payne going at O'Brien.  Hell, with all of the euphoria surrounding the Texans, I still believe Seth is not feeling O'Brien.  I have also heard Sean Pendergast eviscerate O’Brien on air.

Some who call 610 homers may be getting volume confused with content.  As the Flagship station, and the Texans being top dog in Houston, 610 do go to the well more than other stations.  They talk about the Texans 24/7.

What I have noticed, new 610 talent enters the market kissing the Texans ass.   Sports Radio 610 has a few new talents to the market relatively speaking.   For Example, there are a few guys on the weekend who are over the top with the Texans praise.   The funny thing, I have seen it happen to most of 610’s new talent initially upon entering the market.

If you really listen to 610, high profile personalities go after the Texans just as much as their competition.   The truth is, most media in this town crush Rick Smith and get on their knees for Bill O'Brien.   If anything, some of your bigger names at 790 are more homer for Rockets than 610 for the Texans.

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