Sunday, December 17, 2017

Josh Innes Podcast removed by Sports Radio 610 Lawyers

Last week, Sports Radio 610’s Mad Radio (Seth Payne and Mike Meltser) made a big deal about taking 13 calls during a 4-hour show.  

Outside of Paul Gallant’s Night Show, 610 take few calls.  I have theories! 
  • ·         They are Liberal in a Red Texas
  • ·         They think Houston are a bunch of dumb hicks not worth talking too
  • ·         Arrogant

Upon hearing Mad Radio’s excitement about their 13 calls, I tweeted Josh Innes and and Jim Mudd.
Josh decided to call Sports Radio 610.   Josh called Sports Radio 610 and introduced himself and they dumped him.

Days later, I learned, Sports Radio 610 got lawyers involved.   Sports Radio 610 had Josh and 790 to remove the podcast with the call

Josh fucking with 610 is petty but the shit is funny.  SR610 are acting like they are  Upper Manhattan snobs afraid to engage.   For what is worth, I listened to 610 off and on throughout the remainder of MAD Radio's show and I don't think they made it to 13 calls.

What would be cool is if Josh had a bunch of his fans to call 610 and just reference Josh Innes.

Below, I captured Josh calling 610 from 610’s feed

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