Friday, February 9, 2018

What's Good In Houston Sports Talk

Written By:  Lamont

When you are a self anointed media critique, it's easy to focus on the negative.  I think I am objective for the most part, I'm cool with lots of guys in the market.   Even the shows I really like, I will hammer their asses.

Truth of the matter, the Houston's Market is depressed, the ratings proves it.

Today, I wanted to observe the positives in the market.  I am just a Sports Talk Radio slut.


I really believe, the City of Houston was ready for someone to smack Josh Innes.  Sure, there were people who beefed with Josh on Twitter and Facebook but rarely have we seen someone called him out in person on video in Houston.

Mad Radio grabbing their nuts

Seth did his thing but so did Landry Locker (610's Producer).   Seth and Landry was on Josh Innes ass like flies on shit.  After months of listening to Josh berate them on-air and social media, they finally decided to lay down the gauntlet at radio row.  The more I think about it, I  believe they were ready for his shit and said, "Radio Row is GO TIME".  I was happy to see them finally defend themselves.

Josh Innes stirring up shit

I think Josh's antics are good for this market.  I hate the Jolly Gee Good ole boy shit in Houston.   Sometimes you hit and sometimes you take an L.  Josh took an L on Radio Row but he interjected some life into this market who still believe talking about the Texans is good for the market while more and more of the audience is leaving.  No matter how Josh tries to say he didn't instigate it, he did but I also witnessed every sports radio show in Houston and social media talking about it.

Hosts acknowledging Hosts, Good Riddance "Up The Dial"

One of my biggest pet peeves about Sports Talk Radio is this 2002 antiquated way of  thinking, If you do not acknowledge another station or personality by name, your listeners will not know them.  They will say, do no feed the competition.  In 2018, we (audience) all know your competing station and personalities exist.  It comes off as weak but lately, I've noticed shows casually mentioning other stations and personalities by name.   I have noticed it for a few months now.

Good Local Teams

Sports Radio Talk is good when you have good shit to talk about.  For a while, there was nothing to applaud locally in sports.  The Texans were the talk of the town.  Now, Houston has a World Series Champion in the Astros, a damn good Rockets team and a very interesting Texans led by DeShaun Watson.

Host can basically pick and choose at any moment what teams they would like to talk about because something is always happening.  I think that's part of the reason some hosts receive backlash.   For the amount of sports happening in Houston, there's no reason for a host to hover around one team.

ESPN 97.5

I believe outsiders are needed.  The general belief is that 610 is all things Texans and 790 is all things Rockets and Astros.  It really does not matter if it's true or not, that's perception.  610 is the Flagship for the Texans and 790 has the Astros and Rockets.

I like ESPN 97.5 because I know they are not beholden to the local teams.  When I listen to 97.5 and hear personalities speak about the local teams (good or bad) I know they are genuine in what they say.

I get the sense that Lance Zierlein is boys with Daryl Morey and he defends him.  However, what can you really say bad about Morey at this point with how the Rockets are playing.

There are positives in Houston Sports Talk.   The perfect storm is for the Texans to ball out.  I have seen what a Good Texan season can do for Sports Talk.  2011, 2012 and the anticipation of 2013, the market enjoyed crazy numbers.  Leading up to 2013 when Texas the talk of league, 610 was pulling 5 and high 4 shares in May.   Contrary to popular belief, it was not just 610 getting high numbers.  Of course 610 got the bulk but all stations ate big.

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