Tuesday, March 6, 2018

David Barron is an Equal Opportunity Hater, You are not special Josh Innes

Monday, Josh Innes and Jim Mudd bitched about David Barron.  Apprently, David Barron misrepresented their latest ratings book, I don't know and i don't give a crap.

David Barron works for the Houston Chronicle.  The Houston Chronicle is the major publication in Houston-Galveston.   David is considered (by on-air personalities) the Houston Media Critic, I disagree. I believe David does much more than follow the media.

Check this out on Chirbit

I am beginning to think, David is doing something right.  As I heard Josh and Jim bellyache about David, I couldn't help but wonder, do these guys realize

  • The Blitz
  • Mad Radio (Mike Meltser)
  • John Granato
  • and a few more 

All bitch about David?

Josh and Jim, Newsflash, just about every personality that means something in this town, has a bitch with David,   He is not going after you exclusively.

The truth is, On-Air personalities want shine in the Houston Chronicle.  On-Air personalities want to be recognized in a major local publication while at the same time crushing print media.  Don't Bullshit a Bullshitter.

Unlike most, I actually listen to most of the lcal shows and I hear what everyone says.

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