Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Can Arian Foster fairly interview Bob McNair?

Written By: Lamont

Arian Foster is making his mark on the Houston Airwaves. He has interviewed Scarface, Duane Brown, Snoop Dogg and Andre Johnson.

I love the podcast because the environment appears relaxed.  I believe the relaxed environment lends itself for people to say some weird shit.

Last week, after Bob McNairs "sorry not sorry" moment, Arian invited McNair for an interview

Based upon the strength of his prior interviews, I was like "Fuck yea".  Later, I listened to Arian's podcast with Andre Johnson.

During the interview, the topic about the ring ceremony came up.  Arian said he didn't come because he couldn't look at the guy and he didn't want to shake his hand.  A few people tried to tell me that was Arian's feelings back then and initially I thought "fair comment".  But then I thought about the Arian I know publicly; If you feel that Arian has changed a new leaf and allowed shit to go, you are mistaken.

I think Arian is more than capable of conducting a professional interview but if I already know "you feel some kind of way" about your guest, it changes the way I will receive it.

Although I would love for McNair to be on Arian's podcast, the reality is, media vultures would grab at least four or five quotes and headline them.  If I was Bob's Public Relations, I would seriously think about this.

As far as Arian, if you are trying to lock down a huge fish in Bob McNair in this social climate, you may want to play it close to the vest.

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