Wednesday, August 8, 2018

The Triple Threat Will add. .......

Written By: LM

The Triple Threat was composed of Rich Lord, Ted Johnson and Sean Pendergrast.  Recently, Ted announced he was leaving the show to Boston.  Boston is where his kids are;  I am not sure if he will be doing radio .

That said, The Triple threat is facing a branding issue.  Do they change the name or do they pull a 3rd Personalty. Honestly, I think they should change the name to the Double Snooze.  Rich and Sean as a show is some boring shit.  I remember the days of Rich and Seth (Pre Ted), literally the most boring super country club show I've heard in a Full Time Capacity.  I like Sean, I listen to his Sunday National Show but he and Rich are boring.

Sports Radio 610 is not stupid, they know what I know, they need a third wheel.  Not to mention, Sports Radio 610's Modus Operandi is 3 personality shows during the Daytime Parts.

The Triple Threat (Show Name) will remain the same and they will add a third person.  I believe The Triple Threat will insert former Texan WR David Anderson.  David, is a friend of the show, he's a former NFL athlete and he's white, it's a LOCK. Outside of David's other attributes, he's witty and fun. 

610 is going to rock with a former pro athlete, they remember how depressing Seth and Rich were.  If I am wrong and they rock with Seth and Sean, that show will dissolve and Sean will be back with Gow Media.

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