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Written By: Lamont Mann

Josh Talks Aggies to the SEC

Josh Innes by his own admission will tell you, if you are expecting him to quote stats from the 1942 World Series, you will be seriously disappointed however as proven today, if you are talking SEC then Josh is your man.  


Josh opens his show in usual fashion by letting his audience know about his day.  Josh received a call from Marc Vandermeer's wife and she said Marc was under the weather and he may not be able to make it in.  Since he was awakened, he watched a movie called "The Slugger's Wife", it was a dull movie but he watched it anyway.

Josh wanted to talk about Conference Realignment, The NBA Fix, and Vince Young in the "Skrimp Club".

Josh believes Oklahoma and Texas will go to the PAC 10 and after all of this, he hopes like hell they do and he wants Texas A&M to go to the SEC.

What's in it for Texas A&M?   Josh hits on the benefits of Aggies bolting to the SEC.

1. Each school receives about $20 Million
2. Recruiting, A&M already recruits Texas well and how would it be for A&M to be the only Texas SEC School

The biggest criticism of the Texas A&M vs Texas "break-up" seems to be "you will destroy the rivalry".  It's Josh's belief that 18 year old kids do not care about the rival game, kids care about playing on TV and girls.   Furthermore A&M is not Texas' true rival game, Oklahoma is.  If you want to talk about future rivalries, how about LSU vs Aggies every year @ Reliant Stadium.  What is the true incentive for the Aggies to remain in the BIG 12?

Ok Josh nailed it, I am without words.  Everything he is saying is spot on except another man's wife calling him.  WOW, Marc I need to learn that "sick call", getting your wife to call in, CLEVER.


RJ - NCAA conducted a study about the negative correlation of travel to student's graduation rate.  He wants to know if it's a good idea for the kids to travel long distances.  He hopes the administrators are not looking at dollars but education.

Josh said he really appreciated the call but what color is the sky in your world?  The NCAA do not care about education nor travel.  If the NCAA cared the BCS would be fixed.  NCAA is a farce, they want to convince you that they care, but they don't care about education and they care even more less about soccer, golf, tennis and all of the other little sports.  He hates to be the JERK but it's the truth.

In my opinion, if the Big 12 can travel to Nebraska, Kansas and Iowa, trips to the PAC 10 states are not that big of a deal.  The travel angle is weak.  As far as dude's argument about graduation rates, if you feel sport's travel is a problem then don't play sports.  By the way travel dude, it's called responsibility and planning.

DJ - Rumors that Texas is worried about a political "fallout" with them being the reason for the BIG 12 breaking up and that's why Texas is committing to the remaining portion of the BIG 12 with a TV Deal.  Texas knows that A&M would not like Texas receiving a deal and not them  thereby putting A&M in a position to say "screw" this and bolt.  Now it will be nine teams and Texas has their political cover to leave the BIG 12.

Josh agreed and said he would do it out of spite.  The Aggies are in control and they should know it.

The conspiracy theorist angle sound pretty weak and it's even hard for me to follow that one.  Ole Monty Mont loves a good conspiracy but that one is way out there.  When you are talking conspiracy, controlling another's actions by your actions voids a good conspiracy.  Brush up on your work DJ.  Here is a good one, the reason Houston teams will never win because our stadiums were built on Indian burial grounds.


Josh opened by saying the Aggies going to the SEC makes total sense:
Make your money
Build your recruiting base
Get the TV deal
Reestablish your rivalries with LSU and Arkansas

Tell Texas, "screw you we are going our own way and force Texas hand."

John - On people saying travel is an issue, the sport that is going to be affected the most is Track and Field because they have more equipment and for people to bring up travel, it's already an issue.  If the travel is not a concern now, why would it be in new conference alignments.  He feels that the travel argument is weak.

Josh - Do you know who cost the universities the most money?  It's the small sports because they generate little to no revenue.

Personally, I would have thought Football traveled with the most equipment however I do agree with his point about the traveling concern. It is weak.

Patrick - Everyone is jumping ahead of themselves talking about the Aggies going to the SEC and he don't think the SEC will offer an invite.  The only reason the SEC even entertained the  Aggies was the creation of the Super Conference (PAC 16) which looks like it's not going to happen and if you are the SEC now, do you really want the Aggies in the conference.

Josh said it don't hurt and it makes sense in terms of geographic reasons.

Patrick says it makes sense if you are an Aggie but he's speaking in terms of the SEC because he's an "SEC" guy.  Patrick also asked, if they got in the SEC will they be a doormat as he proceeds to compare the Aggies to Miss. State.  The SEC already has a doormat, they do not need another.

Josh do not believe the Aggies would be a doormat and there are plenty of schools in the SEC that are sub par.  He feels the Aggies will struggle early but if they get in there and establish themselves in the best conference, they will get better.

I don't understand how people view this in terms of present day.  Yes A&M is down but once upon of time A&M was the "top dog".  It's like people forgot the 25 years of USC pathetic football or Notre Dame.  Heck even U of H was good for a stint and slowly climbing back.  I say that to say if you think A&M would just be losers forever, you are crazy.

Josh reads a text - Clemson, FSU, Georgia Tech and Miami are better pick-ups for the SEC.

Josh agreed but what about the West?  If you bring in the Aggies, he would love to see FSU or Clemson.  As he goes on to point out that S. Carolina is a joke under Spurrier, he's had one (8) win season other than that he's been a (7) or (6) win coach.  He also feels that South Cacky Lacky is a "Sleeping Giant". 

I was really with the text until I heard Georgia Tech, they seem to "gimmicky" for the SEC in my opinion.  They run a wicked option and when I think of SEC, I think of running the hogskin, smash mouth football.  I know Florida have their gimmicks with the spread but nothing like GT.

Josh (caller) - Comments on Josh's earlier take of the Aggies screwing Texas plans by the Aggies leaving.  To him,  Texas has any option they want and he feels if the Aggies are motivated by getting back at Texas then that's childish.  He feels it makes sense for them to want to get from under Texas' shadow and he feels the Aggies could get the same amount of  money if they remained with the BIG 12.

Innes said there is no proof of the money.

Josh (caller) Quotes the BIG 12 Commissioner about more money for the remaining schools in the BIG 12.

Innes hits back with a analogous joke " I can tell a girl that's about to brake up with me, I am about to get a job that will make millions" but it don't mean it's going to happen.

I am with Innes and exactly why did the BIG 12 Commissioner let it come to this?  The Big 12 Commissioner is the last person I want to hear quoted.


Josh's take on Jerome's "Selling Out" column.  Jerome Solomon basically laid out a case about the Longhorns and Aggies selling out for "Big Dollars".  Josh don't understand people that complain about people "selling out".  Josh's theory on "selling out" is, those that sell out, make the money, others want to have that money.  Josh makes references to people in Hollywood that are considered "sell outs" by the public.

Eddie Murphy
MC Hammer

I would like to add, Sport's Radio 610 to the "Sell Out" list.  Totally selling out to the Texans and Rockets but like Josh said, it's all about the money.  I mean sure it's the common buzz word with the fellas "SR610 the Country Club" but that crap don't matter as long as they covet the big contracts and continue to do well in the ratings.

Do you think they care about you calling them "sell outs" when they have enough money to fill up a swimming pool?


While still talking about "selling out", Josh called his own shot by saying, his show while only an hour long, is the most intelligent, thought provoking, well put together, and funniest in this city and he will stand by that.  With that being said,  if someone came to him an offered half a million dollars to open a newspaper and read stats to show everyone that he knew sports, he would do it in a second.

I mean damn yo, dude is spot on.  While you are still eating Ramen Noodles and  Bologna "Sammiches" with cheese and calling me a "Sell out", I am going to be sailing the North Pacific to Alaska eating pink salmon in my freaking Yacht.  My kid's bellies are getting bigger and feet getting longer.  Seriously, if it revolves around a person doing their job differently in order to make more money I don't see a problem in it however once you make that money and get established, I feel you should return to your roots.  Notorious Big is a perfect example, his first album was hella happy but when he came back with the sophomore album it was straight Brooklyn.  Tupac was a happy dancer in Digital Underground then boom Soldier's Story and 2PACOPLYSE.  It's  not an exact science as some will rip my examples but it comes down to what I have always said CREAM (Cash Rules Everything Around ME).


I missed about five minutes of Josh's Show at the conclusion but I feel I got enough.  Josh is beginning to show his sport's side in depth.   First it was the Lakers and now the SEC.  Once I was implementing an Organization-Wide Application at a site and third party consultant said to me, "you are great in what you like but you neglect the things that will make you even better that does not interest you".  Initially I was upset, but after thinking about it, I challenged myself in learning the "other" elements.  Josh Innes is an arrogant, pompous, egotistical person in my opinion and there is nothing wrong with that.  For Josh to call out his show as the best show in town, I was like "wow don't you know what's happening between Dylan and Titan Rick right now", Dylan and Titan Rick was having a good ole fashion VY/Racial brawl.  Josh C'mon dude, you are prepping for 1 HOUR, once you get up to the 3 hour range then we can talk about best show.   I know it may sound like I am ragging on Josh but I like that FIYAH he's showing.  In today's show I felt that Josh went after a peer with his "selling out for reading stats",  classic.  I think Josh was strong today in addition to him getting callers in an out.  The one knock if it's a knock at all is he did not get to his topics laid out during the opening of the show.  I didn't hear any Vince Young nor NBA officiating.

Grade 89
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