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Pallilo Needs Co-Host?

Pallilo Needs Co-Host?
Written by: Craig Shelton
Dates posted: 06- 17- 2010                             

Before you hard core Charlie Pallilo fans derive at a predetermined conclusion that I've lost my mind in suggesting that your savior could use a co-host, just slow your roll a bit. Charlie Pallilo of Sports Talk 790 is far from losing his edge of relevance in the market. Don't misunderstand my intentions in raising this question, I just believe that "NO" one in the Houston sports talk market is worthy of a solo role for 20 hours a week. Listening to callers call in and glorify a solo host as the greatest thing since sliced bread (or lesbians kissing) is about as entertaining as listening to a guy 20 hours a week and no one countering him on his opinions.

Charlie's information he shares with his audience is credible and easily accessible to the listening public via google; yahoo; ESPN; ect. The issue is when Charlie or any host for that matter, voices a personal opinion on a specific topic. Marc Vandermeer and John Lopez of Sports Radio 610, as well as John Granato and Lance Zierlein are prime examples of my point.

Any one of the aforementioned host are more than qualified and fully capable of surviving as a independent prime-time host. I don't believe anyone would argue that John & Lance would be more entertaining as solo host as oppose to a duo. The same argument applies to Vandermeer & Lopez, they're received better as a duo than they would likely be solo.

For me theres a void listening to Charlie Pallilo that could be remedied rather easily. With the salary Pallilo is already pulling in, measured against his value in ratings and sponsors, there's no viable business incentive to pair a co-host with Pallilo. On the other hand, if you look at it from a pure entertainment perspective, which is the pair of bifocals the average listener views things through, it would be a welcomed change.

So much of the dichotomy of sports is based on subjectivity, it really cuts against the grain not to employ the "point-counter point" philosophy.

Rich Lord of Sports Radio 610 and Matt Jackson of Sports Talk 790, when they were paired at Sports Radio 610 appeared to literally hate each other on the air (and off air). Nevertheless the show worked well and enjoyed ratings that I'm sure both would love to see repeated in their current situations. Josh Innes of Sports Radio 610 and Dylan Gwinn of Sports Talk 790, both see themselves as viable soloist. Their both correct in their opinions of themselves, but I maintain the opinion that paired together, they would be fireworks that I'd tune in to myself.  My thought here is, the stronger the personality (or arrogant) the better potential for a mega hit if paired with an equally engaging personality. Its no knock on what any of these guys do individually, but its just some food for thought.

To simply pair host together is certainly no certifiable guaranteed blueprint to on air success. Marc Vandermeer and Andre Ware is a recent good example of that. Vandermeer & Ware on paper probably looked to appetizing to pass on at first glance. To clean cut guys. One black and one white. Everyone should be happy right? Absolutely not. Andre Ware did little to provide what Laura Morris and Bill Vanrysdam likely expected (diversity). Listening to Marc & Andre lead shows often with Ware talking about his golf outings, did little to win over black listeners.

Science (or common sense) has to be applied in determining what host should be paired together  to assure you get the entertainment value needed, as well as keeping sponsors satisfied. Barry Warner and Sean Bajani of Sports Radio 610, are excellent examples of  the "science" of pairing host together being properly administered. Sports Radio 610's recent Swap Meet promotion is another great example of what weird pairings can do for the overall entertainment value of a show.  

I'm sure Sports Talk 790's program director Brian Erickson would say: "Craig my man if it aint broke, I aint fixing it brother". Ok, Erickson wouldn't likely use the word "aint", but he would say "brotha"!

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