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This is a special edition of Lamont’s Articles of the Day because on this day I was freed. Massa Mann walked up to me while I was tending the field and he said Monty Mont, you are free. Although you don’t have any money and everything you know resides on the plantation but hey here is a lap top with wi-fi. The laptop is all I needed as I started surfing the internet for some cool stories and to my surprise there were many. Today’s lineup includes Lil Boosie, The Beatles, Brian McNight, Dennis Rodman and June Teenth.


When I was growing up, on June 19th my family would always throw a big party at Tom Bass or Adair Park (down Cullen). I never knew the reason but I was extremely happy because I seen all of my cousins and relatives. I can remember weeks leading up to “Juneteenth” my granny would look at various newspapers for Juneteenth sales. As a youth, I knew what Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter and even what Labor Day meant but this holiday was pretty much like a “summer time party” to me. It was not until I moved to Virginia when I was hit with a rude awakening. It’s June 19 in Virginia and everyone is doing business as normal as I proceeded to ask people, “Do y’all celebrate June 19th here” several people asked me “What’s that” and I was pretty much stuck because all I could say was “we party on June 19”.

Needless to say, I took it upon myself to go research the meaning of this day and to my surprise, I found out a couple of things. June 19 is the day celebrated however General Granger arrived in Galveston on June 18th 1865 with the decree of the end of slavery. I know people may be wondering “how in the heck that part of the South didn’t get the word until four years later” but hey there was no internet back then. There are parts of this story that have me wondering. Two of the main reasons the “South” was attractive because of it’s rich soil and natural ports (travel). Why would General Grainger bypass South Carolina, Florida, and New Orleans (natural ports) to get to Galveston? Another part about the end of slavery that makes me wonder is, a group of people have been enslaved for 400 plus years and then all of a sudden you tell them “you are free”. It reminds me of the movie Shawshank Redemption when the old man that had been imprisoned for almost all of his life was finally released and the prison is all he knew and he contemplated committing a crime just to go back to jail where things made sense to him however he just went out like a viking and killed himself. So the blacks are now free and some got the 40 acres and the mule but most did not. Here’s the caveat, most of those blacks ended up working right back on the plantation. My intent is not to advocate the injustice as I realize that was the “way of life” back then but after I did my own little research “WITHOUT” the help of the internet (oh yes there was these things called encyclopedia back then) I had much more appreciation for the Holiday rather than simply partying.

Lil Boosie


I was never the biggest Boosie fan until my cousin told me “Boosie go hard in the paint” therefore I started bumping Boosie. Shortly after hearing Boosie, I learned that T.I. Boosie and Lil Wayne were all set to do some short time in the pen, but little did I know that Boosie had bigger problems. While incarcerated, Boosie along with 6 other men were indicted on murder and could probably face the death penalty. Whatever happened, transpired while he was a free man but he was charged Thursday? I don’t even comprehend being a millionaire and still caught up in childish activities. Honestly, I do not know the details of the case but it makes me mad to hear about another rapper involved in silliness. Stay tune to HMW as we will follow the developments of this case. Click here for the full article.

The Beatles
There is no article to be written but any and every footage I can get on the Beatles, I’m all over it. This is one of my favorite groups because they went against the status quo. Below are some rare recently released photos from their 1964 tour.  There is an urban legend of Little Richard once interviewed four boys from England and they played for him.  At the time, Little Richard told these four gentleman, America would not welcome their music.  It is said that Little Richard thought that was his biggest regret professionally.  Click Here for the article.

Protect and Serve

I am not feeling how this particular story is Head Lined. Black woman punched by a White Police Officer. A headline like this will definitely get attention but under closer scrutiny, I am not sure the headline is valid. The police is trying to deal with one female as the friend of the suspect is acting irate and agitating the officer. Finally the police had enough and caught her with a jab. I believe he was wrong for taking a swing but she was equally wrong for acting unruly. She better be lucky she was not down in the South instead of Seattle because that punch could have easily been a damn bullet. Newsflash, when a single police stops multiple people, its best to stay in the car or follow the officer’s commands because these guys are already apprehensive about the situation and they have a damn gun. At the end of the day, this young lady wouldn’t have received a right cross if she would have left the police alone. I am wondering why the guy holding the girl's hand let her go after the cop, he as aman should have restrained from being involved. Below is the FULL footage.


We all are guilty of seeing at least one Maury Show and that show happen to be “Are you the baby’s father”. The funniest part of these shows are the reaction of the guys when it’s not their baby and the reaction of the female running to the back crying and Maury follows her and Maury is talking all low with the young lady what I like to call “macking” and she’s crying saying “I don’t know how this happened”. Welp, I will keep my eyes open for Brian McNight, Dennis Rodman and Tiger Woods as they all have baby issues.

Brian McNight


Brian has to pay over $300k of back child support in addition of $11K monthly for 14 years of back child support. I bet his kid was singing “Did I ever cross your mind anytime, I miss you”. I can’t knock Brian if he really didn’t know but if he did know and negated his responsibilities then he’s a loser. Click here for the article.

Tiger Woods


I am not sure how valid this story is but apparently one of Tiger’s “sidekicks” said Tiger got her pregnant while she was 19 and now her 9 year old son Austin is Tiger’s son. She is ordering a DNA test as her credibility is severely at question since her own mother calls her a pathological liar but Ole Monty Mont don’t need a paternity test all I need to see is this little boy on the “Greens”. Click here for the article.

Dennis Rodman
Now this story really surprised me because Dennis Rodman although weird and a tad bit to eccentric for a black man in my opinion, I have seen dude brake down and cry when Oprah asked him how he thinks his daughter look at his weird antics. He appeared to be a dude that would not be a person that would avoid his fatherly duties. Dennis Rodman’s former wife filed in court that Dennis is back like $300K in child support. Hopefully Rodman will man up and do what’s right and continue to do so.  Click here for the article 

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