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Y'all know Ole Monty Mont's love of Ole School and fights: my boys John and Lance delivered.  It was cool because it didn't appear to be orchestrated (looking @ Rich and Robert).  No matter what the ratings say, no matter how the Texans seem to save a certain certain station, no matter the celebrity deaths.  When you want authentic sports with a blend of  humor/satire, the kings are John and Lance.  In modern history (lets say 15 years) when it comes to sport's talk, John & Lance are the model.  Is that good or bad, hell I don't know and I am not even saying I'm a 100% "Double Rod'r".  OK enough of this saddle riding, I got word that something big was happening on 1560 and I'm like "Don't tell me anything just let me hear it for myself".  Let's Go.


A few people have told me to listen to Steven, but my deal is with Steve "is it sports or comedy".  These are the things I like to know.  On to the topic at hand, I can give a "rat's ass" about what Steven is upset with, in America.  Steven Smith is Howard Stern to me,  pure SHOCK.  To give this a local flavor, Steve's bit reminds me of Brad Davies; a guy from the east coast that wants you to know he's from the east therefore he go's  out of his way to live up to the stigma of "east coast journalism".  I lived on the east and the difference is, the formula is critical and VALID.  Don't be trying to give me shock for the sake of shock.  East coast is both critical and valid and I can't stand to hear people in Houston try to do it and not do it right, there are two people I can think of currently from the East that do it the way it should be done.  I like what transpired between John and Lance but Steven "calling out America about Bryce Harper" hold very little water with me.  Go and eat some Cheese Doodles.  Steve talks about a Caucasian baseball player Bryce Harper forgoing education for baseball and he's upset because he feels America would react differently with an "African American".  John introduces the story and with his radio acumen, he lets his audience know that he's not feeling what Steve is saying.  Stay tune for the next clip as you hear Lance speak.  Is this "Good Cop vs Bad Cop"? Please listen below (pause the music player)


Lance initially begin by saying "He might be right" Steven that is but after hearing more of Lance's argument, I don't think he's agreeing with the racial element.  I personally don't believe MLB draft news would be on any one's radar.  In my opinion, I believe Lance's argument is pretty much one of "staying in school" and not so much as cosigning Steve's argument.  Think back to your days in "grade school", this is pretty much the part where the fight is developing and they are sizing each other up with the verbal assaults, but we all know, something will be said that will make voices RISE  LIKE BUSTA RHYMES.


John Comes Back Strong

Everyone that listens to radio or live life as a productive human has heard the phrase "Strike while the iron is hot".  In that regard I am with John but now I am faced with Lance's take of finishing school.  I'm a big proponent of both sides and I have to evaluate this as a father. Lance you are my dude but if my son has the chance of making major money, I would gladly assist him.  I am big on education but you go to school on all levels with the ultimate goal of making money and if money just happens to come to you a tad quicker in an unorthodox  way i.e. sports then Bank of America here I come " Im finna get paid".  Lance another thing, alot of athletes that go pro, have went back to school to continue their education.


This will be short and choppy for John.  John if your son says he want to go pursue a career and settle for a GED, how would you feel?  I am just going to be honest, GED sends off a negative connotation.  It seems like you were not good enough to tough it out with regular kids and I have plenty of family members with GEDs and some without anything at all.  If GED is a person's route then more power to them.  If my kid could not tough it out in regular school and a GED was the only option then I would have to go with it especially if some big time zeros are involve.


John is getting with Lance on LeBron.  John is letting Lance know that LeBron didn't have a regular high school life and he was a star at an early age, but Lance staying true to his argument fires back with LeBron staying in school for four years.  Don;t take this battle as Steven Smith but high school verses opting out early.  It seems like the college argument (staying the full term) has dwindled down to the high school level.  I think high school is the final frontier for me, I will not go down to junior high.


The fight leaves the Continental Americas to Europe and back to John showing that Daley Machine Chicago Swagg.  This is freaking epic yo.  It's almost like watching two best friends fight and you are wondering "who side you are going to take". Lance? Houston Metro affiliated locally known or Deep Dish Chicago Dearborne Orange Line Route from O'Hare Airport John..  This is the 3rd largest city vs the 4th Largest,  DJ Screw  vs Do or Die,  O'Bama vs Bush,, Texans vs Bears,  I am going nutts.    Screw it,  I think I am just going to continue to listen to 1560 The Game when I want to hear how it's done.  Script when needed and explode when need be. 



Big ups to John and Lance,  there is only one other time I can think of since HMW begin monitoring the stations where a segment warranted a whole article and that was Matt and Adam (790 KBME) Jammie Kennedy Interview.  In this segment (non interview) nothing appeared to be orchestrated and you guys being an independent station actually had the gonads to say you were listening  to Steven A. Smith (Clear Channel Affiliate) "Bad Freaking Ass".  I get so tired of other stations eff it I will not front, SR610 go out of their way not to mention another station.  I know it's CBS and Les Moonves is a classy type of dude (wink wink) but damn.   I am going to keep it 100, I did not see a racial component in this beef, this was simply education and that's solid.

In my make believe radio world, I would have two polar opposite guys that do their own prep.  Come to work and feel each other out.  Talk to the producer about the guests, google unfamiliar facts about the guests to make them feel good.  At this point the show becomes a test of knowledge as each host would have to think on their feet.  The national stories will be covered and the guys may agree but it will not be scripted.  

Grade 89
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