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Written By: Lamont Mann


Josh opens up talking about something Barry Warner said.  Barry said Phil Jason didn't think his team was physical enough.  All of a sudden Ron Artest goes out and throws an elbow.  Josh says the Lakers out physical'd the Celtics.  Ben don't think the Celtics have a chance in the "front court". Josh talks about Pau Gasol and if Gasol is going to take shots @ Kevin Garnett he better bring his "A" game.  Josh says his boss (Gavin Spittle) preaches to them about knowing you are the best and act like you are the best; you don't have to tell people you are the best.

OK the show has mad energy however I find Spittle's stance sort of awkward since every promo says they are the sports leader.

Josh does not feel Gasol's statement was that bad, but Ben feels that Gasol shouldn't have made the statement because he may have awakened a sleeping giant.

The guys are laughing at how Marc Jackson was all on Kobe's jock during the Chris Rock interview.  Marc Jackson is going on about how serious Kobe is in the midst of the greatest comedian of all time.

All I can do is laugh, what was Kobe suppose to do, scream ROCKKKKKKKK!

Josh and Ben are debating the best Laker.  Both agree Kareem is 1 but Josh believe Magic is two and Ben says Kobe.

How can Kobe not be ONE when he's in discussion as  best of all time.


7:17 Bobby on Magic,Kobe and Jordan.  He thinks you have to play against the same people to even compare them.  He calls Kobe a "Wuss".  In addition to Kobe being a Wuss he says if Kobe played against the older guys the older guys would have cored a triple triple triple.

Josh makes fun of the triple triple triple as he throws out crazy match ups to the caller
Wilt vs Bradley
Wilt vs Jesus
Wilt vs Tebow

Ben tells Bill to have a drink for me

Ben says that was the worst call ever
Josh said it was the best

I do not agree with Bill, give Kobe his credit.

7:33  Josh hates to hear people say Magic was not all that good.  Magic came into a struggling NBA and pretty much rebuilt the image of the NBA.

Ben says that Kobe had to come in after Michael Jordan.
Josh don't believe Kareem nor Kobe are the greatest but Magic Johnson was

Before Josh and Ben came on the air, I had called and gave Magic his props while saying he wasn't all that with the passes.  This is the catalyst of Josh's statement.  I agree with Ben, for Kobe to play behind Jordan is huge.

It disgust Josh to argue about comparisons that will never happen and he deals in absolutes

I agree with Josh and I believe it's almost like comparing Tupac, Biggie, Scarface and Jay Z.  In my opinion they are all great and I rather let it be but it's cool for debate.

Ben thinks the MVP award is overrated because it's all about FLASH.  Ben is responding to Josh throwing up Magic's MVP awards.  In a strange twist, Josh agrees that the MVP is overrated because fans get to vote on it.

Wolf boy senior don't give a damn about the fan's point of view.  In my opinion I am guessing he feels we are a bunch of "po donk hicks" that knows nothing about sports.

7:48 Patrick (executive producer) calls in and says Magic is his boy and he knows about the Lakers. Hands down Magic is the best Laker and they forget about Oscar Robinson.  One of things that makes Magic the best Laker when Kareem went down Magic stepped in and played.

Ben unsure of this Robinson Laker statement asked, when did Oscar play for the Lakers. Patrick replied "back in the day".

Ummm ok Oscar Robinson the Laker

7:54  Freddie in Richmond laughs at Patrick's Oscar Robinson in LA take as he votes for the 1st caller Bobby for President.  Freddie believes Magic is the best Laker.  With Wooden's death he believes the time is now for Guy V to be inducted into the Basketball HOF.

8:08  John talks about the actual situation of Jerry West saying Kobe is the best Lakers and he goes on to explain that Jerry would without a doubt say Kobe is the best because Kobe is playing and he didn't want anything to shake his confidence.  However John felt Kareem was the best because he has won everywhere he's been.

Ben believes Kareem's sky hook was unstoppable.
Josh Jokingly says "Yao could stop it"
Ben replies "Yao could also save Al Gore's marriage"

A good question posed by Ben:  What was the most unstoppable shot

Sky Hook
Finger Roll
Dream Shake


8:14 Ben wanted to know why Josh took their picture down (pic of Josh and Ben) and instead put another picture of Josh looking like a chipmunk.

See, that exchange was so awkward I don't even want to touch it.

8:15 A sport's poll conducted had Ali as the 1st or 2nd all time best athlete.  After reading the sample, Josh was intrigued how Ali faired with the younger crowd.  Ben does not understand how Ali is regarded that high when he is pretty much irrelevant right now.

Josh replies that Ali is around and he's in Parkinson's commercials.

Ben snickers as Josh told him not to laugh because Ali is relevant.

Alls I can say is, you had to be there.  Come on Ben, laughing @ Parkinson's commercials?  Really?  I don't like to play when it comes to terminal illnesses.  The little snicker or laugh was really in poor taste and good rebound job by Josh.

Josh is challenging parents to ask your kid about Ali, he promises they will not know and to further illustrate Josh's theory he called his younger brother Presley (live on air).  He begins by asking little brother to sing him some Justin Bieber and the brother did so.  Then he ask baby brother do he know Ali and little brother said NO is he on dancing with the stars?  Little brother didn't know who Michael Jordan was either.  However Presley knew Albert Pujols, Tiger Woods and Michael Jackson and then all of a sudden Presley breaks out with some Michael Jackson Thriller.

This was pretty damn cool, I loved it.  This is Josh living up to my Chris Farley comparison, unpredictable wild and in your face.  This was an awesome segment.

8:44 George says it was a worldwide poll and international people know Ali, he has a grandchild and his kid knows two people:  Obama and Ali.  He continues on to tell Josh "you didn't even vote, you need to get out of the box a little and brush up on your sports takes".

Josh - He didn't know how prevalent Ali's image was in other countries and he agrees with George.

All I can say is my kids don't know who Ali is.  I don't understand why the guy took a shot at Josh on his sport's takes.  Maybe they had beef earlier but I was shocked that Josh didn't engage.

8:53 Sam (10 years) Knows about Ali and he talks about Tyson never winning an Olympic Medal.  The kid is into boxing

This kid's knowledge of Ali was off the charts. I must admit I was wondering if this kid was really 10 years of age

8:56 Carlos calls in and says Ali is the best athlete ever lived on earth.

I disagree, Michael Jordan


Let me set this up. Josh by way of his father has Jack Nickolson's phone number.  Josh is going to call Jack impromptu and John Lopez is very scared that this is going to be a train wreck.  I have to say, leading up to this call I was thinking this have to be rigged, you just can't be calling one of the best actors of all time @ 7am PST, but after hearing the call, it was real and unscripted.



As Jack did the speech from a Few Good Men, I was saying it with him.  I was equally impressed with Josh jumping in on cue.  I was laughing so hard at this phone call.  Now that I think about it, Jack didn't say his signature line in the speech "YOU GOT DAMN RIGHT I DID", and why is that?

9:30 - 11
From this point the show basically became "guy talk".  There were a few calls about sports but it became Hughe Heffner v Jack Nickolson.


I thought the show was very good.  I can see Josh doing bigger things than Sport's Radio.  Josh is very open in telling you his show scripted to a degree and he's not all sports.  Ben Nance lost major cool points for laughing about Ali being in Parkinson's commercials.  What I did not like about today's show is the Laker & Ali talk for 2 hours and finally getting to conference realignment @ 9 PM.  When they finally got to conference realignment, they gave it about twenty five minutes before they got to Jack's radio phone call.  This was epic and possibly SR610's best radio moment.  The actual call took place earlier in the week however the fans requested to hear it again.  At this point I was willing to give this show a 100 but then they started with the "guy talk" which pretty much took the show home.  This is my knock on Josh and other hosts, I don't mind entertainment but sometimes Josh will go on other subject matters that I will forget I am even listening to a sport's show.  That's not saying I don't be listening because the content be funny and usually the callers and texts will gladly participate but at the end of the day, I will be like "I only got 50% of sports".

Grade 93
Grading Scale:
90-100 Excellent
80-89 Very Good
70-79 Average
60-69 Below Average

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Earlis said...

It Seems Gasol was taken out of context..
Some media shyster framed his words to make
it seems Gasol was saying one thing when he was
saying one thing and portrayed as saying another, you really have to watch to these jerks
because somewhere among the reporters is one
or two pricks trying to make a headline.. Gasol is
pretty pissed about it...somebody is not a getting
a Xmas Felez Navidad baby!