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Written by: Astro Mike Ganis aka Mike In DA

Date Posted: 6/29/2010

Today’s review is of the John and Lance Morning Show (6-10 am) on KGOW (1560The Game) on Tuesday, June 29.

The show started off with Lance going off on Chris Bosh. He mentioned that Bosh, LeBron James, and Dwyane Wade had their "G3 summit” meeting in Miami recently to determine their strategy with regard to the upcoming NBA free-agent signing season. Lance said these guys are conspiring to play together, so that they could get an edge to beat out Kobe Bryant and the Celtics, as these guys haven’t had luck on their own over the past several years in winning a championship. Lance called Bosh the weakest 20-10 guy around. He said the Rockets should show no interest in Bosh. Bosh just wants to hang on to the coattails of LeBron. Lance said Bosh is doing whatever he can to be with LeBron. He’ll even wipe LeBron’s ass. He just doesn’t want to be left out of LeBron’s picture. Lance jokingly compared Bosh to the Celtics’ Brian Scalabrine who has a ring and gets more TV face time than Bosh.

John said it was okay for players to conspire to play together because they want to win championships, as that’s usually a superstar player’s primary goal (that is, next to hefty paychecks and a plaque at the Basketball Hall of Fame – my words). What ticked off John was the fact that a bunch of teams have to go to Ohio or wherever LeBron will be at the time to “recruit” LeBron. This is just like college hoops recruiting. Maybe LeBron's mom will give soup to the King's suitors.

At 6:40, Lance asked listeners to call in on this topic. He said the callers are lazy during the summer and don’t pick it up until about 8:30. JG agreed about the callers’ laziness, “Does anybody care if Bosh comes here?” The guys agreed that Houston is low on free agents’ priorities of cities because the free agents don’t know what the story is with Yao’s health for a complete season.

6:47 – Tom called and said Yao is not the main man like Hakeem was. The Rockets will never get consistent performances from Yao like they did from Hakeem.

6:58 – Fidencio (spelling?) asked if there would be sign-and-trades for the Rockets to get Joe Johnson and/or Bosh. The response was "Yes", but it would cost them in current players. Fidencio asked if the Rockets would be interested in Utah's Carlos Boozer, but Lance said he is overvalued and GM Daryl Morey doesn’t like to overpay. The guys mentioned that the Rockets might like Chris Paul in a sign-and-trade.

JG asked Lance which big-name free agent will sign first. JG thinks Amare Stoudemire (New York?) while Lance thinks it’s LeBron.

7:03 – Jose thinks Chris Paul is a better choice for the Rockets than Bosh. Lance thinks Morey will load up to try to get Paul in a sign-and-trade. JG said New Orleans may not trade to a team in its division, but Lance said that is a lot of crap. He sees no problem if a team trades a player to a team in the same division, as long as they got good value for him. He said if the Astros traded Oswalt to the Cubs, he has no problem with it, if they got value in return.

At 7:12, phone guest Eric Winston (Texans offensive lineman) came on to discuss his guest writing for the Sports Illustrated Peter King column yesterday aka "Monday Mornng Quarterback". Since I heard Eric discuss this on SR610 yesterday morning, this was just a rehash to me. Winston offered up five ideas for changing the game:

1. He'd move the Super Bowl to Saturday in order to let fans better enjoy the game, since they won't have to worry about work and school the next day. But if the league adds two regular-season games and continues to start the season the weekend after Labor Day, Winston possibly would get his wish, since the Super Bowl would likely land on President's Day weekend, when Monday is a holiday for a number of people.

2. He'd make a radical change to the conference format and schedule, dumping the divisions and having each team play the other teams in its conference once, with one game against a rival from the other conference for a total of 16 games.

There are some potential problems here. First, it would essentially wipe out most interconference play. Second, by putting the top six of 16 teams from each conference into the postseason, the idea of giving every team a plausible path to the playoffs by giving them a one-in-four crack at a division crown is gone. Lastly, division rivalries which make up much of the sport's popularity would be gone under this proposal.

3. Winston wants a larger roster and a minor league. Young players who otherwise sit on the bench would benefit from a chance to use live reps against other NFL-caliber players as a way to improve.

4. Winston favors a sensible rookie wage scale. He proposed a four-year deal for first-rounders and three-year contracts for rounds two through seven, with no franchise tags or other restrictions. I don’t expect that to happen unless in exchange for that arrangement, all player salaries are reduced.

Lance asked Eric about the work stoppage possibility and Eric gave it a 50-50 chance. I’m sure he doesn’t want to be on the “unemployment line”. After talking to Eric for 20 straight minutes with no commercials (I liked that), they let him go and were never able to discuss Eric’s overtime changes. I wish they had held him over after the commercial break or gave him a few more minutes since they overextended this segment by 7 minutes already. (Note - of all the local sports talk shows, the J&L Morning Show has the most minutes per hour of commercials, which is good for their bottom line as Gow Communications is in the business of making money, but for us listeners, it’s not too good unless we’re into commercials.)

5. Though this wasn’t discussed, Winston believes that overtime should be changed for the regular season, with the first possession determined by something other than a coin flip (i.e., total first downs, times in the red zone, or some other stat accumulated during regulation time) and both teams getting a crack at the ball before it converts to sudden death.

At 8 AM, John finally mentioned the Astros’ 9-5 win last night when he gave the day's Sports headlines, which weren't that many.

8:04 – Alex said safeties’ should count more than two points. Lance disagreed, saying that the team gets the ball back in decent field position after the safety. I e-mailed in some interesting data on safeties, but the guys never read it over the air. But Lance did get to read Rene’s e-mail that his wife had searched “Cristiano Ronaldo – Nude” and he didn't know if he should confront her about it.

In the next segment, the guys must have temporarily run out of sports topics, as they discussed the weak summer movie season. At 8:26, “Twilight” connoisseur British Ian chimed in on the movie.

The 8:30 segment got back to NBA free agent talk between the guys. It’s 8:30 now, so the phone calls should pick up according to Lance’s earlier statement.

9:05 – Andy called in and would like to see the Rockets go after David Lee of the Knicks as backup insurance at center for Yao, should he get injured again. And as far as Kelvin Martin is concerned, Andy doesn’t care if he can't play defense well. There aren’t too many 20-25 ppg guys who play defense, otherwise they’d be superstars. You have to agree to that.

In the last two segments, Brian McTaggart, the Astro beat writer called in from Milwaukee to discuss the Astros. JG said it’s a shame how much the Astros have fallen over the past several years.

9:39 – John called in to ask Brian how serious are the Astros at trading big-name players like Oswalt, Lance Berkman, etc. Brian said the Astros want a lot for Roy and won’t take on salary unless it’s someone really attractive.

The show started off with a lot of energy with Lance calling out Chris Bosh and Eric Winston had some good interesting ideas during his segment that will probably never happen, but the show then started to bog down after that.

Once again, the callers failed to show up. A talk show usually gets the calls it deserves. If the host(s) are informed, entertaining host(s), they get informed entertaining calls. And vice versa. It adds to a show when there are callers, especially knowledgeable ones. Even unknowledgeable ones sometimes. At the end of the show, Lance personally thanked the callers, all half-dozen of them.
Grade: 73

Grading Scale:
90-100 Excellent
80-89 Very Good
70-79 Average
60-69 Below Average


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Steve said...

The only peronality I can get with at 1560 is Lance. The rest of that whole station is straight wack. They really don't believe they need callers and the callers they do take are seminar callers. I think a 73 is pretty high. It don't make alot of sense to tell these clowns to take more calls because they are so arrogant they will stick with the same losing formula. The sad part is, although they are bad to me they are the best of the worse.

Sports Radio 610 is Homo, they whole image is centered around homosexuality either they are cracking jokes about it or saying they appreciate it.
790 is the confused stepchild no identity whatsoever, a whole bunch of anglo males playing hip hop

I am sorry for using your forum to bitch but maybe I am just upset because we are without sports.

I think you guys are doing a nice job covering these personalities and as long as you guys remain fair and objective.

What station is the Ralph Cooper, I can't seem to find him.

Herbert77060 said...

I have no use for the local 1560 fellows. They try and be comedians. If I wanted comedy I'd go to a comedy club. I listen for pertinent sports information. I am not a sports junkie but I do enjoy stats and projections instead of bs. The saving grace of 1560's offerings is the 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. time slot. The rest is crap.