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Written by: Craig Shelton
Date Posted: 06/30/2010

Gentlemen the time has come to move over fellas and allow the ladies to get their shine on. Often over looked is the contribution of women to the Houston sports talk market. Women are contributing to the sports media landscape in TV and to a lesser extent in the sports talk radio media as well.

After I was fired from Sports Radio 610 after Adam Wexler and I had an on-air disagreement and Wexler went unpunished for the incident, I began taking a close look at sports talk stations hiring practices. What was immediately apparent was the glaring lack of minorities working in full-time on-air rolls. I quickly realized that the only people who have an issue with the community hiring practices of the local sports talk stations were minorities themselves. The status quo including station administrators and hosts pretty much across the board doesn’t believe it’s an issue. Imagine the likelihood of that being the case...hmmm? Oh well....

There's another gaping hole in the sports media and in particular the sports talk radio environment locally. The noticeable absence of women in full time rolls on sports talk station is further confirmation that the "good ole boy" network in Houston is maintaining its strong hold on the market.

Rather than grow their listening base by expanding the makeup of their hosts, collectively sports talk stations are stubbornly staying the course of mostly allowing middle-aged white males to earn a living while pursuing their career goals.

Why are women not getting more opportunities in the local sports media environment while national sports outlets such as ESPN are trending just the opposite. The shortsightedness of local GM's and program directors is all too apparent. Even in these current times with sports talk radio’s collective market share in ratings being sub-par, these guys remain entrenched in their outdated approach to business. As much as they don't want to admit it, all three AM sports talk stations locally bare the same identity when it comes to their hiring resumes.

I'm all ears and more than willing to listen to any station's explanation of why the make up of their station is primarily middle-aged white males in a city with so much diversity?

Most of you have my number and email, but on the record, here's my email address if anyone representing one of the sports talk format stations would like to discuss this issue in an open forum :

Don't worry folks I'll be sure and let you know if anyone takes me up on my offer for a open forum decision. I'm sure my phone will be ringing off the hook? Yea right...please.

When you think about it in realistic terms, it really makes no common or business sense not to diversify your station and put it out front to show the listening public you're doing so. These guys running these stations are all very bright people who none of which can pretend not to understand the city's makeup.

Ask yourself what could be the source of their stubbornness and reluctance to put women in premier roles?

Women have the ability to talk football & basketball X&Os. Who's football opinion would you trust, Brooke Bentley formerly with the Texans organization or Rich Lord of Sports Radio 610? I'll take Brooke all day everyday.

Are you trying to tell me that there's a vast degree of separation of baseball knowledge between Alyson Footer & Matt Thomas of Sports Talk 790? I've listened to both in great detail and I'm hear to tell you Alyson Footer is more than adequate (taking nothing away from Matt Thomas' vast baseball knowledge).

The only woman getting daily run in Houston's sports talk radio market is Julie Takahashi of ESPN 97 5 The Ticket.  Julie Takahashi co-hosts with Carl Dukes and program director Dave Tepper weekdays 4p-7p on ESPN 97 5 The Ticket.

Carl Dukes is the only black host on weekdays on either of the BIG 4 stations.  Dave Tepper has to be credited with showing a willingness to exercise the use of a marketing & imaging template that's geared toward the makeup of the city. W0W! WHAT A FREAKN GREAT IDEA!!

You can catch Anna Megan Raley on Sports Radio 610, Tuesdays 10a-11a co-hosting with Josh "The Wolfman" Innes.

I love Anna because she always up beat and not afraid to be a babe and still maintain respectability as an individual.

Erin "The Fantasy Girl" Skelly can be heard weekly during the NFL season on with Vandermeer & Lopez on Sports Radio 610. Erin is great and really knowledgeable in regards to all of your fantasy league questions. Erin obviously follows the league closely as she gives more than a surfaced response when she takes caller questions.
Lately Erin has been making guest appearances on weekends (Sunday nights) with ND Kalu and Kyle Kennedy also of Sports Radio 610.

Alyson Footer makes guest appearances on 1560 The Game and is always strong in her game, mixing up with the 1560 guys who aren't afraid to have fun on the air. Alyson comes off as confident and knowledgeable when working opposite the men of 1560 The Game.

Maybe the best argument, and at the same time the most predictable and obviously shallow chauvinistic argument to make would be this: The obvious fact is, going to station events would be a lot more exciting with the likes of Anna Megan Raley, Erin Skelly, or Brooke Bentley in the picture. Genius!

Hey I love you Mighty Dylan Gwinn my man, but when it comes to looks baby, you're no Anna Megan Raley dude!

Craig Shelton
Blog: http://www.houstonmediawatch


Ericka said...

I am a Senior at Sam Houston but I am from Houston. My major is Communications and my minor is political science. I know I need to be working on an intern but I absolutely refused to work in Texas because it's 40 years behind reality. Your article is the very reason I am looking at New York or Chicago. I applaud all of the young ladies HMW featured but it really sucks that 4th largest city 6th largest media market operates like the Dukes of Hazzard. But who am I fooling, the mere fact that I am not joining the pool of competition in Houston makes it just that much better for them to continue with dated tactics. Just look at what the traffic woman has to do on 610, this is actually a boss approving of this in 2010 and she is perfectly fine doing it. I would be surprise if they video a full porno and post it one day because it's all about getting those targeted male listeners right?

HMW you have a follower in Huntsville.

Melvin said...

Give me Erin and Alyson as a duo and I guarantee you they could hang with the big boys in the Mornings

Broadcast Employee said...

Did any of these young ladies apply for a radio broadcast position? It is my understanding that all of these young ladies have jobs in some capacity. Should a person in a position of authority go chase them around Houston offering them a job? You keep on living in your world of Utopia. Of all the ones listed, Brook is the only worth having on the radio. This is my first time visiting this Blog and to hear the "Gender Gap" in the Workplace card just makes me shake my head. I just don't understand. I really believe if women or minorities were to be in control of every major occupation in America (in terms of numbers) but the one occupation where their numbers were low is Porter Potty Attendants, people will still bitch and complain about that too. My man, I work in media gender gap, race, crime and kids are very common tools in this business. You know it as well as I

Jeffrey said...

I think when it comes to women in radio 610 is the best.

Rich Lord
Marc Vandermeer
Josh Innes
Shaun Bijani

790 comes in 2nd with
Matt Jackson
Matt Thomas

The Hispanic Guy

Earlis said...

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