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Written by: Mike in DA
Date Posted: 7/9/2010

The good news is that LeBron James selected the Miami Heat as his NBA destination for the next five years, so that on sports talk shows and the media we no longer have to hear people contemplate where he is going and the reasoning thereof.

The bad news is that now through the next five years, we'll hear calls and see articles defending or attacking LeBron's decision.

Jack from Philly, you're on:

"Given that LeBron has decided to put himself out there as someone more important than anyone else in basketball - and maybe more important than basketball itself - he had better win a championship immediately. In fact, given this indulgence in self-importance, he ought to win three in a row starting next year."

Vinny from the Bronx, you're on:

"LeBron better not come to a Yankee game. Boo him every chance you get. This dude is a fraud. He's playing second fiddle to Wade and his team and mom told him it was best for his career? That's a joke. You're supposed to be a King, LeBron. You just became a Queen. And I would never take advice from your mom, LeBron. She is not stable."

Scott from Austin, you're on:

"It's basketball! Everybody wants to play on a stacked team. Every fan wants to root for such a team."

Bobby from South Bend, you're on:

"I predicted this from the beginning and thought given the big drama of the announcement he would stay in Cleveland. So the big wussy needs two other stars to carry his water....what a loser. This is terrible for the NBA, if I lived in Toronto or Cleveland I would never watch another NBA game. I hope all three of them break a leg in the first game of the season. The NBA, more of a joke than ever."

Jevonne from Compton, you're on:

"Who's your daddy, LeBron. I think I found him. Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh."

Vance from Cleveland, you're on:

"I'm not an avid Cavs fan, but I have to say that people in Cleveland aren't mad at LeBron for leaving. We all knew he would eventually. It's because he publicly humiliated us. He didn't call anyone in the Cavs organization or any players to warn them."

Terrell from Atlanta, you're on:

"This self centered quitter will give up in Miami also. Don't be fooled Miami fans. Did you see the Celtics/Cavs playoffs? I have defended this "Mr. Entitlement" loser for years living in Atlanta, but now I realize as you will soon enough that he is just an egotistical, self-centered, spoiled player that cannot live up to his hype. His image/brand is now and will forever be tarnished. I will never respect a fan wearing his gear anymore. He will never be anywhere near Michael Jordan or even Kobe Bryant status after this bandwagon move. The Heat will always be Wade's team and that being said, the loser James may not even win one there. You Miami fans will see soon enough. I can't wait to play your loser team."

Larry from Houston, you're on:

"Watch Riley go after AI, T-Mac, and Shaq for the minimum."

Ebony from Columbus, you're on:

"The Cleveland Cavs have passionate, loyal fans. The Miami Heat doesn't have fans, period! What the Heat does have are three crybaby superstars who couldn't handle the pressure of winning on their own, so they formed a partnership to do it together. The problem with that is they are not going to win because they don't have a soul, heart of a champion, and they will always be a second fiddle to the Celtics who are true champions, not to mention the Lakers.

Dolphin Bob, you're on:

"Did you see the Lakers teams with Magic, Kareem, Worthy, Cooper, Mychal Thompson. This team was stacked. The Lakers team now is stacked with stars. What in the heck do you think he is doing. In the end, everyday we make decisions we think are best for us, in life. I am not a big Lebron fan but at the same time, he is a great talent. I am a Heat fan from day one, and a Dolphin fan from day one. This is the best trio of talent in the East, hands down. They still have to win and beat the other teams, but you have to like their chances."

Socal Bob, you're on:

"I'm glad this circus is over. ESPN is a pretentious, overblown format of simply reporting sports results. Why anyone who has a computer would still rely on ESPN is a mystery."

Skoonj from Brooklyn, you're on:

"ESPN couldn't use one of its own reporters? They used Jim Gray instead ? What an insult to Erin Andrews and her colleagues."

Carlos from El Paso, you're on:

"This will ruin the NBA and proves to me once and for all that Kobe is the best player in the NBA because these dudes have got to join together to even challenge him. Gutless wimp!"

Everson from Harlem, you're on:,
"He just lost millions of young fans in the following cities... New York, Chicago, and other parts of the country. His so called "Brand" is going to take a big hit. I know all New York sports fans will recover and move on by the weekend. We got a 27 year- old in his prime, Amare Stoudmire, who is a franchise player. On the bright side,  at least the prospect of getting LeBron forced the Knicks to clear cap space that allowed for Amare and maybe two other max players. It really does take a special player to make the move to NYC and embrace the challenge of playing for the greatest city in the world. A-Rod took the challenge, Reggie Jackson took it, Mark Messier took it, and so did Derek Jeter. Ask any one who has won in New York or anywhere else. To a man, most players will say that winning in New York City is so much more special."

Freddie from Hollywood, you're on:

"James is what, 25. His contract will run out when he's 30. So in 2015 he'll sign with the Lakers, and win four consecutive championships. Because we all know that NBA Championships are won by the Lakers or the Celtics, most of the time. And that's just the way it is, so don't fight it."

Mike from New Haven, you're on:

"You could tell he was nervous when he was about to announce where he was going when he said, 'This is hard.' This was just as hard for him as the fans in Cleveland."

DB from Detroit, you're on:

"Stephen A. Smith, quite frankly, was right. I'm really impressed by LeBron giving up being the man in his own town on his own team and becoming Public Enemy #1 in order to be part of a team where he doesn't have to carry everyone and he left $30 million on the table. I dont care how rich he is, it's all relative. That's tough even for millionaires. This guy really wants to win badly and if it means being second to Wade, so be it. I'm really liking this side of LeBron."

Willie from Dallas, you're on:

"LeBron is done. I'm throwing the jersey away. I would never support a second-class ball player who calls himself the King."

John from Cicero, you're on:

"Unfortunately, the players can't be charged with collusion, even though they planned this from the beginning and played the owners like violins. But Riley and the Heat could be charged, if it ever comes out that Riley encouraged these guys to string along the other teams, particularly to the point where they shed good players like Hinrich to clear payroll under the salary cap. This fiasco leaves Miami loaded and their chief competition decimated."

Al from Boston, you're on:

"LeBron said, 'I'm taking my talents to South Beach.' They don't play basketball on South Beach. That's where the decadent party in Miami. To what "talents" was he referring?"

Keon from Hollis, you're on:

"Queen James is afraid of the mecca of basketball. He is all about himself. He only wanted to be part of a dream team because he can't win without superstars. When he comes to the Garden, I won't ever root for him again".

Barney from Milwaukee, you're on:

" I don't hate the guy for leaving. He has said he wants to win an NBA championship and to do that, I would leave Cleveland, too. The seven years that he was in Cleveland, that town was booming and businesses were making a bunch of money. The man wants a ring so he went to get it in Miami."

Stone from Richmond, you're on:

"I had some respect for LeBron. It's gone now. I thought he was low class for doing the show, anyway, and then to backstab his hometown? Crummy person."

Raphael from Newark, you're on:

"Miami will not win squat; three guys with max contracts and nine guys playing for the league minimum does not win titles. These guys will be worn out come playoff time seeing they'll have to log 40 plus minutes a night. If James wanted to win so bad, he should have stepped it up in the recent playoffs. I feel for the people of Cleveland. I'll take Kobe everyday over that jack hole."

Big Al from Long Island, you're on:

"The first chant the Garden should practice to perfection is "Delonte f--ked your mom!. Delonte f--ked your mom!"

Ishaq from Topeka, you're on:

"All hail Queen James! All hail King Kobe!"

Blind Man, you're on:

"I hope Lebron contracts AIDS and dies a horrible death."

Ben from Jacksonville, you're on:

"Even if the Heat win the Championship, Wade should get the credit. Wade won in Miami without Bosh and Queen James (granted he had some big help), but just as Pierce will always be the one of the big three in Boston most revered, Wade will always be number one in Miami, LeBron is just a guy who couldn't get his first team over the hump, and now has to rely on others to get it done for him."

Jacques from Cleveland Heights, you're on:

"The way he basically humiliated the state of Ohio on national television, that really rubs me the wrong way. It's one thing to leave, which he had a right to, but to make a spectacle of it, that's just terrible."

Laker Luke, you're on:

"Well everyone looks at the new big 3 and sees two 30 ppg scorers and a 20 ppg score in Bosh. But what about the commitment to defense? They can be the new Run TMC from the Golden State Warriors of the past. That's Tim Hardaway, Mitch Richmond, and Chris Mullins. High scorers, but no defense. By the way, the Heat's no name coach will resign in a couple of weeks either to spend more time with his family or because of some mysterious ailment like back problems. Of course, that will leave no choice but for that master slime ball Riley to coach again.

Stevie T, you're on:

"I have always hated Kobe Bryant with a passion and liked Lebron James tremendously, but in light of recent events, I may have to re-think my opinion on the matter. I will never really come to like Kobe, but I have to respect him, above all because his demeanor to winning. Whereas as LeBron, he really is all about himself, that's become clear."

Brad from Miami, you're on:

"Lebron is a genius, play and live in beautiful weather, pay no state income taxes, have tanned beautiful women everywhere, and play with friends OR play in a decaying, rotten, cold city that will pick his wallet with high taxes. GO HEAT. The Dynasty has Begun!!!!!

Josh from Akron, you're on.

" I see where LeBron got his loyalty from his mom. Keep Bosh and Wade away from your mom, LeBron. I lost all respect for you."

JW from Anapolis, you're on:

"James is the new Scottie Pippen."

Collie, you're on:

"JohnandLance! JohnandLance!"

Wallace from Mobile, you're on:

"What an ego. Did you hear his comment. ' I will continue to be great' Confidence is one thing , being a jerk is another."

Big Lee Roy, you're on:

"Yo! Why are callers giving LeBron such a hard time because he left Cleveland? I mean he played his heart out with them, he gave 'em a bunch of good seasons. The boy is young and hungry, it's time for him to go and get that ring on his finger! And however, he gets it, he deserves it! Just get over it, Cleveland. You owe it to him! You're being unloyal to him by not letting him be successful. You can be a true fan regardless what team he is on."

Molly from Miami Beach, you're on:

"Enjoy looking up at the Heat! We're #1"

Gift Shop, you're on:

"This was a great job by D.Wade of getting his best buddies to come over and play ball with him long before the free agency period had even started. It was a done deal already, but it does not guarantee NBA Championships anytime soon. Sure, they should win the conference.and get to the playoffs but that's nothing new. They will probably even get to the finals a couple times if they play as a team and not a bunch of superstars, but they have not won any Championships as yet. The King has a new throne,a new court, and millions of new peasants to praise his every move, but that championship may still elude his Majesty. The Heat have just become the basketball version of the Yankees. People all over the country will view them with scorn. It's only natural after all, and cheer when they lose, just as they do with the Yankees. Somehow, that seems fitting.

Reggie from Brooklyn, you're on::

"You really think that because you 'can't even look at him' or telling him that he's 'lost all his credibility' make any differences to him? Idiots."

Little Joe, you're on:

"Lebron is a coward. He chose to ride the gravy train. He chose Miami to be one of them, time will tell. COWARDDDDDDDDDDDD!"

Ronald from Tampa, you're on:

"We don't have to agree or disagree. We are a bunch of peasants talking about millionaires. These guys want to play pro-basketball together and found a way to make it happen in their youth. They chose a venue that they thought would be good for them. Outside of the Lakers and Staples Center, I challenge you to find a better venue. Dwight Howard would go and play for the Heat right now for less money if he could pull it off."

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