Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Written by: Lamont Mann
Date Posted: 07-07-2010

About two weeks ago I predicted when Josh Innes hit the “big times” or received his "big chance", he would surely clown the people of Houston. Little did I know that my prediction could possibly be around the corner? Josh Innes of SR610 is slated to host the Jim Rome Show on July 9th, Friday. I do not believe Josh would use this chance to actually criticize the people of Houston but the Clones are definitely about to receive a show for the ages. This piece is not only directed at Josh but Gavin and the crew. ACT LIKE YOU BEEN THERE.

Over the weekend, I called SR610 to let them know I am tired of every little thing that happens with the NBA Free Agency, it’s reported as “Breaking News”.  Then I turn on the Local News and we are due to receive three inches of rain “Breaking News”. The same hole that’s been pouring oil in the Gulf for almost three months now is still reported as “Breaking News”. Here is where Gavin comes in, he is a cut right off that block. When SR610 farts, Gavin is going to promote it to the fullest. I can hear the promos now “We are representing Your City with every fart made on air, come and join us at Fart Fest 2010”. In my opinion, everything is marketable to Gavin. Look at how he played up the SWAP MEET, the freaking SWAP MEET is still happening, Josh w/ Robert for a week, today you will be hearing Josh/ J. Lopez.  If I can listen to a solid (2) weeks of consistent programming, I promise to listen to Marc and John for a full two hours. Here is the latest bright idea, Josh Innes to host the Jim Rome Show. By the way, you are hearing promos on air, it would appear as if this was a first time occurrence for SR610. The inertia is there with the fans as some of them have really short memories; fans this has happened before in October 2009.


Before any of you jump to conclusions and think I am talking about Jim Rome, that would be an incorrect assumption. The Rome Show is going to do what it do regardless; I could do the Rome Show and the “Clones” would still support the show both positive or negative takes. The shoes Josh has to fill is Matt Jackson. Back in October of 2009, Matt Jackson smashed the Rome Show. It was three consecutive hours of broadcast excellence on the National Scale. This is correct, a little less than a year ago a former SR610 employee hosted the Rome Show. My advice to Josh is to go grab Matt’s show and study what he did. Matt did not over nor under play the bits. In addition to having strong sport’s takes on the national vibe, he brough it back to the local level as  he closed with a powerful plea for Guy V. Lewis to the Basketball Hall of Fame. Matt did something on the national level I never heard anyone with the platform do in support of Guy V. I understand Josh has only been in Houston a little less than a year therefore I am not expecting a passionate plea for something of local relevance but knowing Josh he may just bust out with a “Save the Astrodome” bit in addition to having a song written for it. All jokes aside, I believe Josh is going to “bust it wide open”, Josh is more entertaining than Matt however he falls short of Matt in sports. It also has to be considered that Matt did the show in the meat of football season where the listeners are in tuned with every word uttered. Josh will be hosting the show during a dry period of sports in general. I am by no means watering down this opportunity because anytime you can host the Rome Show it’s an accomplishment and a huge bullet point on your resume but just stating reality.   Matt hosted Rome almost a year ago and if I recall correctly, he was not promoted like this, sure throughout the DRIVE TIME they mentioned it but it was not a full scale blitz like we are hearing now. 

Anytime one of our local hosts receive a chance to host a "national show", you best believe ole “monty mont” will be listening. Houston swagger is on the line here and I fully expect and almost challenging Josh to have people laughing to the point of crying. I suggested if a bit is to be done, it should be the Jack’s “Morning Call” and the story about him standing behind Tim Tebow in order to get on TV. What will he go with? I am not sure but we all should hear on Friday.

On a side note, after Matt hosted Jim Rome, Rich Lord was all to quick to notate that it was an invite for both he and Matt but Rich had vacation planned. Rich takes a lot of vacation because he have a lot of vacation. Almost a year later we are in the same situation and I am really wondering when Rich takes the air after Josh, will he say “Rome really wanted me but I was on vacation”.

Big Ups Josh, do your thing, and act like you been there.

Lamont Mann
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Russell said...

Right on!!!

Mercy said...

Matt represented for Houston with the Guy V. Lewis last segment. Josh will replicate that.

Mercy said...

I am sorry, I meant to say Josh will not stand up to Matt's time on Rome. sorry guys

Mercy said...

I am sorry, I meant to say Josh will not stand up to Matt's time on Rome. sorry guys

Anonymous said...

If Innes pulls that fake/contrived over-kill of laughing at something that's not all THAT funny...It'll turn people off

BigJ said...

Josh Innes is the biggest hack in radio history. He is only getting jobs because his hack father, Scott aka the voice of Scooby Doo on one straight to DVD movie about some ghosts, gets him jobs. The best thing to ever happen to Baton Rouge radio was Josh's fat ass getting a gig in Houston. Hope Houston enjoys a fat hack kid with zero sports knowledge trying to be funny in the hack radio voice his dad taught him. He's HILARIOUS when he talks about 80's hair bands or shitty movies but he is truly at his best when he gets noticably upset at callers on air and hangs up.

Anonymous said...

"Three hours of broadcast excellence"? That may be the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. Matt Jackson is not capable of a hour of "broadcast excellence" let alone three hours, please? Matt Jackson left 610 for a three thousand dollar annual increase in pay, because Spittle/CBS wasn't dumb enough to allow him to pressure CBS into allowing he & Wexler to become morning show host at 610. Even though Marc and Lopez aren't any better as a pair than Matt & Wexler, 610 is still winning, and 790 remains where they've always been (losing.) Matt Jackson's over inflated ego may sell to the uneducated radio observer, but people in the business knew to keep his ass in check and right where he belonged. That place is planted firmly on a losing team on a $3,000 ego-trip.

HMW said...

HMW normally try to stay out of the anonymous business but you seem to be an insider. Keep it coming, WOW 3K, Morning Show, first I have heard of that one. Trying to picture matt and Marc together