Monday, September 20, 2010


Written By: Lamont Mann

I absolutely love the show Man v Food on the Travel Network channel.   I must admit we Texans think that everything we do is the best in addition to everything we have to offer is the best.  I have been watching this show for almost 2 years now and I realize, this dude never hit any hood spots.   The way the show is produced, you never get the feel as if he is going into the hood.   I watched this show with my lipps turned sideways because I feel the food he eats is not realistic.  I mean c'mon, are folks really eating burgers with like eight patties?  Dude they are only making these specials because they found out you were coming to town.  
The closest I have witnessed this dude to Houston was County Line Barbecue joint on the NW side of Austin TX.  I have eaten at County Line and I am not going to knock them but that's commercial barbecue.   I won't front, the view from the County Line is awesome and I absolutely love hwy 360's scenery but it ain't real deal barbecue.  Although I have not witnessed any of these particular episodes, someone told me Adam Richman has frequented Houston at the following locations:

  • Mel's Country Cafe

  • Little Bitty Burger Barn

  • Kenny & Ziggy’s 

I am watching the tizzube right now and I see he is in Memphis Tennessee at a spot called Gus's.   That's a chicken joint so fellow Houstonians already know where I am going with this.   They are on the show talking about how these people cut the fat off the chicken to precision and they have a special recipe, you know all that jazz and I'm looking like, really?  Forget all of this mess about, can you eat it all, how bout you tell us if the food is on point or not.


Timmy Chan is one of the only restaurants in the south I can think of in pop culture music.  I love me some Gates' dry rub and barbecue in KC but even they are not recognized like Timmy Chan.  If Adam Richman is too scared to actually eat in Timmy Chan, HMW would be cool with him grabbing a wing dinner and driving to Hermann Park.  Here is the deal, we would like for Adam Richman to eat one wing dinner with extra gravy, he has to stand in line like everyone else, purchase a bootleg video while still maintaining his spot in line, talk on the cell phone while calling out his order, order a red soda water.

Real talk, I see dude eat all of this unnecessary food that ain't gonna make a turd how about getting on some real food.  I could have made this more interesting by telling Adam Richman to get a "wang dinner" from Timmy Chan but order a family size box of fries from Frenchys.   Man vs Food is all about beef and cheese and frankly it gets old as hell.  How about some Snow or King Crab with homemade butter sauce?  As stated before I love the show but when the show is imaged around beef and cheese it becomes boring.

Adam Richman, I am challenging you to eat a wing dinner from Timmy Chan and fries from Frenchys.

Lamont Mann
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Thomas said...

If you're traveling to some of the cities that he has covered, you should check out some of those places. When I was in Austin, I tried the Juan in a Million challenge, and those tacos are huge. There was a New Orleans episode where he covered seafood and the 180 oyster challenge is a legit challenge at the Acme Oyster House.

Thomas said...

Oh just to add one more thing. In the Austin episode, when he went to Juan in a Million, that place is definitely in the hood. But since it aired on Man vs Food, you'll see more tourist come here.

Andrew said...

I'm from Houston, but my last trip up to St. Louis landed me in a few of the spots he went to. One of them was the Crown Candy Shop (where he did his main challenge). That place is on the north-west side of St. Louis and it is DEFINITELY in the hood. If he can handle that place I guarantee he wouldn't bat an eye going into Timmy Chan's or Frenchy's. Plenty of the places he goes to in other cities are in the hood but they church it up real nice for t.v. I still for the life of me can't figure out why they won't do a show in Houston. There are dozens of places in town that are right for this show.

Tess Smith said...

I agree. He went to Horace and Dickies in Washington, D.C. and it is most definitely in the hood. I checked it out based on his visit and I loved it. I trust him way more than any other host. Like Guy from diners drive ins and dives... those are just lies.