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WASHINGTON REDSKINS 106.7 THE FAN, John Lopez, Ian Eagle

Written By: Lamont Mann

Today was one of those days where I had to pick and choose what direction I wanted to go in.  From Marc and John's interview with Larry Michael (Redskins Play by Play) to 106.7 The Fan hilarious show to my drive home.  I will begin with Larry Michael's interview.
The Interview

Marc and John welcomed the Redskins Play by Play analyst Larry Michael and as expected they were asking the routine questions.  Fast forward and lets get to the juicy stuff.  The question was asked to Larry, what is up with Haynesworth.  Larry basically replied that he thought it was overblown and part of the media.  John said "I have to call you on that" and that's when the fiasco begin.  Dude was really mad at John's comment and took offense to it.  He constantly charged John on how was he being "called".  They went back and forth for like a couple minutes.  Both guys were mature about the whole situation and cooling heads prevail.  After Larry departed Marc started whining to John about the way to ask a question etc etc and John replied by saying he was doing his job.

It's very rare that Craig and I are listening to the same station at the same time but we talked about and Craig said "he felt John was arrogant but it was good radio" and he call in and told them just that.  I on the other hand felt John did right by calling him out because this is the stuff I been begging for.  He did the very same thing with Houston Cougar's head coach Kevin Sumlin and I admit I didn't like that because I like Coach Sumlin.  I wish John would do that on the professional side with the Kubiaks, Alexanders, Moreys McNairs etc etc.   
If I was John, after Larry was gone and we went to commercial, I would have slapped the taste out of Marc's mouth.   Marc is a season vet of the Godfather and he know what Vito Corleonne said to Sonny.  You don't talk the family business in public.   For whatever reason KILT 610 AM neglected to upload the video for podcast they simply have a picture of Bagdad Bob the dude that was lying when America invaded Iraq on the second go round.  I guess the connotation is that Larry Michaels was distorting the information.

After hearing John and Larry go at it, I decided I wanted to hear what DC was talking bout in regards to the Texans.   I was leery because the day prior, the station was laced with Clinton Portis talk and I 'm not down for girly gossip talk.

I tuned in to THE FAN and I have to say again,  CBS up North/East Coast is way different from CBS in the South.  I was damn near in tears listening to these guys.  The Sport's Junkies were talking about Portable Potties and Boo Boo stank in the head.  You have to bare with me because this show in particular has multiple host and the only two names I could pick up on was Lurch and John.  So I begin charting their show to see what was up on the Texans' front.
106.7 THE FAN

The guys hit on Jimmy Johnson trying out for Survivor 5 times before finally getting a shot.  In addition to, they hit on Mike Shanahan mic'd up with NFL Network.

The guys were in a heated debate when one of the host said "How are the Redskins going to keep up with the Texans when Washington only scored more than 20 points in 5 games"  After the comment was made, he begin to layout what the Texans scored in 2010.

  • Titans 34 Points

  • Jaguars 24 Points

  • Raiders 29 Points

  • Bengals 28 points

  • Niners 24 points ( he points out they have a solid defense)

  • Bills 31 Points

  • Colts 27 points

  • Seahawks 34 Points

  • Dolphins 27 Points

  • Patriots 34 points
As I was listening , I simply SMILED because he included some of the losses

After he finished rambling off the scores he said he don't know how the Redskins are going to keep up with that. 
One of the host proceeded to say we can't score against anyone.  Another host chimed in and said he felt the Redskins would lose this week but he believes they will have more games of 20 + points.  Another host said they will be lucky to score 20 points against the Texans while following it up by saying they will have to score on special teams and a defensive score.   Someone jumped in and said so are we relying on a defensive score?

Still Smiling

The crew continued on the Texans as one of them said Houston has a better offense.  It was at that time another host said how can you say Houston have a better offense than last year.  He replied with the following;

  • They have Foster

  • Balance Offense

  • No Chris Brown

  • Schaub only had 9 completions (there passing game haven't even got going yet)
  • Elite Passing

The challenging host said but you are basing all of this on ONE GAME against the Colts.  Another host said if the Texans stayed relatively healthy, they will be a top 4 team.

 I couldn't do nothing but jam some JUELZ SANTANA.  The Texans better not take the Redskins for a joke. 


Tony in DC -  he had 2 concerns, he wanted to know if the 3.4 defense would come back to haunt them because they have down linemen playing linebacker.  He does not believe Andre Coller nor Lorenzo Alexander can cover no one.  Orokpo is athletic but he can't cover no tight tend
Host - We will see, if Owen Daniels has a big day then it's not going to be a good day for the SKINS
Tony continued by saying Rocky McIntosh is probably the better cover LB and he fears the Texans' offense will expose the defense with their RBs and tight ends. 
          One of the other host playing the "HOMER" role said "You know Jason Whitten was contained.
          Tony stayed on the line and he said his other problem was Devin Thomas was not getting any play and he can catch 90 balls
           One of the host said you must be high if you think Devin can catch 90 balls
            Another host agreed by saying, here's are the people that catches 90+ Andre Johnson, Wex  and Randy Moss etc not Devin Thomas.
             After the Devin euphoria, host John said he was driving around the other night and he was thinking about the receivers and he asked himself, why is Galloway even playing
              The caller Tony was still on the line (about 6 minutes in) and one of the hosts said they don't understand why Galloway is alive.  John said he will tell them why he's alive and playing.  John went on to say, Galloway was brought in simply as a mentor in order to show the young receivers how the offense works; by week 4 or 5 he will be completely phased out.

Last week I heard the Colts crew keying on Slaton and this week I hear the RedSkins afraid of our TEs.  I love our TE depth but that's the least of the RedSkins worries.  Week day mode Lamont Mann, don't even Want the Texans to go through the air but I think they will have to in order to secure a W.  On the Jason Whitten, Dallas have an offensive problem period that points right to their OC.  Yes Whitten was contained but it was not because of the Redskins it was because an owner ordained an OC with as much power as a head coach.  Honestly I didn't know Galloway was still in the league.

Bob in Fredericksburg - Last year the Texans were a playoff team except the Colts and Bengals sat their starters which allowed the Jets to win.  He think the Texans are better this year and they are
 going to give the Skins all they can handle.

          Host Lurch said he believes the Texans will be a playoff team

Bob is spot freaking on, the Jets were a playoff team by default.  They didn't earn 9 games they earned 7 games and the other two were given to them by way of the Colts and Bengals.  One down and 2 to go.

Keith in Arlington - We are going to kill the Texans.  The Sunday night game gave us alot of confidence and momentum, our offense will pick up

   Yo Keith, I don't engage in smack talk, I just want my team to play boy and may the best man win.

They begin arguing about Galloway and Devin Thomas. I mean really?  The Redskins have one of the best QBs in the modern era with no WRs to throw the ball to, cry me a damn river.

The Sports Junkies welcomed CBS Sports play by play analyst Ian Eagle.  Ian will be calling Sunday's game in DC.

Lurch asked Ian, when you look at Houston, what do you think about their offense?
Ian said that anyone that followed the Texans for the last couple of years should not be shocked.  Absolutely they could beat the Colts. 

The only problem last year was the inconsistent running game.  Arian Foster is a stud.  He don't know anyone in this fantasy era of football that has benefited more in week 1 than Arian Foster.  He was a pretty good back @ Tennessee as well.  The funny thing about Arian is, he is more of a Mike Shanahan type of back.  Hit the hole and go.   Houston is not a fluke, this is not some feel good story, they have a lot of talent and he is not surprise by this at all.

Lurch is receiving alot of texts and people are saying the departure of Kyle Shanahan will hurt Houston
Ian said Rick Dennison knows this offense very well, he was very instrumental in building the zone blocking scheme in Denver.  He believes Gary may be more involved with the play-calling but he also was involved with Kyle.

John asked if there was added pressure with Kubiak facing his mentor.
Ian They played once when Mike was in Denver and the Texans thumped the Broncos.  he don't think it will be pressure, he's been here a while, he has other pressures such as Should he stay or should he go.  Alot of Texans did not know if he was going to be in it for the long haul because they didn't see improvement quick enough.  No there will be no added pressure but we will build it up on TV because it's a storyline.

I think I heard Ian say he worked with Kubiak in Denver but I was really surprised to hear that Kubiak was faced with the decision of staying or leaving.

Lurch don't feel you can put alot of stock in the win over the Colts.  Where do you put Houston in the AFC picture.  Are they in the upper echelon of teams?
Ian think they are better than your San Diegos, they are in the higher group of teams.  The defense has concerns at secondary but don't let Peyton numbers fool you.  He was collecting those yard at the end of the game.  Kushing comes back in week 4 and they are REALLY STRONG at LB.  Demeco is good.  Yes we are pumping the Texans up but I really believe it's legit.  It's the Texans Time.  If the Texans make the playoffs, week 1 will be the game they look back at and say they needed to experience that.

I am a cautious person by nature and I just hope this is not the Dr Jeckel and Mr Hyde syndrome.  I am not ready to say we are an elite team yet, I am ok with just saying good.  I just want to play football and see where the cards will fall.

I was only listening to the Fan to get a different perspective on the Texans but the show is so damn funny they have just acquired another fan in Houston.  The Sports Junkies had me laughing all morning over the last couple of days.  I was really feeling the Ian Eagle interview but it was a part of me that thought he was Houston's Beat writer John McClain.  This dude absolutely loved him some Texans.  I also thought it was very cool the way he laid out his itinerary upon his arrival in DC. Go check out the podcast.  It's sort of weird listening to a raunchy CBS station because KILT is more conservative.


Lamont Mann
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