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Written by: Mike In DA
Date posted: 10/8/2010


Move over “Mike and Mike in the Morning, the 1560 KGOW John and Lance Morning Show is coming to TV also. That is, if you have Comcast Channel 129.

You may have read in a previous blog here that John and Lance were coming into your living room or wherever you watch TV, but it wasn’t specific about when and where, but David Barron finally discussed it in his TV-Radio Notebook column (10/8) in the Houston Chronicle.

Starting in mid-November, the first hour of J&L’s show will be broadcast on the local Comcast Sports Southwest channel (129) from 6 to 7 AM. 

Comcast will have two robotic cameras in the 1560 KGOW studio to air the Morning Show. With sports talk radio having more commercial time per hour than does TV, J&L will stay on the air during certain segments for Comcast viewers.

I expect that when they go on TV, call volume from listeners will pick up in the 6-7 AM hour. It can’t get any worse.


Football is mostly a physical game, but it has a mental component also. And sometimes when the mental component is not working that well, bad things may happen to a team even if that team might have a physical advantage.

Look at last week’s game between the Niners and the Falcons. The Niners led the game 14-13 with 1:31 to play; Nate Clements (pictured) of the 49ers intercepted a Matt Ryan pass at the Falcons' 49 and started running up the left sideline. Roddy White stripped the ball; the Falcons recovered at their own 7 yardline. Then they drove the field for a game winning field goal in the final 1:22 of the game. And here is the mental component of what happened.

The Niners did not need to score to win the game; they needed the clock to run. The Falcons had all three timeouts and that is why they could drive the field throwing the ball inside or outside on their final drive. Had Clements simply gone down in a heap at the Falcons 45 yardline, the Niners could have run three plays and forced the Falcons to use all of their timeouts and then punted the ball to the Falcons with less than 1:22 left to play but with the Falcons having no timeouts to work with.

I won’t go so far as to say that scoring a TD on the play was meaningless because the Falcons could still have tied the game with a TD and a 2-point conversion, but running the clock and removing the Falcons’ timeouts was probably the smarter play.

Of course, 20-20 hindsight makes me sound brilliant.


In recent years, some sports teams have started the concept of variable ticket pricing as a way to increase their bottom line. In short, variable pricing translates to this:

Bad opponents = high ticket prices
Better opponents = higher ticket prices
Best opponents = the highest ticket prices

When teams first announce and then implement such a pricing plan, many fans become displeased. For reasons that are not clear to me, some fans seem to believe that they have the right to pay the same admission price to see teams like the New York Yankees and Philadelphia Phillies, as they do to see teams like the Seattle Mariners and Pittsburgh Pirates.

These fans never say it, but the implication is that only the lowest price for the worst teams is the justifiable ticket price; never would they agree that the highest price ought to be applied to every game.

Every time I hear or read such an argument, I wonder if these people have ever gone to a restaurant and become pissed at the fact that a 24-ounce T-bone steak costs more than the spaghetti and meatballs or the lasagna.


As predicted here last month with the oncoming of the football season, SportsRadio610 AM (aka KILT AM) regained the lead among Houston’s four all-sports stations in the Arbitron ratings for men 25-54 during September and also regained the lead in morning drive over KFNC (ESPN 97.5 FM).

SR610 was up by seven-tenths of a point over August and moved into 16th place among all Houston stations in men 25-54 for morning drive. KFNC still leads at middays, but SR610 moved back in front in afternoon drive and evenings.

In the overall ratings for people 12-and-over in the sports talk category, SR 610 leads with a 0.9 (25th overall in the market), followed by a tie with Sports Talk 790 and 97.5 FM with a 0.4 (tied for 30th overall), with 1560 KGOW picking up the rear at 0.2 (tied for 39th overall).


Although the Brett Favre penis story is currently in the news, it was just about 2.5 years ago that a similar story came out about then-ESPN analyst, Sean Salisbury, taking a picture of his penis on his cell phone, then showing the picture to horrified female co-workers at a party with the introductory phrase, “Do you wanna see a picture of my baby?”

The story first came out on CBS Sportsline. ESPN suspended the former USC and NFL quarterback over the entire fiasco. That story, more than anything, has always been thought to be the reason behind Salisbury’s eventual dismissal by ESPN. After hanging on with some internet company, Salisbury eventually found work doing talk radio in Dallas, but according to wiki, no longer works at that job. I assume that he has still never recovered the prestige, national audience, or the money he made with ESPN.

Salisbury has always sworn the incident never happened. He even did a sit down with the website "" during which he repeatedly denied the entire penis-on-a-cellphone thing ever happened.

Now, unfortunately, the entire story has been brought up again, as "Deadspin" has come up with an eyewitness to the alleged incident. The "Deadspin" posting is interesting to say the least (

This story is bound to make Salisbury the focus of national ridicule yet again. To show you how low this guy's career has gone, he may end up as part of the rotation of guests on the 1560 Evening Show with Messrs. Nuno and Raheel.

Maybe Nuno and Raheel can get him to discuss the allegations or ask him to show them the video of him "burping" his baby.



1. Dwayne Jarrett was released by the Carolina Panthers after his second arrest on DWI charges. If my review of the stats is correct, Jarrett has more DWI arrests (2) than TDs (1) in his four years with the Panthers. Just a guess, but I don’t think his agent will have the phone jumping off the hook with offers for Jarrett’s employment come February 2011.

2. The Chicago Bears soiled themselves and their bedding on Sunday night vs. the NY Giants. Their showing on national TV was miserable; no player or coach should find anything worthwhile coming out of that game.

3. How long after he returns to action will Ben Roethlisberger go into a visiting stadium and see a sign that says: Welcome Back Genital Ben!”? After the bye week this week, the Steelers are home against Cleveland and then go to Miami, New Orleans, and Cincy on a three-week road trip. My guess is that if those kinds of signs come out, it will be in Cincy for the Bengals game.

4. I guess no one can be surprised that the Dolphins fired special teams’ coach, Joe Bonamego, after the catastrophic showing by the Dolphins' special teams in the MNF game against the Patriots. Firing the coach in that circumstance is not that unusual, but if there were to be real accountability here, a few of the special teams' players would be wondering where their next paycheck would be coming from, also.

5. The Dolphins had better use their bye week productively because they come back from the time off to visit the Packers and then host the Steelers. Sitting at 2-2 now, they don't want to be 2-4 going into Halloween.

6. The Patriots are finished basking in the glory of Monday’s rout of the Dolpins. Now they can adjust to the reality that their best deep threat at WR, Randy Moss, is no longer with them. It's back to basics now because they return to action with an interesting trio of games. First, they host the Ravens; then they travel to the west coast to play the Chargers; then they host the Vikings in the “Randy Moss Homecoming Game”. There are no easy ones in this threesome.

7. When the Patriots won on Monday night, it marked Tom Brady’s 100th win as a starting QB. He has done that in 131 starts, which sets an NFL record. The previous record for getting 100 wins in the fewest number of starts belonged to Joe Montana who did it in 139 starts.

8. The Seahawks have a bye week this week and if they use it well it might be a perfect way for them to come back and establish themselves in the lousy NFC West. With a week off to heal and to get new teammate, Marshawn Lynch (pictured), familiar with their system, the Seahawks return to a less than fearsome schedule at Chicago, home vs. the Cardinals, at Oakland, home vs. the Giants, and at the Cardinals. If they find three wins in those five games, they might be in charge of the NFC West on November 16th.

9. The Jacksonville Jaguars signed Todd Bouman (pictured) two weeks ago presumably to be the backup QB. He is 38 and has been out of football for a while. Then the Jags signed Trent Edwards when he was cut from Buffalo and so the Jags released Bouman on Tuesday (10/5). I wonder how fans in Jacksonville will recall the Todd Bouman Era?

10. My Oakland Raiders continued a bad streak last week failing to sell out McAfee Coliseum for the ninth consecutive home game.

11. The St. Louis Rams are hot. Not only have they won two straight and twice as many games as last year, but they have broken some disgraceful streaks in doing so. Two weekends ago, they broke a 14-game home losing streak beating the Washington Redskins. Last weekend, they broke a 10-game losing streak to the Seattle Seahawks. In the Seahawks game, the Rams did not give up a TD and they recorded four sacks. I wonder what they might do this week at Detroit?

12. I try to watch those one-hour NFL pre-game shows on Sunday mornings when I'm home, but they are still too long for my taste; like 40 minutes too long.


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Earlis said...

I had flashback of Lester the Molester from I think it was Play Boy is quite common on the internet for
both men and Women to send pix of their genitalia operandus ..
Is it stupid? Well yeah simply because it can come back to haunt you in America...In Europe hardly raises a eyebrow..
Now Shaun was really stupid..what is it with these quarterbacks...Our man in Pitt Mr. Rothlink...shuan the weinie waver and
now Favre is alledgedly of the same ilk...
Man even Mike Vick is making better decisions than that..