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It was reported the announcer may have pulled his groin on this play as with about a minute left in the game, Batesville's Matthew Showalter picked up a Yellowjacket fumble and took it 97 yards for a touchdown, giving the Pioneers a victory over Wynne last Friday (10/15) in Arkansas 5A action.

2. Lincecum Song:

3. Soccer Goal Celebrations:

4. Slam Dunk Chump:


Earlis left comments re the 10/18 post, "COMMENTS FROM THE PEANUT GALLERY - MIKE IN DA - OC...":

“Yeah I love Barry (Warner). I guess he gets a pass because of his history here...yup the mouth of the south they used to call him... He had an edge that made him stand but he tore his azz with a boss one time too many as I recall...and yeah he is probably a shadow of his former self. In Houston, people love news/sports people that stand the test of time.. In other markets, as you age, the door on your career starts to close whereas in Houston you can stay in the box chillin’ like vintage” END

Also, Earlis had a question about Tom Matte who played for the Baltimore Colts from 1961-72. Here’s my response:

"Late in the 1965 season, Matte filled in as an emergency Baltimore Colts’ QB when Johnny Unitas and Gary Cuozzo went down with season-ending injuries in consecutive home losses to the Bears and Packers. For the Colts' last game of the season and the following weekend's playoff game at Green Bay (an OT loss resulting from a missed Packer field goal that was mistakenly ruled good – no instant replays then), Colts coach, Don Shula, gave Matte a list of plays on a wristband that Matte wore. That wristband is now on display in Canton OH at the Pro Football Hall of Fame. I have no idea who once called Matte a ‘garbage can RB’, but Alex Karras would be a definite candidate.” END

Robnemar left a comment re Lamont Mann’s 10/19 post, "WHOSE STYLE OR CONTENT WILL DYLAN GWINN STEAL NEXT?"

"I hate to be the guy that complains about somebody and what they do for a living. BUT, Dylan Gwinn is just continuing to be an embarrassment. He seems to be over his head. I don't mind disagreements with a host or anybody in any walk of life. But when he was talking about the Ryder Cup and how he thought it was irrelevant because of the time it was shown here in the states on ESPN because of the European time difference, that was the most uneducated, ignorant, and foolish take I have ever heard in my sports radio listening history. I felt for Matt Thomas when he was trying to explain to him how absurd that opinion was. I still have to shake my head as to how this guy ever got on the radio. It just doesn't make sense.” END.

Jim M. also commented on the above post:

“I think it’s insulting to Lesbian Craig if you are seeing similarities in Dylan that reminds you of Lesbian Craig. Dylan is Grade A rubbish. I don't believe he's fake, phony, or any other negative name you want to label him by. I simply think he's awful as a radio personality. He is nothing more than another Caucasian on the radio taking advantage of his skin color because there is no way in the hell will I believe he was hired on talent. I work from home and thanks to Dylan and Josh (Innes), I no longer listen mid-mornings. I use that time to plant my roses.” END

Earlis also commented on Lamont’s post:

"I suppose Dylan’s hiring involved thoughts that he would be like soft porn...that is not the snot snorting shock jock, but more of a stealth version that tugs at the heart strings of young white guyz... He really is chopped liver...I don't even listen...I think the public should express disdain to management and sponsorship alike.” END.

Chelise left a comment also on the above posting:

”OK, I am officially in tears. This video is wickedly funny. "What are you talking about Rick?" I don't even know who this guy is and I only visit this blog for music and I like to read some of the stories, but Dylan video is funny. Keep up the good work.” END

Shon chimed in also:

"He needs to do a better job in stealing styles because he is straight up stupid. Like HMW, I purposely listen to this guy for comic relief because he's wack. For example, yesterday was the NFL trade deadline. The Matt Thomas Show was starting so they were talking about Jacoby Jones weekly visit on Matt's show. Dickhead Dylan tells Matt "this may be your last time talking to Jacoby". Matt was like what do you mean, are you saying Jacoby may be traded? Dickhead Dylan replied, I have my sources, people have told him some things. I was laughing so hard because dickhead Dylan don't have that kind of insider access." END

Anonymous then made it short and sweet on the same topic:

“Holy shit,you boys are going to make that man cry on the radio.” END

Earlis was working overtime, as he also left a comment re Richard Walker’s post of 10/15, "THE STATE OF THE DALLAS COWBOYS - RICHARD "COMMON ..."

"Wow...excellent article...indeed I think even the Texans owner was a little too involved, his policy about goody two shoes players only really hurt the success of the team and what the GM could have brought to the table to improve the team in fact this probably impacted their ability to make the playoffs in years past...To Mr. McNair’s credit he changed that said Jerry's (Jones)discredit he has not been able to reinvent himself or change his meddlesome ways...his decision making and management style is killing the Cowboys... "The Myth" is the hype that propels the brand in the marketplace...much as Notre Dame lives off their storied past the Cowboys fake the funk and fool the public...As with the "Irishmen" that gloried past trick is getting old... So what we have here is two old dogs needing new tricks.” END



On the 9/22 "John and Lance Morning Show” on 1560 KGOW, John and Lance mocked the two one-hour University of Oklahoma coaches’ shows on their station that are on Tuesday and Thursday nights, respectively, during the college football season. And although I’ve been a regular caller to the OU show with Bob Stoops for a number of years now, they had a point.

Not  only does OU have two coaches’ shows here in Houston on 1560, but the University of Texas has one on SR 610, as do the University of Houston, Texas A&M, and Texas Tech on Sports Talk 790 and Rice University even has one on 97.5 FM, but since I can’t pick up the station, I’ve never heard it.

Houston is not Baton Rouge, Gainesville, Knoxville, Tuscaloosa, etc. It’s a city with people from everywhere who have attended a plethora of colleges around the U.S.  Houston has professional sports, so unless you’re an alumnus or root for any of these college teams you probably have little, if no interest in these coach shows.

On these college shows, the coaches repeat the same lines and clich├ęs, over and over again just like the professional coaches do. The show’s host and the callers never ask the coach a difficult or even real interesting question. These shows are so vanilla that the station can play a show from two years ago and nobody would notice the difference.

The shows are as boring and uninteresting as those college football recruiting hours we hear on sports talk around recruiting time in early February. But since these coaches’ shows continue on air, I assume that the stations make a nice profit from the sponsors of the shows, bleeding the alumni's love and support of these schools.


I realize that breast cancer is horrible and it's an honorable thing that the NFL is doing by raising money for breast cancer research and treatment, but what I do not like is seeing bright pink shoes and pink towels and pink gloves added on the field.

All the teams have specific colors and uniforms; none of the NFL teams feature “bubble-gum pink” in their logo or the team colors. It was okay at first; now I’m put off with all this pinkness.

I'm okay with the logos on the field. I'm okay with the sponsorship relationship that the NFL and the breast cancer people have put together. I'm okay with putting a small pink logo on each jersey. And I'll be happy when October ends and there are no more pink shoes/gloves/towels on the field during games.


Matt Thomas of Sports Radio 790 was saved from a flub on Wednesday (10/20) when he received info from a listener regarding a survey taken of 320 NFL players as to who was the most underrated QB in the league. The top five included Vince Young and Ben Roethlisberger with Phil Rivers being #1 on the overrated list. As he was reading it, it didn’t make much sense to me, but then Matt realized it was a survey from 2008. So we’ll give the listener a flub for giving outdated information.

Mighty Gwinn, however, didn’t disappoint providing a flub when discussing ESPN’s attempt to have the teams on this past Monday Night Football game between Tennessee and Jacksonville call time outs in the last two minutes, so that ESPN could get in some commercials.

Mighty then told the story of what happened back during overtime of an NFL Championship Game between the New York Giants and then Baltimore Colts, when the Colts were on the eight-yard line of the Giants. A fan ran out onto the field at Yankee Stadium, causing the game to be delayed. The "fan" was actually an NBC employee who was ordered to create a distraction because the national television feed had gone dead. The difficulty was the result of a pulled plug, and the delay in the game bought NBC enough time to fix the problem before the next play.

The flub here is that Dylan said the game was played in 1956, but it was actually 1958. Any sports talk host over 30 years of age worth anything should know that, but since Dylan couldn’t even pronounce John Wooden’s name right a while back (Matt Thomas and I corrected him on air), I should not be surprised that he didn’t know the year of what was billed as “The Greatest Game Ever Played”.


Here is an example of a coach who just might be trying to make a name for himself, such that he can break into a higher level of college football. Jacksonville University beat Valparaiso last week, 86-7. The starting QB for Jacksonville was still in the game when the score reached 73-7 late in the 3rd quarter. I understand that mismatches happen, but there comes a point where starters need to be on the bench in a rout like this one. Since I think he is trying to make a name for himself to get a “bigger job”, I won't give his name, so that he won't get any more “Google hits”.

For the record, Valparaiso is not a good football team this year and the Jacksonville coaches had to know that. The Crusaders are 0-7 on the year. They lost one game by two points. In the other six games, their closest loss was by 34 points.


Move over 610, 790, 1560, and 97.5, there’s a new sheriff in town; a Spanish speaking sheriff, that is.

Contrary to popular belief, there are five, not four, 24-hour sports talk stations in Houston. Since early this year, KGOL (notice the call letters- GOOOOOOOOOLLL!!!) has been using ESPN Deportes programming to fill up the 24 hours per day, but this past Monday it started its first local talk show from 11 am – noon with local broadcasters Adrian Chavarria (above left), Alex Parra (right), and Enrique Vasquez.

Since the HMW staff is not too fluent in Spanish, we will not be monitoring the station, which will make the station's manager, Rick Cruz-Aedo, feel a little more comfortable, as KGOL hopes to add local morning and afternoon drive shows and doesn't want HMW breathing down his neck.

I did listen to a soccer game on KGOL for about 10 minutes last Saturday afternoon (10/16) and it sounded very exciting though I had no idea what was going on except when the announcer screamed out “GOOOOOOOOOLLL!!!”.


Last week, all the local sports talk shows hit upon the story in SI (Sports Illustrated for the acronym-challenged) about former sports agent, Josh Luchs, admitting that he had paid college football players.

The Peanut Gallery doesn’t think there is any real news involved in that story other than the name of a specific former agent and the names of a couple of dozen actual former college football players. There was really no surprise by the revelations in that story.

For those sports talk hosts who seemed to be in awe of the SI revelation, here are some more things about colleges and college athletics that they may want to know: college football players get paid under the table; fraternities hold parties where alcohol is served to underage kids; sexual activities occur at those fraternity parties outside of marriage; college athletes take “sham” courses and are helped in those courses to get grades that make them appear to be student-athletes: and academic counselors for college athletes might every so often write a term paper for an athlete or fill out a take-home exam for an athlete.


Question: Wilt Chamberlain became the all-time leading NBA scorer on February 14, 1966 when he scored his 20,881st point. Name the guy who was the first to reach 20,000 points. Answer is just below.

Answer: Bob Pettit (LSU) who played for the St. Louis and Atlanta Hawks, retired at the end of the 1965 season with 20,880 points and a 25.5 ppg average.


When the MLB playoffs start, Cliff Lee must dash into an alley to change into a Superman costume because that's who he pitches like when the playoffs come along. Monday night Cliff struck out 13 batters and gave up only two hits. Yet when he left the game after eight innings, it looked like he was more dominant than that. There were times in the game where it looked as if he was rehabbing against a Single A minor league team like the Cedar Rapids Kernels, not the Yankees.


"Hold your water. Just hold your water. Don't know what it means, but coaches like Herm always say it." - Chris Spielman

"Boom goes the Dan Herron!" - Rece Davis on an OSU-Wisconsin highlight

"He was just a half-step from taking it to the paydirt." - David Norrie (UCF-Marshall)

"Moore's not satisfied. Moore wants more." - Dave Lapham

"Kenny Demens came up and made an attacking kind of tackle." - Ron Franklin

"Last year, Lattimore was the best college player except he was playing in high school" - Trevor Matich

"...great field awareness, tremendous balance...and awareness." - Chris Martin after Larry Caper's TD in MSU/Illinois game.

Tebow, he's thick. Here's Denard, [holds up pen]" - Trevor Matich

"They oughtta put a skirt on ‘em." - Bob Griese, in reference to quarterback rules now

"Florida hasn't lost three in a row since Emmitt Smith's senior year." - Clay Matvick on Florida/Mississippi State. Emmitt Smith didn't HAVE a senior year. He left after his junior year, which was actually 1989, the year AFTER Florida last lost three in a row

"Tonight from Morgantown." - Beth Mowins in UCF/Marshall game – the game was being played in Huntington, WV

"Go channel your inner pirate" - Mike Leach

"I'm a big fan of pirates in general." - Mike Leach

"Plenty of time on the play clock" - Roger Twibell

"I don't care if you're playing pee-wee football, or "Little Sisters of the Poor", if you're shutting teams out for six quarters, you're playing good defense." - Dave Lapham

"According to that yellow line, which is not official, but is awfully close." - Mike Patrick

"Cam Newton has thrown for 140 yards and passed for 191." - Gary Danielson

"Nice tackle by that cheerleader... She really put her face right in there.... BAM!!!" - Matt Millen

"At the end of the day the team that scores the most in this ballgame is going to win the game" - Verne Lundquist

"Do you realize there are only three main killers (colors with his impediment): red, green and yellow? But think of what Michaelangelo did with those killers." - Lou Holtz as Mack Brown before the game

"Jeff Mullens says he plays from the neck up." - Jesse Palmer

"He is a 230-pound ballerina." - Dave Lapham

"Most people like sandwiches with their Biere, don't they?" - Dave Lapham after Kansas tight end, Tim Biere, got crushed by a couple of KSU defenders



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