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Written By: Craig Shelton
Date Posted: 10/6/2010

The NBA pre-season got kicked off here with the local story being the return of the Yao Ming to the Rockets lineup (3pts, 3 rbs, 12 mins). Clearly though, the biggest NBA story to kickoff the season nationally is the inaugural season of the "big three" down on South Beach. With that thought in mind, I couldn't help but revisit the Lebron James saga and its latest saga.


Isn't it incumbent upon mature adults to act like mature adults? When mature adults conduct themselves as mature adults, what does it look like? Does it have an identifiable odor or a built-in mechanism that sort of warns us, you know, like a diamondback's rattle-rattling to advising us we're in the presence of mature adults, acting like mature adults?

How is it that we "mature adults" manage to overanalyze everything and in the same sentence undervalue the very images we've immortalized into its present state of "diva-like" existence? Why is it that as "mature adults", we ignore the very values we teach our children while we pass off our pathetic behavior as acceptable within the parameters of "doing our jobs"? It's okay that we "mature adults" sit on public radio and television stations and make personally insulting remarks that go way beyond the parameters of professional journalism, when it's convenient to our personal agendas?


I've always been amazed when I would listen to the assessment of LeBron James by many in media describing James as wise beyond his years, really? I've never listened to LeBron James speak and came away from it thinking "this is a wisdom child" or an individual that is extremely intelligent and articulate beyond his years.

What I would take away from Lebron James' conversations or comments was, here's a kid that needs mentoring by an intelligent grounded male figure to assure he realizes all of his potential off the court, more so than on the court.

Folks have allowed themselves to become so enamored with the smoke screen that is Lebron James' physical presence and his on-court super human abilities, that we lost sight of the glaring inconsistencies in his media image as opposed to his true level of maturity.


We've all known for years that Lebron James fathered children out of wedlock, which means he made the "immature" decisions to have unprotected sex and father children, barely removed from childhood himself.

Folks when we would hear Lebron James being interviewed and we would hear him say regarding his ability, that "it's just God-given talent" what came to mind? Didn't you think, hey kid, humble yourself, you just don't say things like that about yourself. A sign of immaturity, I think, moreso than total arrogance?

Folks when you would sit back on a Sunday afternoon watching the NBA and Lebron James, and the Cavs would be on the court dancing and acting like a damned fool on the bench, what were you thinking? Were you thinking that this is a great kid who's really maturing well, or were you resigned to the reality of the moment that Lebron James is a big kid?


This is a simple observation for me to make personally, mainly because I've refrained from overanalyzing the situation folks, its not rocket science people. LEBRON JAMES IS JUST LIKE YOU'RE 20-SOMETHING KID, HE'S IMMATURE! Don't paint it black folks, paint it the color of reality.


For my money folks, Lebron James is a serious freak on the court and I know I'm watching greatness. I won't have my enjoyment and privilege to "witness" such an awesome player tainted by the agendas of the mainstream media and its salty agendas that always seem to peak when young black athletes flaw publicly. I'm going to enjoy the talent on the floor and not worry with the girlish antics of fat old angry impotent members of the majority media.

If I were Lebron James I would take my talents to Bristol, CT, for one more TV broadcast to announce that the entire media machine can use they're talents to "KISS MY ASS!"

Craig Shelton
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Earlis said...

Back in the day the Temptations had a song
The Way You do the things you do
The way LaBron did the damn thang
exposed his azz to ridicule...24 hour media
and ain to much really goin on at the time then the media will
put yo unsophisticated azz on blast..
Once the season gets poppin LaBron
will be all that and a bag of chips... Hopefully
he learned from the experience and can also pick on what
it takes to win championships cuz he was clueless in
Cleveland from that standpoint...

robnemar said...

Lebron continues to fail in my opinion. Last week when the story about him and his belief that his negative ratings are attributed to the race issue let me know that this guy still fails to see the point of the brutal summer that he had. He is the guy that for anything that happens to him, it is never his fault. Everyone else is to blame. I guess part of me can understand how Lebron is the man that we see today. I don't think he was ever taught to be anything different than who he is. I couldn't imagine what it would be like to be in high school and know that people are watching you play your games on ESPN. So I think there are many contributers to the monster that we now see as Lebron. People like that are hard pressed to learn the things that we normal people see and know. You see it everyday. Lindsay Lohan can't stay out of rehab. Paris Hilton stays in court for one thing or the other. It is just not normal to live that kind of life for all of us on the outside looking in. I think when we judge Lebron or anyone in that high profile of a light, we don't think rationally and incorporate in our judgement how they see things according to how their life is. We just hold everyone accountable to the standard of our own life or lives. I don't think we have enough people that care about these people to help them to be different or make the hard choices for them. So we will always be chasing this cat's tail. With that said, I still am disappointed in Lebron. The race card was just an easy card to use to still never take responsibilty for the negative execution of his decision. His own personal choice. I just hope that he comes across someone down the road that really cares about him enough to one, get him to listen and then two, teach him a better way to be. I wish him luck.