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Written by Rick Tindal
Date posted: 11/12/2010

For several seasons, the Houston Texans have been stuck in mediocrity. Some aspects of Houston Sports Radio has been stuck in the same place. In recent months, Sports Radio 610 in particular, has been accused of being soft on Bob McNair, Gary Kubiak and the Texans in general. In my opinion, there is a difference in being soft and being respectful. There is also a difference between being tough on the Texans and just being ignorant.

There are those in the Houston Media that are known for calling out the Texans, Rockets and Astros when things are not going well. Some love to do it. John Lopez for a long time beat the Tracy McGrady story like he was the one that discovered that McGrady was no longer effective for the Rockets. My problem with that is rarely were valid solutions to the issue ever presented.

Having the cajones to say the Texans are stuck in mediocrity is not journalism, it’s not new and it is not good sports talk. A blind monkey can tell that the Texans have problems on defense among other issues.

For my case, I am going to take on “The Mighty Gwinn” of Sports Talk 790. On Wednesday, we heard another case where he ranted that Bob McNair was a bad owner. He said Gary Kubiak was a bad coach. He patted himself on the back countless times because he discovered the Texans were an average team.

As my 12 year old daughter would say “Well duh!”

My point is Dylan Gwinn did little to offer solutions to any of the Texans problems. He pointed out that Bob McNair should have never given Kubiak an extension. There was no reason to. Well Dylan…. Wrong again. Kubiak needed an offensive coordinator. He could not get the person he wanted with only a year left on his contract. Who would accept a promotion to a staff that may be dismissed in a year? You could argue that Kubiak should have been fired. Well, he wasn’t, so let’s move on.


Simply calling a team out, but offering no solutions is almost as frustrating for me as a loss by the Texans. It is rubbing salt in an open wound. We all know that Gary Kubiak should have run the ball against the Colts. Gary Kubiak knows he should have done it. We all also know Gary Kubiak will not be fired before the end of the season. He probably won’t be fired at all. So what are we left with?

Well for now we are left with a team that is 4-4 and struggling. We are left with a team that has very little options at this point in time. So simply saying the Texans are making a mistake by leaving Kareem Jackson out there is not helping. What would you have the team do instead? THAT is the issue.

So let’s talk about what we should do. Let’s talk about why Troy Nolan is not simply getting more playing time but actually starting. Let’s talk about why Antwaun Molden who the coaches have liked enough to keep him around is not getting snaps to see what he can do. Let’s talk about lobbying for Wade Phillips to be brought in as the new defensive coordinator. You can even suggest that Eric Winston be moved to the defensive line if you want. In short, I don’t care if it is a bad idea as long as it is an idea.

So let’s quit all this talk about what is wrong. We see it every Sunday starting around 12 noon. Better yet let’s leave Mondays as a day for pointing out the obvious and venting. Then from Tuesday until kickoff we discuss game plans and ideas. We are the fans. They do it for us. So let's tell them what we want instead of just telling them they suck.

Rick Tindal
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Timothy said...

So basically you are saying sports talk personalities reduce themselves to fans thereby removing the objectivity of their job? The only bad thing about this article was referencing Dylan as real personality to begin with. Dylan is similar to living next to a railroad line or an airport, simply annoying noise.

Earlis said...

"Pay the man Shirley"

(Way to go Rick, now that was Real Talk...)

Go TSU Tigers!!!


Craig, I need u to sign my petition...

I 'm trying express the need for Timmy Chan to
upgrade the menu to include chicken backs!

United we stand my brotha!