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Written by: Craig Shelton
Date posted: 11/12/2010

We folks that live via the Facebook & Twitter social networking communities are always a step ahead of the game. We receive info regarding news, sports, entertainment, gossip, etc. real time and are usually the most informed individuals around the water cooler and beauty & barber shops for that reason.

If you follow blogs or online media sources and you have yet to launch your very own Twitter account, well what the hell are you waiting for? Get with the program already! I mean, where else can you find yourself smack dab in the middle of hip hop history unfolding right before your very eyes.

Yesterday, I observed a tweet coming across my Crackberry (credit that phony a-hole Jim Rome for the "Crackberry" slang) from West Coast hip hop artist The Game.

The Game's tweet was directed at the international superstar rapper and actor Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson. The Game and 50 Cent have been in a full-throttle hip hop beef mode for the past several years, after The Game's mainstream career began working with Dr. Dre and 50 Cent. Judging from the tweets I provided below from The Game and what I will define as a cameo tweet appearance from 50 Cent, it appears The Game is ready to reconcile their professional relationship.


There was a moment in recent hip hop history when The Game and 50 Cent had the collective following of the east, west, and 3rd coast hip hop community. Those days are gone and most fans of hip hop in the Houston market I interact with feel that 50 Cent and the Game are hip hop bullies that have allowed their personal issues and immaturity handcuff their personal and professional growth.

Personally, I disagree with the latter part of that statement because 50 Cents has expanded his professional growth into that of a Hollywood film star. The Game has done so as well, but to a lesser extent. Both rappers have proven to be surprisingly comfortable on the big screen and I would anticipate a bright film making career for both.

If 50 Cent, The Game, and the associated members of G-Unit were to get back in the studio together as The Game suggested on Twitter Wednesday, it truly would be an interesting scenario for hardcore and mainstream hip hop fans to experience. The issues are rather or not Hollywood hip hop egos will conform to a template that promotes a greater good for the hip hop nation?

Personally speaking, I don't believe it's possible because hip hop breakup usually have long legs and a complex myriad of branches that usually include dangerous geographic parameters that most wouldn't want to get crossed up in. Too much talking, too many insults, too many ugly truths that folks didn't want out there, and just too much of a volatile mixture of a guy with a dangerous persona that has to be upheld.

I've been there as a member of the local underground hip hop gangsta rap group Crime Family Organization (CFO) aka the South Acres Crime Family. I remember the atmosphere of discontent when I left the group for a solo project in the early 2000's.

Hip hop breakups are no "game".


thegame: @50cent All it take is "ONE PHONE CALL" ! U call me, I call BUCK, tell Banks holla at Yayo & dat puts HIP HOP @ OUR MERCY! #UknowUcdisNIGGA

thegame: Anybody don't like it, FUCK YALL !!! Out wit the EGO'S... we were once DOMINANT !!! It's TIME "CURTIS" !!! Yo call nigga. #GAMErecognizeGAME

thegame: RT @DECT20: @thegame @50cent can one of yall pay my tuition b4 yall save hiphop?

thegame: RT @s_thorn: @thegame @50cent I feel like I'm about to watch hip-hop history go down via twitter lol

thegame: Naw, Im not drunk. IM SOBER AS F**K holla'n @ a nigga str8 up. If it never happen, SO WHAT !!! But let it b known I extended an olive branch

thegame: RT @Mysonne1: I think the world might stand still if @50cent and @thegame Reconcilled and Made hits Again!! What yall think??

thegame: RT @SwaggyKiid: @thegame and @50cent finna get it crackin again..Shits gon be over wen tht happens.. Name one group tht can fuck wit em? ...

50cent: what are you guys talking about i dont talk to game i have had no communication whit him in years.

thegame: RT @SwaggyKiid: @thegame and @50cent finna get it crackin again..Shits gon be over wen tht happens.. Name one group tht can fuck wit em? ...

thegame: RT @ArashGhaderi086: if @thegame and @50cent not beefing anymore. it will be the best shit to ever going down. fuck all the bs! #RealTalk

50cent: man the H.F.M 2 is hot thats whats up pre order it now on itunes

thegame: RT @KingShaneofLA: @thegame gotta give you props thats a grown man move hopefully he responds

thegame: RT @AdnanHubanic: @thegame What you trying to do is what this world needs the most Peace and people to reach to each others with no hate ...

thegame: RT @JoRo87Yo: HEY @50cent your fans are callin you out were u at b a man hit up @thegame

thegame: RT @JoRo87Yo: HEY @50cent your fans are callin you out were u at b a man hit up @thegame

thegame: CHECK IT: If the nigga @50cent reaches out or not, sumn BIG was accomplished here today ! Opinions were re-shaped & we connected thru music.

thegame: That's what I got into this sh*t for anyway. Music drove me to SUCCESS, changed my lifestyle & now Im able 2 TAKE CARE of my kids & FAMILY.

thegame: I gotta HEART like every1 readin dis. Its not about being SOFT, its about keeping it 100 with yourself & on my level dat SPEAKS VOLUMES !!!

thegame: it's called GROWTH & DEVELOPMENT and as a MAN you will come to a point where your faced with a decision.

thegame: & all you young people out there remember: I was 22 like you & wild as f**k & just havin fun.. so I encourage you to LIVE IT UP

thegame: But you too will be faced with the challenge of GROWIN UP & handling ur biz as an ADULT & all the sh*t that used to matter will be a MEMORY

thegame: It's called LIFE'S CYCLE. We all go through it, but some of us dont make it 2 the OTHER SIDE. I pray that YOU ALL make it... HATERS as well.

thegame: I'm 31 yrs old in 18 days. 5 bullets, 2 dead brothers, 2 raped sisters & countless dead homies ! Seen it, Done it, Shed tears & CHANGED IT !

thegame: HATERS gotta job to do though, so let's MOVE out they way & let em' put they HOURS IN.


thegame: & just for the record: @50cent WROTE THE HOOK !!!

thegame: HATE is a DISEASE that kills more than CANCER & HIV combined. But un-like the two, HATE can be CURED one PERSON at a time -The Game

thegame: 1 LOVE.

Craig Shelton


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