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Written by: Mike in DA/SR CREW
Date posted: 11/27/2010



Last week, on one of the ESPN family members, I heard the following announcement several times that “Lou Holtz will be here to tell you why Wisconsin needs to be on 'upset alert' this Saturday!”

Wisconsin was playing Michigan. Wisconsin had scored 83 points the prior week vs. Indiana and was facing a Michigan defense that hadn’t made a stop since Michigan dropout Madonna was a virgin. Michigan had seven wins, couldn’t go to the Rose Bowl, and had the "Big Game" vs. Ohio State on deck.

If they were going to pull an upset, it would be one week later vs. the Buckeyes. Naturally, Wisconsin, romped all over Michigan from the start. The 48-28 win was never in doubt. After the game, they cut to Holtz in the studio with his pal Mark May. Lou mentioned nothing about his upset alert. Unlike, gamblers who put up their money when they smell an "upset alert" and pay for it if they’re wrong, these ESPN guys never replay their pre-game, motor-mouthed, space-filling, attention-getting crap.

Holtz mumbled some garbage about Wisconsin being a very strong team with a lot of seniors. It sounded like: “Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.” Well, why would a very strong team with a lot of seniors need to be on "upset alert" before playing a not-so-strong, much younger team? That’s probably so ESPN could hype the telecast, as they usually do. When was the last time they said that one of their games may be a one-sided dull game, not worth investing three hours of your time to watch it. Probably never.

It’s only going to get worse now that college basketball has begun. Every team that wins big will be Final Four material and it will be a shock when any one of them loses an early-season game. These guys look at scores and they think those scores will be repeated every game despite different match-ups. Sometimes, you can’t tell what they’re actually thinking when they talk.

ESPN’s college basketball blah-blah-blah guy is Andy Katz, who was doing color commentary on another network (NESN) in a UConn blowout win over Stony Brook. During the telecast of that game, he said something like, “Gee, Georgia Southern upset Notre Dame tonight and a lot of people thought Notre Dame was going to be a contender for the Big East title this season.” Immediately, you would think that he must have been fooled by a women’s basketball score, those annoying, distracting, girlie-sham scores we all have to put up with for no good reason.

But Georgia Southern’s women did not play Notre Dame that night. Nor did Notre Dame men get upset by Georgia Southern. Notre Dame had destroyed Georgia Southern 98-61. So, was this guy on drugs or smoking some good dope, which is what most ESPN announcers seem to be on when they offer opinions or try to describe what’s going on?



Speaking of Wisconsin, its coach, Bret Bielema, has been condemned at least three times for what he has done this season -- running up the score. Besides beating Indiana, 83-20, Wiscy also beat Austin Peay, 70-3. In addition, Bielema had Wisconsin go for two with a 41-16 fourth quarter lead against Minnesota. All three times, Bielema was criticized.

That’s exactly what legendary Grambling coach, Eddie Robinson, was guilty of during his career. The brother piled it on every chance he got. Robinson’s coaching record at Grambling was 408-165-15 from 1941-97, as he is the winningest coach in Division 1 (actually 1-AA), though Joe Paterno is closing in with 401 wins, as of this writing.

Back in 1994, Robby used a tackle-eligible play to score a two-pointer to take a 46-6 lead over Morgan State. Then he called a timeout for his offense to try to score again with two seconds left in the half with a 53-6 lead. Grambling beat Morgan State that day, 87-12. Under Robinson, Grambling beat Mississippi Valley State, 93-0 and 72-14. And there were those regular stompings of the Prairie View A&M Panthers with scores like 70-7, 68-0, 63-3, 77-7, 66-0, etc.

Yet, the media and the NCAA determined that Robinson was a superior sportsman, a noble, incomparable leader of young black men. The NCAA even named its Coach of the Year Award after him. Apparently, it didn't matter that Robinson specialized in the needless humiliation of opponents, also young black men.
As a matter of fact, there are actually two coaching awards named after Mr. Robinson:

1.The Eddie Robinson Coach of the Year Award is given annually to a college football coach by the Football Writers Association of America from Division 1-A that was established in 1957.

2. The Eddie Robinson Award was established by The Sports Network in 1987 and is voted upon by the sports information directors and selected sports writers for the top head coach in the Division I Football Championship Subdivision (aka Division 1-AA).

Wouldn't it be cool to see Wiscy coach, Bielema, win the Eddie Robinson Coach of the Year Award for this season.



One of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s favorite claims is , “It’s all about the fans” – as opposed to money from the TV networks. So why are this Sunday’s (11/28) Eagles at Bears and Buccaneers at Ravens games, both originally scheduled for 1 p.m. ET kickoffs, been moved to 4:15 p.m. ET, on and for Fox.

I’m sure those NFL patrons in the cold northern cities of Chicago and Baltimore are no doubt grateful that the NFL changed outdoor late November games from a logical time to a less logical one. And those NY Jets fans — especially the PSL owners — must be very grateful for this past week’s 8:25 ET start on Thanksgiving (11/25) night!

Yes, it’s all about the fans. And don’t forget, fans: According to Goodell, PSL’s are “a good safe investment for the future”! Really? Have you ever tried to sell any? The Jets can’t even sell those they still have, even at discounted prices less discounts.

Once again, it’s all B/S any time today’s pro sports commissioners claim that anything is done to benefit “the fans”. All you have to do is just substitute the term, “team owners”, for the word, “fans”, to get at the truth.

Meanwhile, what were the chances that many Jet and Bengal fans were still awake to watch the fourth quarter of Thursday’s Bengals-Jets game on TV? Remember, turkey is rumored to contain something called “tryptophan” that supposedly causes you to sleep.


Speaking of lying/bullshitting, politicians have a natural ability to do both, above and beyond the call of duty. And sometimes they may even lose their perspective when making laws.

The two biggest online poker websites are Poker Stars and Full Tilt Poker. They have pulled out of the State of Washington and blocked access to their sites for all people with addresses in that state. The reason is that the law in Washington makes it more than just a crime to play poker online; it makes it a Class C felony (maximum penalty five years in prison and $10,000 fine). In the State of Washington, let me list three of the Class C felons:

1. Online poker players

2. Repeat DUI offenders

3. Child molesters

There are many who believe gambling is evil; I am not one of them, but I understand that unrestrained gambling can cause serious harm to some people and their families. Nonetheless, I find it astounding that lawmakers could equate the level of criminality of online poker playing with child molestation. It looks like the online poker websites didn't offer big enough bribes to the Washington legislators.


Remember the fun we had almost a year ago when Mike Leach locked Craig James' son in a broom closet or something like that. 

Well, I read this past week that the former Texas Tech Red Raider head coach has now sued ESPN and a public relations firm representing Craig James. Captain Leach (his pirate name) claims that ESPN's coverage was "willful and negligent defamation" and that James' PR firm was used for "purposes of creating public opinion hostile to Leach." If you remember, Leach also filed suit against Texas Tech for his firing as well.

The lawsuit against ESPN and Spaeth Communications comes soon after Leach dropped his suit against the individuals at Texas Tech including the chancellor, AD, and president, but not the school. Leach's suit against the university itself remains unresolved.

At this rate, don't be surprised if you hear or read that Leach also sues UT coach Mack Brown, ESPN/ABC announcer Brent Musberger, Michael Crabtree for leaving school early, the University of Minnesota for not hiring him, and the Blackbeard the Pirate for stealing the treasure of Tortuga Island.

A rumor that is going around is that college football fans are planning a class action suit against Leach for his constant flubs while announcing football games on CBS College Sports this season. If they ever did that, there are a whole bunch of other announcers that would have to be included in that law suit.


Anonymous left a comment on Lamont Mann’s post of 11/16: "HEAVYWEIGHT BOUT: LARRY VS BARRY"  (

“OMG, I love the play on words, Barry "Ear Biting" Warner. Classic! On to the video, Larry defeated Barry by KO in the 7th round and you can tell Barry was uneasy because Larry got off the line and Barry was flustered and still trying to explain his point of view. Shaun (Bijani) added insult to injury by saying "rack him". I needed the laugh.” END.

Anonymous left a comment on Night Hawk’s post of 11/17: "JOSH INNES: WHAT'S THE DAMN DEAL? - NIGHT HAWK - N..." (

“What an "unbiased" group you have. "HMW dealt with" is an interesting characterization of your operation. Are you media watchdogs or street level thugs?” END.

Robnemar left a comment on Craig Shelton’s post of 11/22 "HOUSTON SPORTS TALK HOST-SCOUTING REPORT - CRAIG S...": (

“The scouting report is nice. You chose good people to highlight. For better or for worse that is just about the best we have in the city for the respective radio genres that you highlighted I think. What do you think about the political side of the radio in our city? The things I hear on those shows are down right disturbing. I don't know what a forum like this can do to change anything that you do hear on those programs, but the political radio in our city is head and shoulders more troubling than any sports show or station in the city. I wonder what the Michael Berry scouting report would look like. Keep on doing what you do.” END.

My response to Robnemar: "We do not have a Political Department because of the sensitivity of politics. Besides all politicians are in it for themselves and have their own agendas and really don't give a rat's ass about the general public."

Thomas commented on Lamont Mann’s post of 11/24: "HOUSTON'S MEDIA VS VINCE YOUNG"  (

“Over the last 5 years, that's all we've heard from Titans fans. Not bringing good discussions to the table, but spewing insults at the Texans org and fans. I'm not agreeing with it, but that is why Houston Radio has grown sour of VY.

Have the Titans been better than the Texans the past 5 years? Of course! Even Bob McNair, Gary Kubiak, and Marc Vandermeer would have a hard time disputing that. I enjoy views from the opposing teams' fans but comments like "the Texans suck" or "y’all are haters" are not real takes and deserved to get dumped on the radio.

Let me ask Titans fans this? If/when VY leaves the Titans, how many of you are going to be diehard Niners, Dolphins, Seahawks, or one of those teams fans? At least Texans' fans root for the name on the front of the jersey, not the back of it.

I think it has to do with more of the fact they've been tired of hearing about VY non stop from Titans callers. Even this season you hear Titans callers all the time suggest the Texans would be winning if they drafted VY. That idiot caller Charles even suggested to Matt (Jackson) and Adam (Wexler) that if they took VY, they would be winning the games that they are blowing this year. As if VY would have lined up as a CB also.

I really believe if the Texans weren't in position to pass on him or if he played on another team, VY wouldn't be such a big topic in this city. John Lopez is an Aggie, so that is probably where his VY hatred comes from.” END.

Lisa also made a brief comment on Lamont’s post:

“Do haters celebrate Thanksgiving?” END.

Remus left a new comment on Lamont Mann’s post of 11/26: "IS HOUSTON'S OFFENSE PART OF THE PROBLEM?": (

“Excellent article Lamont, I have been thinking the same thing. How can the offense look so bad for 3+ quarters & all of a sudden explode with 20+ points in the fourth. In 9 years I can count on one hand & have a few fingers left over, the number of times the Texans have played a complete 4 quarters of football. I am done with the Texans until they can prove to me they give a shit about winning!!!!” END.



In 2011, the Big Ten will stage its inaugural championship game from Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. It was announced last week that the first six championship games will be broadcast on Fox Sports.

In the past, public opinion of college football on Fox has largely been negative and most were pleased when the move of the BCS games went to ESPN/ABC. The last couple of years many of the BCS games were on Fox and we were treated with uncomfortable joking around by the NFL studio crew who were pushed into covering NCAA football, and announcers that many did not feel fit the big stage of the games they were announcing.

This news may be unexpected to many, as the Big Ten currently has a deal with ESPN/ABC to cover the games not on the Big Ten Network (BTN). But since Fox does own a 49% share of the Big Ten Network, forcing their hand to cover the championship game is not completely something unexpected.

But look at the bright side. We will likely have Joe Buck sleepwalking us through another championship game.


Tedy Bruschi was once an undersized linebacker with the New England Patriots. He now looks half his playing size during his ESPN appearances. Isn’t TV supposed to make you look heavier? In my day, NFL players would retire and get fat, which seems almost natural. Today, many retire and get smaller. Seems odd.



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