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A week feel with all kind of juicy information.  Above are the three that captured my attention this week.

ND KALU (610 AM)

Sunday before heading to the game I was listening to 610's post game show and the topic of VY arises.  All of the guys were in agreement that VY crossed the line by disrespecting head coach Fisher.  In the midst of the conversation John Lopez referred to Fisher as a "Great Coach" and preceded to talk. ND sort of uttered the word "great" as if he was not completely in lock step with that adjective.  Again John Lopez said Fisher was a "Great Coach".  It was at this point ND Kalu went straight Andre Johnson on the phrase "Great Coach".  ND basically said the word "Great" shouldn't be used to describe Fisher. 

He mention the current coaches that should warrant a title of "Great" and Fisher didn't crack his list but he didn't stop there as he went in for the overhand roundhouse, his winning percentage (playoffs).  Fisher has only been to the playoffs 6 times out of 16 years.  If that wasn't enough he finally gave "The Great Coach" a Andre size uppercut.  ND didn't think it was cool for Fisher (Titans Organization) to lockout Steve McNair.  ND didn't think it was cool for the organization to take those drastic actions for a player that was not known to be a trouble.

WOW. Finally someone talking my kind of language.  Before we go throw around words like great maybe we should evaluate what great means.  Readers of this blog know exactly where I am going, Bum Phillips.  It boggles the mind when I hear people fall at Bum's feet as if he brought championships to the city.  I understand he was a personality and a very good one but I challenge everyone to go look at his record in Houston and New Orleans.  By my own admission, I believe Great should be associated with championship(s) not almost winning.  In addition to checking out Bum's record, go peep Fisher's as well.

I 110% agree with him on McNair.  Once the McNair lockout went down, I never looked at the Titans the same.  I felt it was completely BUSH to lock out McNair.  Up until that point, I never heard  of McNair being a trouble maker or anything that would warrant the utter disrespect bestowed upon him.  I can't lay this action at Fisher's feet because if I recall, he was in tears after finding out about Steve McNair's death but I do feel he could have flexed some of his muscle to negate that whole fiasco.


The Morning Show at Night is quickly rising up my draft board of shows.  I must admit, the show has a built in element that causes me to bias towards them. BUMPERS.  Out of the Sunday Night Block Party, this would be the only traditional music station that play and know music.  I know most would say "What about Dylan's Bumpers".  The difference between Dylan and what the two other shows I named, these guys actually know music.  Dylan play his bumpers and on to the callers but when I listen to David and Raheel these guys actually review music.  Don't get it twisted, this is not a sports show that's about music, this is a sports show that recognized their audience may actually want to hear their perspective on pop culture.  The guys have actually turned me on to a couple artists I frankly forgot about.

The show seems to be driven by guest host with the regulars being Sean Salisburry, John Harris and Marcus Coleman in addition to a few more.  I like it but I do believe their caller volume needs to increased.  Although I love the music, when I listen to a talk show I want to hear callers and I admit over the last couple of weeks the volume of callers has increased.  But what they lack in callers they make up in emails, texts, tweets, face book.  The guys are truly using all means of communication to get your voice out.

The Achilles heel which is not unique to only their show but all local programming at KGOW 1560.  It appears you have to be in a clique to get all of the undertones being referenced throughout the show.  If I was traveling through Houston and wanted to heard sports and I tuned into 1560, I would be completely lost as a "newbee" because the guys at 1560 has formed a relationship with their audience that is damn near erotic.  Of course to me and everyone in the know, this is good but for a station/show to grow, I feel they may have to be more inclusive.  I am not saying for 1560 to say "the hell with all of the audience that stuck with us" but they have to find a way to pull in the outsiders.   David and Raheel is a good listen if you don't care to be talked to like a kid.


First thing FIRST, the Titans game did not convince me to get back on the wagon.  I feel that Kubiak smoked three games (Chargers, Jaguars, Jets) therefore he owes me three games (Titans, Eagles, Ravens) and that's when I will begin sippin the coolaid again. Like every worthless fan in Bob McNair's world, I was thinking, just what if. What if they beat the Eagles and Ravens, and then the synapses begin firing off.  Here it is BIG BOB.  The only way I will get back on the wagon is if the Texans beat the Eagles and Ravens.  With that being said, if the Texans beat the Ravens and Eagles i am challenging BIG BOB to charter a caravan of buses and ship an army of Texan Fans to Nashville for the Titans games.  If by some luck the Texans get to a hostile Titans game with the hopes of a playoffs, you have to go "BALLS TO THE WALL" to virtually insure a win.   I am not a person that try to tell a man how to spend his money but for this game, I believe BIG MONEY BOB should not only charter the buses but also tickets and food.  I am sure if BIG MONEY BOB were to come out with some kind of fluky promotion of a 8,000 charter to Nashville, you will have 8,000 faithfuls not at work Monday morning.  This promotion only exists if the Texans get by the next two games.

I honestly believe with all of the monies the common folk have invested in the Texans in 9 years of heartbreaks, BIG MONEY BOB can shoot us a half million dollar road trip.  Look at it like this, what more would Bud Adams love than to prevent the Texans from going to the playoffs therefore they will go out to ensure the Texans lose.


Matt Jackson feels Andre Johnson should have been suspended for throwing three shots at Cortland Finnegan.  He also believes if Andre was someone else, they would have been suspended.  If nothing else, Matt feels that the fight is a reason for the NFL to make a zero tolerance rule for fighting with helmets are off.  In a nuttshell, Matt Jackson want players suspended for fighting (cut & dry rule).

Are you kidding me?  I can't believe Matt is in support of suspending players for fighting.  This borderline blasphemy.  Andre Johnson is a human and humans react to idiots.  I fully support what Andre did.  Most people say they support what Andre did because he's a "well respected citizen" and blah blah blah; if Andre was a NFL thug, I would still support given then situation at hand.  The dude was freaking provoked.  I am not sure of what world you guys come from but in my world, someone provokes you and that warrants a legal ass whoopen.  Still to this day, I feel that Ron Artest was provoked and therefore he dealt with it.  In the State of Texas, someone vandalizes your property at night, you legally have the right to pop a cap in their ass.  The key here is provocation, you have to deal with the consequences of your actions.  Andre didn't initiate an action that was a reaction.  All in all, I feel if you looked at everything that happened on the field Sunday and you feel Andre should have been suspended, you are KID that got beat up by Ralphy on a CHRISTMAS STORY.

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Earlis said...

Rumor has it LaMont that if you give a Negro
a inch he will take a mile and by god you
have to draw the line somewhere... Thank goodness
the commish did not share your favorite commentators
crosseyed opinion...as Craig Sheldon stated with
eloquence and lucid forethough on the Ralp Cooper
Sportsrap Show today (1430AM)..Craig was on it today I must say.
I love his passion for the sports talk game.. In fact all you
guyz "brang it" I must say that is refreshing..
Craig asked several times for peeps to recall all the knockdown
snot flaring fights they had witnessed in the NFL
to date and only one caller remembered Deon Sanders and Andre Rison goin toe to toe in primetime..the ref's
did not eject them from the game I might add....all
this talk about not suspending Andre may lead to
mayhem on the gridiron is  pure poppycock my good fellow..
Craig pointed out that duh, when you run the football Michael
 Vick will be stuck on the sidelines instead of
chunking touchdowns with reckless abandon..one must
pause and dare to wonder what was on that great coach Jeff Fishers mind 
to chose not to run the ball, as I recall the Titans trew the ball some thirty seven timed..perhaps Jeff Fisher is redefing greatness!
He hit a brick wall years ago where as the coach at the time at Pittsburg expanded his game and really became great he left Jeff Fisher choking in his dust.

Earlis said...

Oh I was referring to Bill Cowher former
Steeler who figured out his style was much too
conservative to compete with Indy and New England
so he changed his game and he got better, Jeff Fisher
is no Bill Cowher in my book.
And another thang
N.D. Kalu got it goin on people.
Here is clue: He went to Rice
and he went to class..got A's and B's.
Now that's greatness.